“We grew spiritually lifting our eyes to these mighty peaks!”

The problem with downgrading Outgoing Signals from an everything blog to a concert write-up blog is that months can pass between shows.  I haven’t written a post since early June when I saw James Taylor out in Seattle.  I thought I might go to a concert in town a couple nights ago, but it ended up getting cancelled.  I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway as I’m a person who would rather host a living room show than attend one.  There are too many ways those things can go wrong.

The day after the cancelled concert was the day I found a cigar box full of vintage photographs and such in my bedroom closet.  I went through the box and was surprised to find that I hadn’t even bothered to scan its contents.  So I did that and have decided to post the lot in one big mosaic.  There are cowgirls, high-waisted pants, mystery gifts, cigar-chompin’ beefcake, a couple postcards, and a numbered list of out-of-date facts about my hometown.  We’ll call this a post.


If you have a mouse, you should be able to hover the cursor over the images to read the names I’ve given the scans.  I’m not sure how you access that information if you have a hand-held device.  And I refuse to learn.

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2 Responses to “We grew spiritually lifting our eyes to these mighty peaks!”

  1. Paul Thie says:

    It’s always fun to see what Herb & Marion have been up to.

    Cincinnati fact #2 isn’t a fact it’s an opinion. Maybe hover-mouse should say, “Cincinnati Facts & 1 Opinion”

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