Yo La Tengo @ the Neptune Theatre (6/1/18)

[NOTE: Beth and I saw Yo La Tengo perform concerts on consecutive nights at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle a few weeks ago.  I did a quick post about the first show the morning after, but I’m just now getting around to writing about the second concert.  In situations like this, I tend to use my pen and paper journal to refresh my memory.  Sometimes I’ll even copy down what I’ve written there word-for-word.  That’s basically what I’m going to do here.  Let’s pick it up at dinner.]

Beth had bananas and rice for dinner.  I had a breakfast burrito.  Then we headed out.  Tonight’s show was 8:00 doors/9:00 show.  That’s an hour later than last night.  We bypassed the traffic and got down to the University District at around 7:20.  We went straight to the Neptune and got in line.

We were the fifth and sixth people in line and that allowed us to get even better seats than last night.  We were still in the front row of the balcony, but we were on the aisle this time and on the other side of center.  As far as seats go, ours were just about the best in the house.

I’m not usually a fan of seeing a band perform two nights in a row.  It can get repetitive and boring, especially if they play the same set both nights.  Well, I’m glad we decided to go to both shows.  Although there was an overlap of a half dozen songs between the two nights, the shows and the individual sets managed to feel entirely different.  Whereas last night’s concert was loud and full of feedback, there seemed to be more of an emphasis on quieter songs tonight…especially in the first set.  The first set highlight for me was the stretch where they played “Tears Are in Your Eyes,” “Deeper Into Movies,” and “I’ll Be Around” in a row.  It was just lovely.  Beth’s highlight was probably “Detouring America With Horns.”  She got very excited when they started playing that one.  Me, I barely recognized it.

The second set was also pretty amazing.  It opened with Georgia Hubley playing an instrumental on the acoustic guitar.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Georgia play guitar before.  I didn’t know what the song was at first, but it gradually turned into “Dream Dream Away.”  That was something to see.  Then the band continued on with some of my all-time favorite Yo La Tengo songs.  They even played two–“Sugarcube” and “Ohm”–that I’d wished for aloud during the break.  They closed out the set with my favorite of their long songs, “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind.”  I can usually do without ten-minute songs, but I like that one a lot.

Here’s the setlist (the asterisks, the little pointy thing, and parentheses mean the same thing they did in the previous post):

First set: You Are Here / She May, She Might / Detouring America With Horns / Ashes* / Let’s Do It Wrong / Tears Are in Your Eyes* / Deeper Into Movies / I’ll Be Around / Here You Are

Second set: (Instrumental)–>Dream Dream Away* / (And the Glitter Is Gone) / Upside-Down / Stockholm Syndrome^ / For You Too / Shades of Blue* / Sugarcube / Decora* / Ohm / Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

Encore: Tell Me When It’s Over (Dream Syndicate) / Be Thankful For What You Got (William DeVaughn) / Hanky Panky Nohow* (John Cale)

The show ended with an encore set consisting of three cover songs.  Yo La Tengo stumped me with one of their covers last night, but I knew all three of these.

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