Richard Buckner @ the Columbia City Theater (5/24/18)

So this old guy came up to me in the pizza restaurant all nervous-like and said “Richard” with a question mark at the end.  Confused, I gave him my best “back-the-f-up” stare and continued walking to the cash register.  Then a few seconds later I figured it out.

I was wearing my top western wear shirt at the time.  You know, the cream-colored one with the blue flowered pattern on it and the purple glass buttons.  Pretty great shirt.  I also had my hair down and it was kind of all over the place.  This is apparently what that old guy thought Richard Buckner looked like.

So he was just a fan trying to approach a musician he liked, and I basically said something very rude to him with my eyes.  Sorry, old guy.

But anyway, the real Richard Buckner was great.  He played at least one song from each of his nine solo albums, placing special emphasis on Impasse, Meadow, and Surrounded.  It had been so long since I’d heard the Impasse songs that I actually marked three of them down in my setlist notes as being new.  Richard also told a long story about trying (and often failing) to track down information about the poet Kenneth Patchen in a small Ohio town.  It was one story that he broke up into a half dozen or so chapters and told in between the songs.  There were tiny cliff-hangers and everything.  I’d never heard him do anything like that at a concert before, but I liked it.

Here’s the setlist:

Main set: Lucky / Portrait / When You Tell Me How It Is / Lil Wallet Picture / Thief / Beautiful Question / Town / A Chance Counsel / Escape / Boys, the Night Will Bury You / The Tether and the Tie / Before / (A Year Ahead)…& a Light / Ariel Ramirez / Song of 27 / Gauzy Dress in the Sun / Surrounded / Loaded @ the Wrong Door / …& the Clouds’ve Lied / Once / Count Me in on This One! / Julia Miller / Blue and Wonder

Encore: Collusion / Ed’s Song

And here are a few pictures relating to the concert:

By the way, I saw the old guy from the pizza restaurant talking to the real Richard Buckner after the show.  I’m glad he still went, realized his mistake, and learned that the real Richard Buckner isn’t as big of a jerk as I am.

[NOTE: This post was originally published on June 13th, 2018, but I have altered the date so that it fits in with the other concert write-ups chronologically.]

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