What I bought at the record store yesterday so I wouldn’t buy anything at the record store today (and then what I bought at the record store today).

I went to Everybody’s Records on Friday and purchased a 3 CD Ritchie Valens box set.  The singer completed fewer than 20 studio recordings during his entire career (according to my count), but they managed to supplement those with outtakes, demos, and live songs.  Then they threw in some postcards and a poster and topped the whole thing off with a fat booklet that took 25 minutes to read.  I could only think of two Ritchie Valens songs, but I couldn’t resist the box, which was clearly manufactured with love and a complete disregard for profit margins.

I also thought that if I bought the Ritchie Valens, then it would decrease the likelihood that I’d feel obligated to go back to Everybody’s on Saturday, Record Store Day.  I would ultimately save money tomorrow by purchasing something today.  That was the theory at least.

That didn’t work, of course.  I’d barely finished my coffee this morning when I got myself caught in a thought loop and couldn’t get Record Store Day out of my head.  I drove on up, had a quick look around, and came away with three 7″ records.

I purchased the following:

  • Fading of Stars by Laura Veirs – Laura’s full-length, The Lookout, is my second favorite album released so far in 2018, and I was interested in hearing an outtake along with her cover of the only Daniel Johnston song I can stand, “True Love Will Find You in the End.”
  • Chime/Shone by Balmorhea – I don’t know anything about Balmorhea–not even how to pronounce their name–but that hasn’t kept me from buying about half their discography.  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard, so I figured this would be a worthwhile purchase.
  • Live at The Troubadour (?) by Robyn Hitchcock & His LA Squires – This is the release that broke my boycott of Yep Roc Records.  Why is it that so many of my favorite musicians are signed to my least favorite record label?  Grrr.  But anyway, the cover art on this record appears to have been inspired by one of Robyn’s most hideous shirts.  Looking at it reminds me of what life was like back when I had a detached retina.  Still, it’ll be nice to hear a new version of “Insanely Jealous.”

I didn’t buy the Porg-shaped picture disc.

The Laura Veirs record is quite pretty.  The label is black with white plants on one side and white with black plants on the other.

The Balmorhea record was advertised as “transparent gold vinyl w/black swirls” but came out looking more like a truck-stop toilet.  Oh well.

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10 Responses to What I bought at the record store yesterday so I wouldn’t buy anything at the record store today (and then what I bought at the record store today).

  1. homebody says:

    You should totally go back and buy the porg.

  2. homebody says:

    I skipped record-shopping altogether and bought perfume samples on ebay that I’m pretty sure I will regret.

  3. steph says:

    Somehow I had no idea you disliked Daniel Johnston (or I did, commented on it before and forgot). That makes me kinda sad but you’re completely free to think that. I’ll check out that Laura Veirs album

    • M-----l says:

      Yes, I actively dislike Daniel Johnston. It’s not a popular opinion to hold and I rarely mention it. What I wrote in this post wasn’t entirely accurate, though. I also enjoy his song “Like a Monkey in the Zoo”.

  4. steph says:

    It looks like I missed Laura Veirs only GA date this past weekend. I hope I don’t like her album too much and regret missing that.

    • M-----l says:

      I missed Laura’s show at the Fremont Abbey last week. I probably should’ve scheduled a trip around that, but I honestly didn’t know I still liked Laura Veirs until I bought her new CD. I’d skipped over her last half dozen solo albums. I only bought the new one because I liked the animation in a music video she put out for one of the songs.

  5. Paul Thie says:

    i float on carbon glacier

    • M-----l says:

      That was the first one of hers I got. Then I went back and bought her self-titled debut. Then I basically forgot about her until she did that album with Neko Case and k.d. lang a couple years ago. I think I’ve got about 12 years of Laura Veirs to check out in the middle there. Should be fun.

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