When in doubt, go with ukuleles.

I couldn’t decide if the theme for my next vintage photo post should be high-waisted pants or cowgirls.  Making this decision even more difficult was the fact that I actually bought a photograph of a cowgirl wearing high-waisted pants.  Should I just post that one?  I then thought about vintage photograph Venn diagrams and the likelihood of finding a photo that combined any two seemingly random themes.  Then I made things more complicated by drawing a Venn diagram that considered three themes.  (Businessman + kitten + Christmas tree, for instance.)  That diagram reminded me of Led Zeppelin IV.  We used to call it ZoSo when I was a kid.  When was the last time I listened to that record?  Will I ever listen to it again?

I eventually stopped thinking about high-waisted pants and cowgirls and bands I liked when I was in junior high.  I decided to go with ukuleles instead.

Wait, not ukuleles.  Banjos.  I think these are banjos.

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4 Responses to When in doubt, go with ukuleles.

  1. Paul Thie says:

    when I was in school it was 50% “ZOFO”, 50% “ZOSO” and everyone else calling it “Led Zeppelin Four” or “The Stairway to Heaven Album”

    • M-----l says:

      I’ve never heard anyone call it ZOFO before, but I guess that makes as much sense as ZOSO. Now I mostly think of the record as being “The One With Sandy Denny on It”…if I think of it at all.

  2. homebody says:

    These look like baby banjo! Ukelele banjos?

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