(Photo of) Vintage Photo(s) of the Day #1

Due to the fact that I don’t currently have access to a scanner, I’ve been forced to take photos of the vintage photos I recently purchased at Fairlook Antiques out here in Seattle.  I didn’t think I’d like the way they’d turn out, but they look pretty good on the hardwood floor and the iPad takes surprisingly clear shots.  I like the results so much that I’ve decided to do a series of posts this week highlighting my nine recent acquisitions.  This is the first one:

Mr. Fairlook sometimes sorts his snapshots into boxes by subject matter. For example, he’s got sections labeled “Unusual” and “Cats” and “Military.” Although I found these two shots in a new, unsorted box, I suspect these photos would’ve ended up in the “Women, Affectionate” section.

I’m sorry to report that the football team the girls were rooting for (in the photo on the left) lost their game 6-0.  On the bright side, it appears that Nancy ended up with a cookie.

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5 Responses to (Photo of) Vintage Photo(s) of the Day #1

  1. Paul Thie says:

    there should be sis boom bah & fee fi fiddly i o boxes

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  3. Lauri says:

    Hahahaha. Fee Fi Fiddly I O.

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