Two kids fought over the glow-in-the-dark rat.

Here are two pictures of this year’s Halloween set-up:

The Ghost Piñata made an appearance for the third straight year.  I’m sure he would be a big hit with the younger trick-or-treaters if any of them ever bothered to look up.

This year I supplemented my traditional popcorn bowl of Kit-Kats with a bowl of Halloween-themed goodies.  I put all my finger puppet monsters and parachute witches in there along with a pumpkin necklace, a wind-up Dracula, and a trick-or-treating Snoopy figurine I’ve had since about 1981.  The goodie bowl was a big hit and led to my official Halloween Highlight.

Yes, a brother and sister fought over the big glow-in-the dark rat (as seen next to Dracula in the goodie bowl).  The boy had the rat at first, but the girl yanked it out of his hand and ran away while he was distracted by the Kit-Kats.  The girl was younger but much quicker.  She made it out to their parents on the sidewalk and began making her case for rat ownership. The boy whined while the parents raved about how cool the rat was.

They went on and on about it as they made their way to the next house.  The last I heard, rat sharing was being suggested.

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10 Responses to Two kids fought over the glow-in-the-dark rat.

  1. Laurie says:

    Do you have keep a light shining on the pinata?
    I applaud your giveaways! Kit Kats are a fave of mine. Is the jingle bell in the bowl a sign of the “Christmas creep” I hear people mentioning?

    • M-----l says:

      My front porch lighting set-up should be completely redesigned. I’ve got an iron lantern from 1943 hanging over the door. It only accepts weak bulbs and burns through them like crazy. Once the sun went down, the pinata was basically unlit. Unfortunately, so were the stairs.

      That jingle bell has a smiley ghost glued to the top of it. I suppose it could be the Ghost of Christmas Past, but I’ve always considered it a Halloween decoration.

  2. Paul Thie says:

    couldn’t “help yourself” be taken to mean “empty both bowls into your bag”?

  3. steph says:

    Your Halloween goodie bowl is great (very generous!)– I woulda fought over that glow-in-the-dark rat too.

  4. OOOo, Kit-Kats! I would have just taken those. But the rat story was funny. Kids, eh?

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