Grooming the Stars of Tomorrow

I miss writing about music, so I’ve decided to do a quick post in which I rank the top 5 releases put out by Sub Pop Records so far this year.  Here they are all arranged neatly on my front room rug:

It’s kind of difficult to read the title of that LP, so I’ll spell out everything for you.

  1. B-Sides and Rarities by Beach House – As the title would suggest, this is a collection of rare non-album tracks that originally appeared on compilations and 7″ records.  In addition, there are two previously unreleased songs.  Strangely enough, I find that this collection works almost as well as the band’s three preceding albums.  B-Sides and Rarities is definitely the best Sub Pop release of 2017.
  2. Red Comb – I purchased this comb at the Sub Pop store in Sea-Tac Airport.  I keep this comb in my gym backpack and occasionally use it to comb my hair after a workout.
  3. Green Comb – I carry this one in the bag I take with me on walks.  This green comb came in handy once at a coffee shop.
  4. Blue Comb – Some people rate the blue comb higher than the green one, but those people are wrong.
  5. Other Red Comb – I thought about going with Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy, but that record gets kind of samey after about twenty minutes.  The other red comb is definitely better.
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3 Responses to Grooming the Stars of Tomorrow

  1. homebody says:

    Wow, a red comb beat ut Father John Misty? That makes me sad.

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