The Sidewalk (July 24th, 2017)

I think I saw one of my favorite musicians walking in front of the Bed Bath & Beyond on 3rd Avenue a few days ago.  He seemed taller and more athletic than I remembered, but I’m still confident that the man in black was none other than Scott McCaughey of the Young Fresh Fellows, the Minus 5, the Baseball Project, etc.  (Long-time readers of this site may remember Scott as being the guy who rocked so hard that his shoe flew off at a Southgate House show back in 2009.)

I snuck a picture from across the street.  I showed it to Lucy and she agreed…it’s Scott McCaughey!

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9 Responses to The Sidewalk (July 24th, 2017)

  1. homebody says:

    Maybe he was buying scented candles at BBB.

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