VPotD: Hey, let’s give Mary Fife a post!

The snapshot below shows Mary Fife in a fishing boat.  Some of you may remember Mary from her appearances in the Marion & Herb Timm Collection (1937-71).  She and Marion were friends in some of the earliest photographs.  I was happy to find this one as it also fits into my ongoing (women/girls)+(on/near)+(boats/ships) series.  Yes, I’m still collecting those.  I’m juggling a bunch of collections these days.  So here’s Mary out on the water with her shades and fishing rod.  I had this photo for two weeks before I noticed the guy ruining the shot.  I wonder if it was Herb.

mary-fife-fishing-in-a-boatOr maybe it was the new guy, Bill Crampton.  Bill shows up for the first time in this playful series of photographs taken at Post Falls, Idaho on 5/22/38.  It looks like he might’ve been Mary’s date.  He’s got his hand on her hip and is grinning like silent movie star Harold Lloyd in that first picture.  Then a cigar-chomping Herb joins the couple for the second shot.  The guys mug it up and Mary gets caught cracking her knuckles and grinning at the ground.  Unless there was a fifth person at the falls with them, that second shot was taken by Marion.  How do I know?  Well, she changes places with Bill for the final picture…the group hug!

They all seem to be enjoying themselves.  Especially Herb.

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4 Responses to VPotD: Hey, let’s give Mary Fife a post!

  1. Paul Thie says:

    next time i go to the falls i’m dressing up

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