This Is Our Pet Seal…and other (vintage) pictures from Seattle.

My recent trip to Seattle featured three visits to Fairlook Antiques on Pioneer Square.  I dug around in boxes I’d never bothered with before and came away with 32 new (old) photographs.  I found a couple strange ones, a few with interesting things written on them, and some that fit into my various collections (women on boats, people posing with musical instruments, dance parties, etc.).  I was especially excited to find some previously unseen shots of Marion and Herb Timm, the Washington couple whose photo album I’ve been gradually putting back together these last few years.  I found a seriously hot picture of Herb in his bathing costume and the earliest dated shot of Marion so far.

So I’m going to scan this pile and gradually post my favorites here.  I think I’ll start with this unusual shot of a young man giving a bath to a seal.  It’s a strange image that gets even weirder when you read what the guy wrote on the back.  The last line really gets me.  It makes me think of selkies and that creepy Kat Richardson book Seawitch.  Whereas most of these pictures get larger when you click on them, I set up this one to show the other side.  Go for it.

this is our pet seal (front)For reasons I don’t fully understand, vintage photographs of people eating ice cream tend to be a bit pricey.  I guess there must be collectors out there driving up the market or something.  This shot of five women eating ice cream cones cost me $6.  That’s about twice what I like to pay for an image.  It probably would’ve cost less if they’d been eating pretzels instead.  That would’ve been fine with me; I bought this one because I liked the outfits, the matching hats, and the fact that I might be able to figure out where it was taken if Copley’s Ice Cream is still around.  That seems unlikely, but Aglamesis up the street has been around for over 100 years old.  Mmm, cinnamon.

ice cream outside copley'sThis third snapshot is probably the best acquisition for my main, original collection.  I’m not sure when this was taken, but I’d guess it’s older than most of my pictures.  Those collars go way up.  Also, someone has written “Avis and Ione” on the back.  Those names don’t even exist anymore.  Regardless, these two look like they’re having a good time on the water.  I really like their completely different approaches to smiling.  They look good together.

avis and ioneAnd here’s the Marion picture I mentioned up in the first paragraph.  The truth is I already own a copy of this one (and may even have posted it here).  I bought it again because this copy has the date and location written on the front.  That’s new information for me and will help in dating some other shots that were clearly taken on the same day.  Perhaps even better than that is the fact that Marion wrote “ME” above her own face.  I find that completely illogical and charming.

(1937:6) marion at the car, post falls (double)That’s all for now.  Four down, twenty-eight to go…

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17 Responses to This Is Our Pet Seal…and other (vintage) pictures from Seattle.

  1. crankypants says:

    Hopefully the seal just swam away when they wrecked and was able to fend for itself, not they lost him as in, it died… :-/ Anyway, Matt Damon looks cute in that picture, dirty cords and all.
    Ione Skye is a name that exists…

  2. Paul Thie says:

    bad things happen when wild animals are “pets”

  3. steph says:

    I also question the happiness of that seal… but I still want to hang out with him. So cute! Wish I had an ice cream girl gang too.

  4. Yay, vintage pics are back! I wonder how old is the pic with the two girls in the boat. Love their hair. 🙂

  5. aubrey says:

    Do seals really need baths? He has a good name, however. This guy seems like a man a few words – if the seal died, a simple, straight-forward word, he would have said so. ‘Lost’ was much easier to say than ‘escaped’.

    I’d love to run with an ice-cream girl gang.

    • M-----l says:

      I agree with your analysis of the guy. That’s why the picture doesn’t make me sad; I’m confident Soak got captured (or rescued), took a bath (perhaps an oil spill was involved), and then made her (his?) escape during the shipwreck.

      I might start a competing gelato gang.

  6. kittyireland says:

    My grandma also wrote ME on old photos of herself. Maybe this was a thing once? Also, Post Falls is about 10 miles from where I grew up in North Idaho.

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