Chicken snowman totem pole…and other vintage photographs.

Beth and I recently visited a French-themed shop that smelled like flowers.  There weren’t any flowers in there that I could see, so I’m guessing the smell came from imported candles or perfumes.  I don’t usually have much interest in smelly shops, but I soon discovered a large wire basket overflowing with vintage photographs.  I spent the next hour going through the pile and came away with seven snapshots.  Here they are:

strange snowmanI put this first picture in my buy pile before I even noticed that the “snowman” appears to be made up of bird-shaped creatures piled on top of each other.  I’m not sure where in the world they make snowmen like this, but the handwriting on the back makes me think it’s nowhere near here.  (You can click on this one to read the back.  Maybe you’ll recognize the language.)
boat tourMaybe this picture was taken on a trip to Alaska.  There’s nothing written on the back.the ballplayer and the squirrel nut zipperI thought it would be easy to figure out what baseball stadium these two guys were standing in front of, but I haven’t had any luck so far.  I thought at first that it might’ve been Wrigley Field because of the WF signs, but Wrigley doesn’t actually look like that.  If only the player would turn a bit so I could see the team name on his uniform.  The guy on the right cracks me up.six girls on the pierThis one, of course, goes in the main collection.she's walkin'I’m not usually interested in photographs of children, but I like how this little girl is zipping along.  She’s about to zoom right out of frame.  Either that, or fall down.  I called this one “I’m Walkin” after the Fats Domino song.  I heard it playing in my head as soon as I saw the picture.playin' the sawIt’s not every day that I come across a picture of a man playing the musical saw.  It’s even rarer to find a picture of a man playing the musical saw next to (what appears to be) drops of blood.  It’s probably just paint, but the story sure does get weird if you imagine it’s blood.erik olson and his accordionWithout even really meaning to, I’ve managed to start a collection of musical instrument photographs.  I’ve got about a dozen so far.  I’ve got ukuleles, mandolins, guitars, saxophones, a musical saw, and now an accordion.  You can’t really tell from this scan, but the accordion has the name “Erik Olson” written on it.  I guess there were a lot of accordions back then and you had to write your name on yours to tell it apart from the others.

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11 Responses to Chicken snowman totem pole…and other vintage photographs.

  1. Lauri says:

    The little girl running made me smile. And, I thought the musical saw picture was at the scene of a massacre. A new movie. Musical Saw.

    • M-----l says:

      Hey, it’s a lady and a baby! I must admit I was expecting a big dog.

      There was a second musical saw picture that went unpurchased. In it, you could see that the saw player was performing for a large group of bored military types. There was no “blood” in that shot, though.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    The mystery handwriting is Greek.

    I’m hearing “Zip a dee doo dah” for the little girl running.

    • M-----l says:

      I’m not sure why, but I’d been thinking of some Polynesian country (where it probably doesn’t even snow). Greek didn’t occur to me at all. Now that I look at it with Greek in mind, I’d say you’re right. If only I’d been a frat boy, I’d be able to translate.

      “My oh my what a wonderful day!”

  3. Paul Thie says:

    this old road by kris kristofferson

  4. Emily @ Books, the Universe & Everything says:

    These are such great finds – so many interesting moments captured. In particular I love the musical saw, but the little kid who’s about to dart out of the frame is excellent as well. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • M-----l says:

      Thank you.

      There were two other photos featuring the darting girl. One was probably taken two seconds before the one I bought, while the other showed her standing on a car. I wish I’d bought that car one. Maybe next time.

  5. These are fantastic! The baseball one intrigues me. Like a LOT. I want to know where and when and who the player is. I think the uniform looks to be wool? is there a development date on the back?

    • M-----l says:

      Your comment inspired me to revisit the baseball picture. I have successfully identified the stadium as the Wrigley Field that stood in Los Angeles from 1925-66 (-69?). It was the home to the minor league Los Angeles Angels and the Hollywood Stars, both of whom played in the Pacific Coast League.

      I have no idea who the player is, but I might dig a bit deeper later on.

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