Daniel Martin Moore @ Sawyer Point (10/10/15)

This morning I went to the (poorly named) River Grill Before the Big Chill barbecue festival in downtown Cincinnati.  I don’t eat pig products, so I wasn’t interested in the food-related festivities.  I was there to see Daniel Martin Moore and his band perform a concert.  He’s one of my favorite singers, but I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with his touring schedule.  In fact, I haven’t seen him live since that in-store at Shake It Records back in 2009.  That show celebrated the release of Daniel Martin Moore’s first album; yesterday saw the release of Golden Age, his sixth.  It’s been a long time.

(Hey, the mayor just jogged by my house as I’m tapping away writing this on my front porch.  I don’t know what to think of that kid.)

Daniel Martin Moore and his band had the 12:30 – 2:00 slot.  There weren’t many people at the festival at that early hour, but the band still put on an inspired performance.  They played a twenty song set that included 8 of the 10 new songs from Golden Age.  I’m still waiting for my CD copy to come in the mail from the PledgeMusic campaign, but it sounds like it’s going to be another good one.  They also played a selection of older songs from Daniel Martin Moore’s other releases including one song from Farthest Field, the amazing album he did with Joan Shelley.  If you haven’t heard Farthest Field, then you need to get on it.  It’s probably my favorite music of the last five years.

Here’s the setlist.  I’ve broken it up into three mini sets to reflect the change from band performance to solo performance (and then back again).  It was really just one long set, though.

First band set: Stray Age/Our Hearts Will Hover/Needn’t Say a Thing/That’ll Be the Plan/On Our Way Home/To Make It True/Something, Somewhere, Sometime

Solo set: Every Color and Kind/The Months of Winter/Flyrock Blues/You Are Home (from a forthcoming lullaby album)/By the Beams

Second band set: We Two/Anyway/How It Fades/”It was never for lack of want…”/The Old Measure/Golden Age/In Common Time/Proud As We Are

It was a lot of fun getting out of the house and enjoying the great music and absolutely beautiful weather.  Sure, my fleece now smells a bit like cooked pigs, but a run through the washer will take care of that.

I took a few pictures while I was downtown.  Just look at that sky!

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8 Responses to Daniel Martin Moore @ Sawyer Point (10/10/15)

  1. homebody says:

    I didn’t know Cincinnati is The City that Sings.

    Sounds like it was well worth the trek. I hope you get your compact disc in the mail soon.

    This reminds me I still need to make the trek out to Ballard to get the new Joan Shelley. Thank you for The Farthest Field. It’s still one of my favorite seasonal morning listens. And since visiting the Fargo store, somehow reminds me of Paris. Sigh…

    • M-----l says:

      I was also surprised to learn that I live in The City That Sings. I’m guessing a team of sloganeers came up with that for a tourism campaign of some sort.

      I already have a digital copy from the DMM Pledge-thing, but I’m more of a physical media guy, as you well know. Digital, schmigital.

      When I think of the Fargo store, I think of wet shoes and that Erlend Oye CD I thought about buying but didn’t. Also, carefully balanced macaron pyramids.

  2. Lauri says:

    Sounds like a perfect day!
    We have been having some really great ones, here, too. I haven’t been to any live music, which would have made them even better. 🙂

    • M-----l says:

      It’s been great weather around here in recent weeks, but today was just amazing. It’s nice to get out in it (with or without live music) as it’ll probably be freezing in a few weeks. Maybe that’s the “big chill” from the BBQ festival’s name.

  3. You don’t eat pig products? I’m sorry but I don’t know if we could still be friends.

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