Librarian Snowball Fight…and other (vintage) pictures from Seattle.

Every time I get back from Seattle I do a post called X…and other pictures from Seattle where X equals the name of my favorite photo in the batch.  Although I took 365 pictures on my most recent trip, I don’t feel like posting any of them right now.  So I’ve decided to mix up the theme a bit and make the post using the six vintage snapshots I purchased at Fairlook Antiques down in Pioneer Square.  These photos hit many of the usual topics: Marion & Herb, old bicycles, and girls/women on/near boats/ships.

I’m sorry to report that the Marion & Herb wedding shot is a double.  The big guy on the left looked new to me, but I suspect I was just remembering this one.  Either way, this is the first time I’ve posted a picture of the full four member wedding party.

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14 Responses to Librarian Snowball Fight…and other (vintage) pictures from Seattle.

  1. Paul Thie says:

    “librarian snowball fight” sounds exciting! … but this should be called “librarians display snow found amongst rocks”. It has its own charm but it doesn’t live up to my librarian snowball fantasies.

    • M-----l says:

      All of my librarian fantasies feature the librarians disinfecting my items prior to checkout.

      Purel those dust jackets! Wipe off the peanut butter fingerprints!

  2. Emily @ Books, the Universe & Everything says:

    Those are all gems! I’ve never seen anyone look less excited about a snowball fight. It’s impressive.

  3. aubrey says:

    1) I thought you had written “Liberian Snowball Fight” – and thought ‘how could he tell?’

    2) I really like the two 1940’s ladies and their bikes – but surely they’re riding boy’s bikes? Boyfriend and I have bikes from the ’40’s too; the one in the foreground of that photo looks like quite a bit like his.

    • M-----l says:

      1) Does it snow in Liberia? I wonder if anyone there has ever had a snowball fight.

      2) I assume that bikes with the low bars were made so it would be easier for ladies to get on/off without all their many-layered petticoats and underthings getting in the way (and to avoid flashing). As these two women are wearing pants and shorts, I don’t suppose it matters if they ride boys’ bikes. In other words, I have no idea.

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