Hey, let’s look at four vintage photographs!

I bought this old photo for a few reasons:

  1. It shatters the previous record of most women/girls on/near a boat/ship by five!
  2. It appears that there are at least two sets of sisters in the boat.  There might even be some twins.
  3. The girl in the front is wearing a rather sharp outfit…including heels for boating.
  4. The terrible framing job is kind of charming.

nine girls in a boatI bought this second one–labelled “50th wedding anniversary”–for the following reasons:

  1. The facial expression on the woman on the right.  She’s like the sassiest librarian ever.
  2. Three of the four women are wearing matching glasses.
  3. The familial resemblance of some of the people is so obvious that I was almost able to assemble an accurate family tree.
  4. Although it might not come across in my scan, the photograph is incredibly sharp with a level of crisp detail I don’t often see.

50th wedding anniversaryAnd finally, I bought these two because they support my long-held theory that Marion and Herb may have been highway bandits:gunplay - herb and two friendsgunplay - marion and two friends

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19 Responses to Hey, let’s look at four vintage photographs!

  1. homebody says:

    Yay – Marion and Herb again! The men in photo #2 who look alike look like my boss’s husband. Are these people from New Hampshire?

    • M-----l says:

      There’s nothing on the back of the second photo that would suggest where it was originally taken. I bought that one here in Cincinnati, though.

      (I’ve still got about 20 Marion and Herb pictures I haven’t posted.)

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Marion and Herb were quite the kidders.

    That gal in the front of the boat picture is really a snappy dresser. I wonder if she actually went out in the boat or just posed for the photo? Her white heels don’t even show dirt or mud from walking there.

    • M-----l says:

      Maybe she got on the boat at a pier (on the other side of the lake?) and didn’t have to get her shoes messed up. Or maybe she walked on all that grassy stuff on this side. Or maybe she carried her shoes. Maybe the other eight girls carried her!

  3. Yay, photos! I missed them.
    That’s weird but in the “bandits” photo the gallows-like structure and the cross make for interesting background detail.
    Btw, how is Babo? Haven’t seen him in a while….

  4. I think the boat is just a photo opportunity, nothing more.

  5. Paul Thie says:

    still though, you should look at it even if it’s not you cup of aficionado

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