Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift @ the Columbia City Theater (3/16/15)

The first thing I usually do when I get home from a concert is go through my scribbled notes and put together a complete and proper setlist.  If I don’t have time to do it that night, then I definitely put my setlist together the next day.  It’s just the way I do things and has been since the early 90s.  It’s one of my rules for living.

Well, I just got around to putting together my setlist for the Robyn Hitchcock acoustic show Beth and I saw in Seattle almost three weeks ago.  I’m not sure how I let it go that long.  It was a great concert and we had a fine time, but I completely lost interest as soon as we walked out of the venue.

I remembered the show last night and decided it was time to get back on track.  I know nobody’s out there clamoring for a Robyn Hitchcock setlist from three weeks ago, but it’s not really about you, is it?  It’s about me and rules.  If I start disregarding my rules, then it’s only a matter of time before the whole system falls apart and I start wearing flip-flops out in public.  I’d rather not.

This concert was officially billed as the “Robyn Hitchcock Acoustic Duo” (at least on the tickets).  Although the songs were all acoustic, the performances weren’t all duets.  The show started out with Robyn singing a couple Soft Boys songs before inviting Sean Nelson, Dave Depper or Emma Swift out for some duo performances.  Then the duo format broke down and those four sang some songs together.  Then Kurt Bloch showed up.  Before the night was over, even the woman working the merch table was up there adding backing vocals to a couple of the encore songs.  Just about the only person who didn’t get up on stage was Ben Gibbard; he stood around in the audience all night like a regular dude.  Or maybe it was Colin Meloy.  I honestly can’t tell those two apart.

But anyway, here’s the main setlist:

  1. Tonight
  2. I Got the Hots
  3. Chinese Bones (w/Sean Nelson)
  4. Sometimes a Blonde (w/Sean Nelson)
  5. Cathedral (w/Dave Depper)
  6. Queen Elvis (w/Emma Swift)
  7. Nietzche’s Way (w/Emma Swift)
  8. Sounds Great When You’re Dead (w/Emma Swift, Sean Nelson, Dave Depper)
  9. Trams of Old London (w/Emma Swift, Sean Nelson, Dave Depper)
  10. Adventure Rocket Ship (w/Sean Nelson, Dave Depper, Kurt Bloch)
  11. Viva! Sea-Tac (w/Sean Nelson, Dave Depper, Kurt Bloch)

And here are the encores:

  1. To Turn You On (Roxy Music cover w/Dave Depper)
  2. Candy Says (Velvet Underground cover w/Sean Nelson)
  3. Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover w/Sean Nelson, Emma Swift, Dave Depper, Kurt Bloch, Yvonne Moxham)
  4. Olé! Tarantula (everyone)

Emma Swift was also the opening act.  Here’s her setlist:

  1. James
  2. Seasons
  3. Brass Buttons (Gram Parsons cover)
  4. Bittersweet
  5. “The 5 Spot”
  6. Shivers (Rowland S. Howard/Birthday Party cover)

No concert post is complete without my usual blurry band shot, red ink setlist notes pic, ticket stub, etc.  So here’s that stuff:

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7 Responses to Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift @ the Columbia City Theater (3/16/15)

  1. homebody says:

    I really enjoyed this show and had a much better experience with the venue this time. Emma Swift was a lovely opening act.

  2. homebody says:

    P.s., I’m pretty sure it was Ben Gibbard in the house.

  3. homebody says:

    P.p.s., I’m glad you finally wrote this!

    • M-----l says:

      I really liked the venue. I thought the sound was crisp and clear and I could see everything from my spot by the rail. We had a very polite audience, too. The first line of Emma Swift’s first song made me cringe, but she improved significantly after that. I’ve been enjoying her EP.

      P.S. I have checked photos of Ben vs. Colin and I agree with you. They don’t look much alike but I never have been able to tell them apart.

      P.P.S. Thanks!

  4. Paul Thie says:

    that chalked upper & lower case sign is pretty groovy. Is that hatch thru the 7 necessary???… NO! but it’s an artistic affectation that would be sorely missed. Thank god there are artists who care about the details.

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