Death From Above 1979 @ Neumos (11/19/14)

Backstory: cousin, YaWIaM, Chicago, road trip, nope, disappointment, breakup, disappointment, etc.

(ten years go by)

More backstory: reunion, new album, tour, Seattle date, sold out, disappointment, disappointment, depression, five hours out, StubHub, cheap ticket, fuck yeah, camouflage pants, knit hat, tiny French fries that were near impossible to eat, Neumos, DFA1979, live, etc.

Main set: Turn It Out/Right On, Frankenstein!/Virgins/Cheap Talk/You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine/Go Home, Get Down/White Is Red/Trainwreck 1979/Crystal Ball/Going Steady/Nothin’ Left/Gemini/Little Girl/Government Trash/Dead Womb/Always On

Encore: Pull Out/Romantic Rights/The Physical World

(Sexy) results: Hearing loss, worth it, etc.

dfa tour schedule

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15 Responses to Death From Above 1979 @ Neumos (11/19/14)

  1. homebody says:

    [half-assed “like”]

  2. Paul Thie says:

    trainwreck 1979 is a 4min. delillo whitenoise

  3. steph says:

    Where did you get tiny, impossible fries?

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