Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds @ the Louisville Palace (6/16/14)

Today featured a power outage, a busted air conditioner, a forgotten wallet, unbearable heat, and approximately 20,000 orange construction barrels on the road from Cincinnati to Louisville, but it ended on a positive note with a chance spotting of Nick Cave and a couple Bad Seeds in our hotel.  Somewhere in between the barrels and the brush with celebrity was a meet-up with friends and an amazing concert.  The setlist from that concert is as follows:

Main set: We No Who U R/Jubilee Street/Tupelo/Red Right Hand/Mermaids/The Weeping Song/From Her to Eternity/West Country Girl/Into My Arms/God Is in the House/Higgs Boson Blues/The Mercy Seat/Stagger Lee/Push the Sky Away

Encore: The Ship Song/Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry/The Lyre of Orpheus

And I either used the world’s greatest urinal, or I peed on some art.  The 21c is a strange hotel.


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17 Responses to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds @ the Louisville Palace (6/16/14)

  1. Vishy says:

    You went to a Nick Cave concert? So jealous, jealous, jealous! 🙂

  2. Paul Thie says:

    you peed on art? I’m jealous, so jealous

  3. homebody says:

    My favorite parts of the evening included hanging out with Cranky, Mariser, Lord Kalvan, and Scott, gawking at the interiors of the Louisville Palace, watching the crazy violinist at work, seeing Nick Cave get so close to Cranky and Mariser during one of his jaunts through the house, and seeing the real live rock stars come in for the night.

    • M-----l says:

      I enjoyed seeing Nick Cave make his way through the audience. I didn’t know he liked to stand on the seats and lean/sweat on his fans. The only other time I’ve seen him was at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008 and he stayed up on the stage during that show. This Louisville concert was much more interactive.

      I also enjoyed the fact that you stuck it out and didn’t pull a Hall & Oates. Thanks for going.

      • homebody says:

        You’re welcome and thanks for buying me a ticket.

        • crankypants says:

          It was so great to see you guys again, I wish we’d had more time to hang. Thanks for picking the Swanky Hotel and affording us the Sad Nick Of The Sidewalk sighting. and most of the rest of the Bad Seeds as well. I mentioned it on Tumblr but it so happened they stayed at our hotel in Milwaukee and we saw everyone but Nick. Well, until the bus left the following morning, then we watched from the window and got our zoom lens on.
          yes the shows are very interactive. And inMilwaukee he went out into the audience (I don’t know if he beelined for a disabled guy or what) and when he came back I moved aside so he could step onto the box in front of the stage and get back up there and he reached across my front (kind of clotheslining me with his arm) and grabbed my shoulder and used it to hoist himself up onto the box. That’s twice he has used me for leverage. I’m not that big but I guess I have strong looking shoulders?

          • M-----l says:

            I get the feeling Nick Cave sees the audience not as people but as a big unsteady jungle gym to be climbed and sweated upon.

            I looked up the setlist for your second show and noticed it was pretty much the same as Louisville’s except some of the songs were slightly out of order. I hope he mixed things up a bit for Milwaukee. I don’t think I could stand three “Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry”s.

            • crankypants says:

              He was in a bad mood in KC and did one encore song which was indeed Papa… a lackluster version and he thanked the audience and left. He did a better version in Milwaukee but yes I saw it 3 times. I was standing up front with the kid who was sitting next to me in the 8th row and predicting the next song, I’ve seen him 5 times now for PTSA and I can almost hear the next song before they start it. I’m not complaining but it would be nice to have a little shuffling and a few additions. They did We Real Cool which isn’t one of my faves but at least I hadn’t heard it in a while.
              and yes we are Nick’s Jungle Gym. The kid I befriended was lucky enough to be tall enough and fresh-faced that Nick chose him early on to stand on and have his crotch in his face. It was his first NCATBS show too.
              In Minneapolis I saw where they did Do You Love me, and I am holding out hope that by the time they get to Philly *maybe* they will have worked in a few more than just the ones that they have as options (A girl I befriended in KC outisde our hotel and gave my tickets to since I got sixbucks’ upgrade got one and Mariser got one after the Milwaukee show while I was outside making another friend).

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  5. M-----l says:

    You’ve seen Nick Cave a lot now. Have you gathered up all your setlists and made a spreadsheet to keep track of the songs you’ve heard and how many times you’ve heard them (and which songs you haven’t heard but would like to hear)? I used to do that with bands once I got to about the half dozen shows mark. That’s the kind of thing that passes for fun around here.

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