Sun Kil Moon @ the Neptune Theatre (2/21/14)

I don’t know what annoyed me most about last night’s Sun Kil Moon concert, the annoying assholes in the audience who kept shouting about there being too much reverb, the annoying asshole on stage who kept shouting back that there wasn’t too much reverb, or the fact that the first bunch of assholes shouting about there being too much reverb were actually right about there being too much reverb…so much reverb, in fact, that I could barely tell what the annoying asshole on stage was singing about at any point during the show.  All three of these things were very annoying, but I think if I had to rank them on a scale of annoyingness from most to least annoying, it would probably go like this:

  1. Too much reverb
  2. Audience assholes shouting about too much reverb
  3. Performing asshole denying the reverb

All I wanted to do was hear Mark Kozelek sing his songs.  I’ve got over twenty Kozelek-related albums (released under his own name, Sun Kil Moon, or the Red House Painters) and I’d been trying to catch up with him for years.  I even planned my trip to Seattle around this particular concert.  Instead of experiencing a quality performance from one of my favorite singers in a nice setting, I was subjected to over two hours of hostility and muffled singing.  It wasn’t what I’d been hoping for.  Oh well, here’s the setlist:

Main set: Carissa/I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love/Truck Driver/Dogs/I Love My Dad/Micheline/Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes/I Watched the Film ‘The Song Remains the Same’/You Missed My Heart/Caroline/Gustavo/Katowice or Cologne/Livingstone Bramble/Hey You Bastard I’m Still Here/The Moderately Talented Young Woman/That Bird Has a Broken Wing/By the Time That I Awoke/Ceiling Gazing

Encore: Black Kite (solo)/Among the Leaves

sun kil moon marquee

(sun kil moon marqee)

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19 Responses to Sun Kil Moon @ the Neptune Theatre (2/21/14)

  1. homebody says:

    I was mostly annoyed by the chatty people on the other side and the fact that the beverage choices at the concession stand were limited to Pepsi products. Regarding the annoying assholes, the mean-spiritedness of many of Mark Kozelek’s remarks was even more off-putting than the first time I saw him.

  2. Lauri says:

    Lol…well, the comments were fun.
    But, how completely frustrating, everything else! Must have sucked to be the performers, too. Yike.

    • M-----l says:

      Despite the fact that the show was frustrating, I’m glad we went. It was nice to have a night on the town and get to experience one of my favorites in a live setting (for better or worse).

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    Your review was certainly enjoyable! What a shame for their live performance not to live up to your expectations. Drinking bootleg sprite through Red Vines sounds fun…

    • M-----l says:

      I like to think that in a month from now I’ll have forgotten about all the negative stuff and be left with the happy memory of the Bootleg Sprite/Red Vines taste explosion.

  4. That may have been a bad evening, but nothing compares to that Robyn Hitchcock performance we were both at, when he out and out peed all over the audience, then called us “a right pongy batch of buggering Yanks” and set the stage on fire. No wonder Southgate House had to move to a new location after that.

  5. steph says:

    Hmmmm, glad you had an interesting trip to Seattle and sorry the show had some annoyances. Have you caught any other bands at the Neptune? Is it just a bad venue acoustics-wise?

    • M-----l says:

      That was my first time seing a show at the Neptune, but I’d heard good things about the venue. I think the sound problems were Kozelek-related as the one song he played without his guitar (“By the Time That I Awoke”) featured the best sound of the night, by far.

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