Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy @ the Southgate House Revival (8/3/13)

Tonight I went to hear Dawn McCarthy and Will Oldham sing the songs of the Everly Brothers at an old, decrepit church in support of their new album, What the Brothers Sang.  It was a terrific show that I’ll probably eventually write about in this space, but right now all I want to do is put together my setlist.  It’s going to be a tough one as I only recognized about half the songs.  I’ve scribbled all my usual notes, but it’s going to take me awhile as I have more Will Oldham-related music than I have music by any other artist and my Everly Brothers collection isn’t very deep.  Here’s what I’ve figured out so far…

Main set:

  1. My Little Yellow Bird (from What the Brothers Sang)
  2. Big Friday (from the 2006 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album, The Letting Go)
  3. Just What I Was Looking For (from What the Brothers Sang)
  4. Devoted to You (from What the Brothers Sang)
  5. Talking to the Flowers (from the 1967 Everly Brothers album, The Everly Brothers Sing)
  6. Light of a Vaster Dark (from the 2010 Faun Fables album, Light of a Vaster Dark)
  7. Lay It Down (from the 1972 Everly Brothers album, Pass the Chicken and Listen)
  8. Strange Form of Life (from The Letting Go)
  9. Omaha (from What the Brothers Sang)
  10. Wai (from The Letting Go)
  11. Let It Be Me (from a 1960 Everly Brothers single)
  12. Love Comes to Me (from The Letting Go)
  13. Walking the Dog (from the 1965 Everly Brothers album, Beat & Soul; hit for Rufus Thomas in 1963)
  14. I’m on My Way Home Again (from a 1969 Everly Brothers single)
  15. Ebb Tide (untitled bonus track from The Letting Go; hit for the Righteous Brothers in 1965)
  16. Kentucky (from What the Brothers Sang)


  1. The Lord of the Manor/I Wonder If I Care As Much (b-side to the 1968 Everly Brothers single, Milk Train/b-side to the 1957 Everly Brothers single, Bye Bye Love; there was no break between this and “The Lord of the Manor” and I’m not sure how much of “I Wonder If I Care As Much” was actually played)
  2. The World’s Greatest (R. Kelly cover from the 2007 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy EP, Ask Forgiveness)
  3. Mary Jane (from The Everly Brothers Sing)

Hmm, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would.  I guess I took pretty good notes as I’ve only got one song to go.  I will search for that one later.  Until then, here are a few pictures:

Also, feel free to watch some post-related videos:

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13 Responses to Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy @ the Southgate House Revival (8/3/13)

  1. Lauri says:

    That’s a pretty profound video.
    I was worried when the first guy opened up his cloak.
    Nice nostalgic song, though. 🙂

    • M-----l says:

      I was a bit worried too. You never know what you’re going to get nudity-wise with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. I remember seeing a show he did at the old Southgate House many years ago; a naked man got up onstage and started doing an interpretive dance to the song BPB was playing. Nobody seemed to think that was unusual. I still don’t know if the naked dance was a spontaneous fan reaction or a planned part of the show.

  2. crankypants says:

    So what is this “SGH Revival” thing?

    • M-----l says:

      Thanks for asking.

      There used to be a music venue in Newport, KY called the Southgate House. Whenever I’d go there to see a show–and I went a lot–I’d park my car five or six blocks away in front of a hideous abandoned church. Then the Southgate House closed down and reopened as a cultural travesty known as the Thompson House. The guy who used to run the original Southgate House took the name and opened a new music venue called the Southgate House Revival…in that hideous abandoned church I used to park in front of.

      I’m not sure why I added all that extraneous information about parking. And all those links. Sorry.

      • crankypants says:

        I knew SGH was one of your most-visited venues, and I was sad for you that it closed so, I was just wondering about the revival. I guess it’s just not the same but at least they’re trying?

        • M-----l says:

          It’s definitely different, but it’s nice to have a new place to see shows. The Revival has some interesting features that the original didn’t have like a gigantic pipe organ and stained glass windows of Jesus and his friends having adventures. It’s pretty cool…even if it looks like the ceiling could come toppling down at any minute.

  3. hotrod says:

    The missus and I saw this show at a synagogue in DC last Wednesday. It was the first time I’d seen the Bonnie Prince since he change his name from Palace [Noun]. I loved it. My wife thought he was kind of weird (which is part of why I loved it). We both thought the music was tremendous, but I have to admit I’m not so familiar with his more recent records to recognize which songs were his and which were the Everlys’.

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t even try to keep up with Will Oldham’s discography anymore. I’ve managed to get most of his recent full-lengths, though. What the Brothers Sang is the one I’ve liked most in the last few years.

      I know what you mean about not being able to tell the BPB songs from the Everly Brothers songs. There was an encore called “The Lord of the Manor”. With a title like that, I just assumed it was an obscure Palace song I’d forgotten about. I was surprised to learn it was an old Everly Brothers b-side. It was about as far away from “Bye Bye Love” as a song could be. Maybe that’s why the tribute works…there’s a surprising amount of common ground between the artists involved.

      • hotrod says:

        I used to be a BPB completist, but I haven’t been able to keep up either. It’s ironic given that his music is far easier to obtain now than it ever used to be. I’m with you on What the Brothers Sang being among his best recent efforts. If you missed his Now Here’s My Plan EP from last year, do yourself a favor and pick that one up. It was one of my favorite releases in what I think was an unusually strong year.

        • M-----l says:

          Now Here’s My Plan is one of those that managed to slip by me. I found out just a couple days ago that it has a faster version of “I See a Darkness” on it. That, combined with your recommendation, send the EP to the top of my Music to Buy list.

          Congratulations on your wedding, by the way. Your reference to a “missus” in the above comment was the first confirmation I’d heard that you weren’t stood up at the altar.

          • hotrod says:

            If the Bonnie Prince did nothing else for the rest of his career but cover his own songs, I’d be a happy man. Now Here’s My Plan is the best thing he’s done since Superwolf, which was the best thing he’d done since Bonnie Prince Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music.

            And thanks, I can’t believe I wasn’t stood up either. I’m still kinda amazed she actually went through with it. We have a little Hotrod, Jr. and everything. I really should resurrect the old blog. I’ve gotten so bad at shameless self-promotion.

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