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The name “Karen S.” is written in cursive on the back of the picture shown below.  No mention is made of which dancing girl is Karen S., but I like to think she’s the one on the right.  The girl of the left, of course, would be Leslie B.  I’ve given her that name because she reminds me of an illustration in my old paperback copy of Bridge to Terabithia.  I can’t seem to locate that book right now, but I remember there was a drawing of Leslie Burke sitting on a fence in there somewhere and she looked a lot like the dancing girl on the left.  She probably wasn’t as happy and smiley in the illustration, though.  She was doomed to fall in the creek and die, after all.

karen dances with her partner

(leslie b. and karen s.)

That picture is probably my second favorite one in the collection.  My favorite one shows a woman with a record player floating around in a boat.  It’s the ideal photo for me, but I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet.  I’m saving it.

And that’s all I have to share this weekend.  I squeezed two weeks of posts into two days, so now I’m going to sit back and take a break.  I might put my feet up on my desk like a person who has accomplished something.  I haven’t really decided yet.

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14 Responses to Post #1,315

  1. I am totally enjoying your vintage photo posts. I am going to the big antique show in two weeks. I am looking forward to sifting through piles of old photos. If I find any of girls with record players in boats I will send them your way. 🙂

    • M-----l says:

      That sounds like fun. They used to have little antique shows (and baseball card shows) at the mall when I was a kid, but I haven’t heard of anything like that happening around here in many years. Maybe I’m on the wrong mailing lists.

      Good luck finding some quality photos…and thanks for keeping your eyes open for me.

  2. mariser says:

    it’s Maggie and Hopey!

  3. mariser says:

    let me draw you a picture. or rather, a link to a picture:

  4. steph says:

    All these vintage photos are awesome and this one is super sweet. These girls look cool as hell.

  5. aubrey says:

    Are we thinking late 1950’s? Leslie is making me think that, but Karen is looking ahead to a new decade, growing her hair out and wearing cool, bright patterns (I covet her shirt, by the way).

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