Miniature gangsters are the new ceramic deer.

Forget about ceramic deer…I’m now collecting vintage photographs of very short men dressed up in gangster clothes.

the littlest gangster

(the littlest gangster)

Okay, he’s probably not a gangster and those aren’t really gangster clothes.  He’s probably just a well-dressed cheese monger or brush salesman or pool shark.  I only call him a gangster because the woman who sells the vintage photographs at the antiques store sometimes gives the pictures silly names on the price sticker.  She called this one “The Gangster”.  I changed that to “The Littlest Gangster” because the man appears to be about 4’11”.  There were at least a half dozen pictures of this guy in the store; he was in the exact same pose in each of them.  I think he thought that sticking his leg out in front and off to the side helped create the illusion of height.

And while I’m here, I guess I’ll share the other picture I picked up this week.

21 girls and a boy

(21 girls and a boy)

I can’t remember what the seller called this one (they remove the stickers when you pay for them), but I call it “21 Girls and a Boy”.  For obvious reasons.

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15 Responses to Miniature gangsters are the new ceramic deer.

  1. homebody says:

    When are you going to reveal the best vintage photo find ever?

    • M-----l says:

      I originally had a paragraph about that picture at the end of this post, but I deleted it at the last minute. My favorite posts to make these days are the ones relating to vintage photography, and I feel that I’ll have to stop doing them once I post “the best vintage photo find ever”. Everything will pale in comparison after that. So I continue to sit on it and save it for later.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Looks like an early example of photobomb. The ladies (garden club? sorority? school class?) were posing there with their shrubbery and some little punk kid jumped into their picture.

    • M-----l says:

      I thought the same thing. He’s not only off to the side, but it appears that he’s also a bit behind the girls. That makes me think that he snuck in there as the picture was being taken and nobody noticed at the time.

  3. Why are the women in the front row of that photo crouching behind those bushes? That is the oddest way to pose a group.

    I think the little gangster is actually a little tailor or a little salesman. He looks like he’s been working in that outfit.

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