Record players are the new boats and/or ships.

Let’s face it, I probably shouldn’t be collecting pictures of people on boats, ships, and various sailing vessels.  It doesn’t make any sense for me.  I’ve been on the water maybe a dozen times in my life–the best time was when I got in a boat and rowed it over to where some hamburgers were–and it doesn’t mean much to me.  I really started that collection because I found a picture of a pretty lady on a ship and it sort of grew from there.  Well, I’ve decided that boats are boring.  See, even this girl looks bored.  And she’s on the boat.  Making it go with that curvy stick.  Bored out of her kerchief-wearing head.

not impressed with boatingSo I’ve decided that my new collection of vintage photography is going to be dedicated to something that has more of a personal relevance.  Yes, I’ve decided to collect pictures of people playing vinyl on old record players.  There’s a tumblr dedicated to this sort of thing, but it’s got a pervy angle and lacks quality standards.  So I’m going to start my own collection and share the pictures right here.  Here’s the first one:

around the record playerDon’t those women look like they’re having fun?  They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves more than that girl in the boat up there.

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23 Responses to Record players are the new boats and/or ships.

  1. Laurie says:

    Maybe you were collecting boat-related pictures because you hadn’t been on the water much? But I agree, the people around the record player are having fun, and they won’t be suffering skin cancer from it in their later years.

  2. Lauri says:

    They are having fun! And, it does fit your music-y self. Mucousy? Sorry ’bout that.
    I like the record player pic!

  3. Paul Thie says:

    boats are floating prisons
    cars are rolling rat traps
    transportation = amputation sez mcluhan

  4. steph says:

    Love this. The record player girls are dressed really nicely too- my friend had a record listening party but we all showed up in the grunge-y duds of modern day. I think the boat girl might be having fun too- she’s just playing it cool.

    • M-----l says:

      I think wearing modern day duds is appropriate if your friend was spinning modern day records. If she was playing Kitty Kallen or Eydie Gormé, then I think you probably should’ve gone with a retro look.

      Maybe the boat girl is having fun. I’ll have to think about that.

  5. Paul Thie says:

    boat girl sails the Freudian Ocean

  6. Paul Thie says:

    take your time images are meant to be read
    I mean meant to mean
    angle of repose
    angle of light
    angle of rudder
    hand on rope and on and on and all meaning what?

  7. phantomxii says:

    Yay record players! They go around and around and make noises! Just like me!

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