A Couple Bands @ the Capitol Hill Block Party (July 20-22, 2012)

[NOTE: This is definitely the last of my Forgotten Concerts posts.  Now there’s an official write-up for each of the 100+ shows I’ve seen in the Outgoing Signals era.  I probably didn’t even need to write this one as it’s little more than a couple partial performances Beth and I saw at a Capitol Hill Block Party we were barely interested in.  Still, the completist in me demanded that I write something.  This one is based on snippets from my 2012 journal along with some notes written in 2018.  This post was published on February 14th, 2018, but I have altered the date so that it fits in chronologically.]  

  • Friday – July 20th, 2012

Capitol Hill Block Party starts today.  It’s all rainy for it.  Beth and I have tickets for all three days, but we’re really only interested in a couple shows on Sunday.  It’s certainly not like it was two years ago when we checked out 26 bands over the course of the weekend.

[NOTE: I recently checked out the 2012 Block Party schedule and noticed that we could’ve seen Father John Misty and Black Breath that Friday.  I’d still probably avoid Father John Misty, but I don’t know what we were thinking skipping out on Black Breath.  Maybe we didn’t know who they were back then.  That would’ve been the ultimate Mop sighting.]

  • Saturday – July 21st, 2012

We got cucumber mint sorbets at Molly Moon and then went into Block Party to check out a band called Lemolo who were performing on the Vera Stage at 8:30.  The Stranger said the following about the duo:

“They’re sweet and dream-poppy and the perfect show to go to so you can lean against your posse or your sweetie and sway and feel like you’re in exactly the right place and time.”

Well, my sweetie and I thought Lemolo were dull.  We decided we weren’t in the right place at all and that our time would be better spent just sitting around in Beth’s office.  Strangely enough, Lemolo actually sounded better from up there.

[NOTE: As the years have gone by, Molly Moon’s cucumber mint sorbet has become legendary.  I check out their special flavors chalkboard every time I’m in Seattle, but I don’t think I’ve had that sorbet since this trip.  I’m either not timing things well or they’ve dropped it as a flavor.]

  • Sunday – July 22nd, 2012

…then we went to a Half Price Books even though it was time to head back to Capitol Hill to catch Neko Case’s 7:45 show on the main stage.  We got back to the house quickly enough, but we still ended up missing the first 12-15 minutes of her show.  That’s okay, though.  I’m not big on standing around in crowds these days and Block Party crowds get more annoying every year.  And it was cold.  What we saw was good, though, if a little weird.  Mostly Neko just stood around on stage laughing at someone in the audience wearing an eagle costume.  That dang eagle ruined quite a few songs.  I didn’t keep a setlist, but I know she played “Favorite”, “The Tigers Have Spoken”, and “Vengeance Is Sleeping”.

[NOTE: I can’t figure out why I didn’t keep a setlist for Neko Case.  Maybe because we showed up late?  It seems very unlike me.  Referring to that old schedule I mentioned above, I noticed that we could’ve seen Caspar Babypants, the Lumineers, and Grand Archives.  I can’t believe I missed my chance to see Caspar Babypants.  Caspar Babypants is no Black Breath, but still.  Dang!]

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7 Responses to A Couple Bands @ the Capitol Hill Block Party (July 20-22, 2012)

  1. homebody says:

    WE MISSED THE MOP?!?!!!!!!

  2. homebody says:

    P.s., that view of the block with Lemolo stage now looks totally different.

    • M-----l says:

      I noticed that when I was digging through my old Block Party pics. All the buildings are taller, fancier, and shinier now…except for the building Ballet used to be in. That building has basically fallen apart.

  3. Laurie says:

    My only comment on the musical part of the post is that I finally have a point of intersection with your concert-going! I’ve seen Neko Case live a couple of times (where she wasn’t distracted by an eagle costume and did a great show).
    Also, cucumber mint sorbet sounds lovely.

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