Cheap Trick @ the Taft Theatre (7/6/12)

[NOTE: I’m happy to report that I have finished my Forgotten Concerts of 2017 project.  I would like to thank both of you for playing along.  You’d think I’d be done now, but it occurred to me that there are still a couple concerts from the Outgoing Signals era that I haven’t written about here.  Yes, I went to two shows during the summer of 2012 when this site was officially dead.  In order to have a complete concert history, I have decided to go back and write posts for those two shows.  The first one was a Cheap Trick concert I saw with Scott and Amy.  I wrote a Sailor Babo post about it at the time, but nothing here.  I don’t remember much, so this one will be straight from my journal.  This post was published on February 11th, 2018, but I have altered the date so that it fits in chronologically.]

I got an email from Scott this morning asking if I’d be interested in going to Cheap Trick at the Taft Theatre tonight.  He and Amy have two extra tickets.  I said he could give me a call later tonight if it looked like they were going to get stuck with the tickets.  I’d then drive down and buy one.

Fast forward to the late afternoon and a call from Scott.  He hadn’t found a buyer for the pair of Cheap Trick tickets, so I agreed to meet him and Amy down in front of the Taft Theatre at 7:30 and take one of the tickets off their hands.

It was super hot (over 100°) but I found quick parking on Sentinel and got to the theatre early.  I took some Sailor Babo pictures and walked around a bit to stay cool.  Scott and Amy eventually showed up and we went on in.  The tickets were in the first row of the second part of the balcony and quite good.  The opening act, the Psychodots, was also pretty good.

I was thinking earlier today that I really only know four Cheap Trick songs: Dream Police”, “I Want You to Want Me”, “Surrender”, and “On Top of the World”.  And that last song I only know as a Wondermints cover.  I’ve actually long disliked Cheap Trick.  I was really only going to get out of the house and have a bit of fun.

Well, I’m happy to say that Cheap Trick was better than I thought they’d be.  They played all four of the songs that I knew going in.  They also covered “Getting Better” by the Beatles.  I didn’t know the rest of their 19 song set, but only a couple of the songs were duds.  The downside to the show wasn’t one of song selection or unfamiliarity, but one of volume.  Cheap Trick is loud!  I’m not sure which was louder, tonight’s show or the Oasis concerts I saw at the same venue 7 or 8 years ago.  Once it gets to a certain volume level, it doesn’t really matter.  The damage is done.  I wish I’d thought to bring earplugs (or to put my iPod buds in) because my hearing was clearly off at the end of the show.  I had a fun time, though, and enjoyed seeing Amy and Scott…I just wish I’d been able to hear them when they said goodbye after the concert.

Hey, here’s the setlist:

Cheap Trick setlist:  Hello There / Just Got Back / Oh, Candy / I Can’t Take It / If You Want My Love / High Roller / On Top of the World / California Girl / Stiff Competition / Heaven Tonight / The Ballad of TV Violence / I Know What I Want / Getting Better (the Beatles) / I Want You to Want Me / Surrender

Cheap Trick encore: Stop This Game / Gonna Raise Hell / Dream Police / Goodnight

Here’s the same thing all scrawled out in red:

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4 Responses to Cheap Trick @ the Taft Theatre (7/6/12)

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  2. homebody says:

    I had forgotten that brilliant Sailor Babo post!

  3. homebody says:

    P.s., you are welcome!

    • M-----l says:

      I didn’t realize it at the time, but it appears that I sold Sailor Babo’s guitar in a lot of Simpsons toys last autumn. That guitar originally belonged to Otto the Busdriver. I hope SB doesn’t find out!

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