the Vaselines @ Neumos (10/22/10)

This was our third night in a row with a concert.  It’s starting to wear on me.  Fortunately, we were able to find a nice spot in the back of Neumos where we could lean on the soundbooth and watch the performers.  It didn’t help our feet, but it made our backs feel better.

The Vaselines were awesome, but I started thinking about sleep once they played “Sex With an X” and “Molly’s Lips”.  Those were the two songs I most wanted to hear.  “Sex With an X” is the best pop song of 2010 and “Molly’s Lips” is one of the best pop songs ever.  Damn, I love those two.  The rest of the Vaselines’ set was top-notch, but I could’ve listened to them play those two over and over again all night long and been completely happy.  Of course, they didn’t do that.  That would’ve been annoying to the rest of the audience.

Although we were both tired and sweaty and sleepy, we stuck it out for the entire show.  I’m glad we did.  How often does a guy from Cincinnati get to see a band from Scotland?

The answer to that is three.  Three times.  This week.  Nevermind.

Vaselines main set: Oliver Twisted/Monsterpussy/I Hate the ’80s/The Day I Was a Horse/Sex With an X/Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/The Devil’s Inside Me/Molly’s Lips/Slushy/Overweight But Over You/Such a Fool/No Hope/Rory Rides Me Raw/Ruined/Son of a Gun/Let’s Get Ugly/Mouth to Mouth/Dying For It

Encore: You Think You’re a Man/Dum-Dum

L.A.’s Dum Dum Girls opened for the Vaselines.  I’d never heard them until today.  I think I would’ve really liked their noisy pop if I’d known the songs beforehand.  As it was last night, I was mostly just hoping they’d hurry up and get off the stage.  Some of their faster songs were great, but their slower ones made me realize my feet were all achy.

Dum Dum Girls setlist: Play With Fire/It Only Takes One Night/Catholicked/I Will Be/Yours Alone/Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout/Take Care of My Baby/Jail La La/Everybody’s Out/Wrong Feels Right/Rest of Our Lives

The show started out with a local band called the Young Evils.  They had a twangy pop-thing going on and were super-cute.  Homey has a crush on their drummer, Mark Pickerel.  He leaned up against me during the Dum Dum Girls and she was all jealous.  We both ended up with a copy of their new CD, Enchanted Chapel.

Young Evils setlist: “place I lost my mind”/Get Over It/A Just Built Beaming Light/High Holiday/Crazy People/One Way Route/This Rock and Roll City Is Done/Invisible Diamonds/The Somebody That Nobody Knows/Burning Zombies

That’s all I have to say about concerts…until tonight, of course.  We’ve got our fourth show in four nights coming up.  I’m getting too old for this.

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14 Responses to the Vaselines @ Neumos (10/22/10)

  1. crankypants says:

    I’m trying to think why/how I know the dum dum girls…probably a free download or something, but I might be thinking of The Jacuzzi Boys. I’ve probably just seen their name around.
    Anyway. I had a bunch of shows in October that I was interested in attending, and the only one I managed was, of course, Darren Hanlon on Tuesday. Baseball and being old and a suburbanite has quashed a lot of my concertgoing desires. Baseball especially because 3 of the shows were at World Cafe Live (that’s not including the DH show) and that is so easy for me to get to, even on a weeknight.
    Anyway, I guess I will wait till tomorrow to find out who you are seeing tonight. Have fun. Maybe you could bring your own stool. 😛
    *waves* Hi, Homey!!
    now I have to start getting ready to go to the baseball game tonight. Go Phillies!

    • M-----l says:

      Dum Dum Girls is one of those band names that you never forget once you’ve heard it. I think it’s probably because it’s such a stupid name. Really, one of the worst band names ever. They were pretty good live, though. I guess that’s what’s important. I wonder if they named themselves after the last song the Vaselines played. Hmm.

      I’m out of touch with the postseason. So the Phillies are still in it, eh? I think the last I heard they were down 3-2. I’ve been catching scores as I walk by local bars. I have a hard time telling if I’m seeing something current or highlights from previous games. I saw the Yankees losing in the 9th last night and then I walked by the same bar later in the evening and it was the 5th!

    • homebody says:

      *waves back* Hi Cranky! (By the way, DH with a hedgehog is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!)

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  3. homebody says:

    I’m glad we stuck it out, too! In addition to seeing the three bands, meeting Kim Warnick of the Fastbacks was a highlight.

    Regarding Scottish bands, does Isobel Campbell count?

    • M-----l says:

      Yes, Isobel Campbell counts. Maybe I need to update my Scottish bands count. Let’s see…Trashcan Sinatras, Belle & Sebastian, the Vaselines, Isobel Campbell. Looks like four!

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