Belle & Sebastian @ Benaroya Hall (10/20/10)

I don’t like it when Stuart Murdoch invites a bunch of girls up onstage to dance around and look cute, and I don’t like it when people from the audience put makeup on him while he’s singing a song.  I’m a firm believer that the musicians should stay up on the stage and the audience should remain on the floor or in their seats.  That’s one of my rules.  I always find it awkward and embarrassing when this rule is ignored and the two separate groups mingle.

Take this show, for instance.  Stuart invited some girls up onstage to dance during “There’s Too Much Love”.  But then he kept them up there dancing for a second song.  The girls appeared to collectively tire about a third of the way through “The Boy With the Arab Strap”.  Their dancing became lackluster and uninspired.  The only girl who was able to keep up the quality of her dancing through both songs was the Asian girl over on the right.  She was energetic and had moves.  Everyone else made me sad.

And I had no idea what was going on with the makeup-thing.  It served Stuart right that he had to perform the rest of the show with lipstick all over his face.  That’s what he gets for trusting random strangers.

Other than those two very slight annoyances, seeing Belle & Sebastian again for the first time in eight years was absolutely awesome.  They put on a great show.

Here’s the setlist:

Main set:  Expectations/Write About Love/Piazza, New York Catcher/I’m Not Living in the Real World/If You’re Feeling Sinister/I Want the World to Stop/Lord Anthony/Sukie in the Graveyard/Read the Blessed Pages/I Didn’t See It Coming/Dog on Wheels/There’s Too Much Love/The Boy With the Arab Strap/I’m a Cuckoo/Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying/Sleep the Clock Around

Encore: Me and the Major/Judy & the Dream of Horses

The Trashcan Sinatras opened.  I have two of their CDs, but I guess I have the wrong ones as I only recognized one out of their eleven songs.  It looks like most of the unfamiliar songs were from this year’s In the Music.  Everything was good, so I’ll probably pick that up when I can find a copy.  Here’s what they played:

Trashcan Sinatras setlist: Easy on the Eye/All the Dark Horses/Easy Read/I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows/In the Music/Prisons/I See the Moon/Hayfever/Weightlifting/Oranges and Apples/People

I don’t have access to my camera or a scanner right now, so you’ll have to do without my usual pictures of the marquee, setlist, poster, ticket stub, etc.

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19 Responses to Belle & Sebastian @ Benaroya Hall (10/20/10)

  1. crankypants says:

    So did you post this from the cardboard cell phone? Is that why you don’t have access to your camera and scanner?

    • M-----l says:

      Yes, this post was moblogged from my cardboard cell phone. It took forever to type everything in. The keyboard on my phone is so tiny (and some of the keys don’t even work half the time). I think I might need a cardboard smart phone to keep up with the times.

  2. Sounds awesome except for the awkward dancers, and what the hell, they put make-up on him? Strange

    • M-----l says:

      The vast majority of the concert was fantastic. I just emphasized the 2% annoying part because I couldn’t think of a way to write my post. I didn’t have an angle. When I don’t have an angle, I go negative. That’s how I roll, Lavender.

  3. I hate it when a performer asks me to come up on stage. I paid for this seat so I could watch you, goddammit. I don’t want to get up there and be your straight woman or running gag.

    • M-----l says:

      It sounds to me like you have firsthand experience with this. I know Homebody got into an awkward interaction with one of the Posies and it soured the band for her. I’m not a cute girl so I’ve never been asked onstage. It’s probably just as well.

      • It wasn’t a band, it was a Penn & Teller show. A friend who’s no longer a friend, now that I think about it, got free tickets and talked me into going. The big fat guy asked me to come onto the stage and assist him with this one trick, and I shook my head and said no thanks. He began teasing me, like “Oh come on, I promise we won’t cut you in half,” and the audience started laughing. By that point I wanted to run out of the theater screaming. They finally asked someone else to come up, but I was fuming and it ruined my night.

        I wasn’t a cute girl by then, I was a thirty-something woman, not as Poindexterish as I am now but not cute. But I used to get targeted like that all the time. I think they thought I was a Japanese tourist and would be an easy mark, like I wouldn’t get angry if they said or pulled something on me.

        • M-----l says:

          I hope you learned your lesson: never go to a Penn & Teller show even if you have free tickets.

        • phantomxii says:

          A good friend of mine met the BFG (Penn). My friend is highly extroverted and talkative, and during the interaction he got the feeling Penn didn’t like him too well because Penn prefers to be the center of attention. 🙂

          • I think BFG keeps the little silent guy around so he can kick him around when they aren’t on stage. His banter at the show sounded humorous, but I thought it was borderline hostile and abusive.

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  5. doranyc says:

    I’m with you on the audience staying off the stage thing. I mean…did these people win some sort of contest? The only time I’ve seen it work was at the Flaming Lips show I saw in April. The dancers were actually on the tour, though, I think. Given the best job ever. They were young kids, dressed trendy but alike. So they had an audience feel to them, but they were really a part of the set. Which, for Flaming Lips, is always elaborate. I’m always deeply humiliated for people who get all drunk and climb on the stage. How embarrassing!

    • M-----l says:

      I’ve seen Flaming Lips shows that featured audience members dressed up in furry animal costumes. I specifically remember a bear. The animals stood around on the sides of the stage dancing and hanging out. I got the impression that the band toured with the costumes and just handed them out to audience members before their concerts. Of course, that got me wondering if the costumes ever got washed.

      I also saw a man get up onstage at a Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy concert, completely disrobe, and then do an interpretive dance for an entire song. It was one of the weirdest, most absurd things I’ve ever seen. The Bonnie Prince didn’t seem to mind, though.

      • doranyc says:

        I saw a lot of “furries”, for lack of a better term, at the show, too! I think it’s actually something their fans do on their own, but who knows?

  6. phantomxii says:

    Ooh, I would like to see B&S live! By the way, I have some 64MB cardboard memory cards for when you get a cardboard smartphone. Since they’re on the small side, you’ll need several. I’m only charging $4,538 apiece, so don’t wait.

  7. Vishy says:

    It was interesting to read about your concert experience, M—–l 🙂 I haven’t heard most of the songs, and so I will check them out and see whether I can add some to my list of favourites. Thanks for posting the songlist 🙂

    And yes, most of us go to a concert to see and hear the singer and the band and so it is definitely irritating when some members of the audience get on stage and start dancing!

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