Dominant Legs & Girls @ Neumos (11/17/09)

I have a long history of going to see bands just to hear one specific song performed live.  I saw the Cardigans just to hear “Lovefool”.  I saw Cornershop just to hear “Brimful of Asha”.  I had albums by those bands, though, so I was actually familiar with more than one song at the time of the show.  It’s just that I liked that one song so much that I had to go hear it live.  Well, I’ve taken it a step further by going to see a band based solely on the one and only song of theirs I’d ever heard.  I’m talking about the band Girls and their song “Lust for Life”.  It’s my favorite pop song of 2009.

Girls played in Seattle on Tuesday night with another San Francisco band, Dominant Legs.  I must admit here that I sort of liked Dominant Legs more than Girls.  They’re an unsigned band, but they’re incredibly endearing and they’ve got a good, catchy sound.  The guy stands around and dances like it’s the 80s.  The girl stands around and pretends to play the keyboards.  They’ve got five demos on their website, but they haven’t officially released anything yet.  My favorite of the demos is called “Young at Love and Life”.  It has a Stuart Murdoch-y sound to it.  They made an ultra-lo-fi video for another of their songs.  It’s full of slam dunks, jump ropes, and one horrific mullet.

Here’s the setlist for Dominant Legs.  I made up titles for the songs they haven’t posted yet; those titles are the ones in quotation marks:

Dominant Legs setlist: Young At Love and Life/Just Silly Ones/Run Like Hell For Leather/”I have denied myself”/About My Girls/Clawing Out At the Walls/Loving Now/”it’s not like it was when we were kids” (band version)

Girls was also good, but they went on a bit too long and got kind of sleepy-sounding at the end.  They played “Lust for Life”, though, so I left with a smile on my face.  Unfortunately, they left out the song’s ba-bahs, so my smile was slightly crooked.

Girls main set: Laura/Ghost Mouth/Heartbreaker/Headache/God Damned/Solitude/Summertime/Darling/Lust For Life/Hellhole Ratrace/Morning Light/Oh Boy/Lauren Marie

Encore (solo): Cold Again/Nobody’s Business/Broken Dreams Club

Oh, here are my usual concert-related pictures and scans:

NeumosGirls postersDominant Legs #1Set breakDominant Legs #2GirlsDominant Legs/Girls setlist
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7 Responses to Dominant Legs & Girls @ Neumos (11/17/09)

  1. crankypants says:

    Maybe Dominant Legs would get signed if they thought up a better name for their band. I do like the song though. The mullet girl-boy in the video is difficult to watch. Such athletic talent! Such sad, bad, regrettable hair!

  2. M-----l says:

    I liked their band name alright. It's certainly much better than calling your band Girls. Have you ever tried to google the word "girls"? There's some strange stuff out there.
    I think the mullet kid might be the guy from the band. He looks kind of like that, but his hair is grown out properly now.

  3. homebody says:

    I liked Dominant Legs, except I wished they played their instruments more. The keyboard seemed like a prop. Agreed that they were endearing!
    I really liked Girls. I accidentally saw them at Block Party this summer (mistakenly thinking I was watching the Pains of Being Pure at Heart). I was disappointed that the lead guy didn't wear his red pumps last night, though.
    The best part of the whole evening, though, was seeing the Girls guy exhibit PDA with the Dominant Legs girl in the Vietnamese restaurant before the show.

  4. M-----l says:

    The best part of the whole evening, though, was seeing the Girls guy exhibit PDA with the Dominant Legs girl in the Vietnamese restaurant before the show.
    No, no, no, the Dominant Legs gal was into the soundman.
    (I remember you called me up from the Block Party to tell me you'd found a new band. It was shortly after that that I first heard their "Lust for Life". So thanks for introducing me.)

  5. homebody says:

    What, that guy who I asked about the music played during the set break? No way. The Girls guy kissed her in the restaurant, and I saw her beaming at the Girls guy from the stage as well as from the house when Girls was playing. It was totally adorable. Aw, young love!

  6. M-----l says:

    Oh, I remember when you talked to the sound guy. That's when you went up and confirmed that I am super-smart when it comes to recognizing obscure 70s Beach Boys songs.
    Shoes?! Hah!

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