Daniel Martin Moore @ Shake It Records (2/14/09)

It was Valentine’s Day and I had nobody in town to smooch on, so I went up to Shake It Records to hear in-store performances by Frontier Folk Nebraska and Daniel Martin Moore.  Both musicians have local ties, but that’s about all they have in common.  Frontier Folk Nebraska plays a brand of alt-country reminiscent of Richmond Fontaine or Uncle Tupelo, while Daniel Martin Moore sounds like Nick Drake performing Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music.

Daniel Martin Moore @ Shake It Records (2/14/09)

(DMM flyer)

The in-store was in celebration of the vinyl release of Daniel Martin Moore’s debut record, Stray Age (released by Shake It in conjunction with Sub Pop).  To be honest, I’d never even heard of the singer until a couple weeks ago when I heard his version of “I Hear Music” on Starbucks’ Sweetheart 2009.  That song was inspired enough to make me think it would be worth my time to check him out.  I’m glad I went; I ended up liking both performers.

Frontier Folk Nebraska started off the night with a six song set of your standard alt-country fare (with songs about depression, dead people, and broken hearts).  There’s nothing innovative or even slightly original about these guys, but I liked them anyway.  They made me wish I hadn’t worn a J. Crew sweater over my flannel shirt.  They made me proud of my 75 day beard.  They were right up my alley.

And then Daniel Martin Moore came out and I was happy to have my sweater again.  I forgot all about flannel shirts and beards and alleys.  Daniel Martin Moore was so cute and clean-shaven and quiet and fragile-looking that I sort of wished I was a girl so he could be my Valentine’s crush.  I would make an ugly girl, so I soon dropped that fantasy and concentrated more on the music…which was a quiet, acoustic folk that was simply a pleasure to hear.

Daniel Martin Moore performed two songs from Stray Age along with a selection of his favorite love songs to help celebrate the holiday.  The originals were impressive, but the highlights for me were his versions of Tom Waits’ “Picture in a Frame” and the old standard “You Belong to Me” (recorded by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Bob Dylan).  Daniel Martin Moore ended the show with his third original of the night, a brief French song called “Tu dors bien”.

As always, here’s the setlist:

Setlist: Stray Age/Picture in a Frame (Tom Waits)/Pretty Fair Miss in a Garden/It’s You/Jack-a-Roe/You Belong to Me/Lord Bateman/Tu dors bien

I ended up buying the vinyl version of Daniel Martin Moore’s Stray Age.  It came with a four song 7″ featuring hand-colored art.  I also picked up a copy of Frontier Folk Nebraska’s Pearls.

Daniel Martin Moore @ Shake It Records (2/14/09)


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11 Responses to Daniel Martin Moore @ Shake It Records (2/14/09)

  1. homebody says:

    By the way, happy belated Voxiversary!
    Please do tell about the mom with the Kentucky hair.

  2. M-----l says:

    I specifically left that part out in case they read this. I don't want to publicly make fun of their moms. C'mon.

  3. homebody says:

    I'm sorry. You can just delete my comment, y'know.
    I can understand your crush on Daniel Martin Moore. He's almost as cute as Andrew Bird.

  4. M-----l says:

    Andrew Bird? P'shaw! That guy needs to gain some weight. He looks like he just got off a deserted island where he'd eaten nothing but poison berries and the occasional crippled sea gull.

  5. homebody says:

    Oh yeah? But, even if he is, so what?

  6. M-----l says:

    That's a terrible picture of Andrew Bird. It's not as bad as this one, though. I cringe every time I see that guy.

  7. homebody says:

    Oh, my, he does appear a bit gaunt in that one. Most of the pictures I've seen of him involve dapper vintage garb, which works with the whole tubercular starving artist thing.

  8. M-----l says:

    I judge Andrew Bird based on his appearance and have only a slight familiarity with his music. I had an album of his called Oh! The Grandeur. There was one good song on it. Everything else sounded like Squirrel Nut Zippers b-sides. I turned the CD into a magnet. It's been stuck to my stove for years.

  9. homebody says:

    That's a fantastic magnet.
    In case you didn't know, he has a ba-ba song on the Armchair Apocrypha album.

  10. M-----l says:

    I finally got around to listening to "Fiery Crash". It's great. Andrew Bird has really improved his sound in the ten years since Oh! The Grandeur came out. Ba-ba-ba's and whistles!

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