Old 97′s @ the Southgate House (10/12/08)

I write a review for all the concerts I attend.  For some unknown reason, I had a lot of difficulty writing about last Sunday’s Old 97’s show at the Southgate House.  I’m not sure why I had so much trouble.  The concert was great.  It took place at my all-time favorite concert venue.  I had an appreciative, non-annoying concert-going partner.  We got to the venue early and snagged the #1 table in the entire building.  The opening act was interesting and unlike anything I’d ever seen before.  The music playing in between the sets was intriguing*.  The Old 97’s were fantastic, as always.  The songs from Blame it on Gravity fit in well with their older material far better than I thought they would.  I got to hear a lot of personal favorites like “Lonely Holiday”, “Barrier Reef”, and “Rollerskate Skinny”.  Sure, I had to sit through lowlights like “Question” and “Bloomington”, but the vast majority of everything the Old 97’s played was exciting tinnitis-inducing rock & roll.  And yet, I can’t really think of anything to say about it.  All I can come up with is a mean-spirited paragraph about the opening act.  Here it is:

The opening act was Charlie Louvin, a member of the Grand Old Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.  He’s mostly famous for being half of the Louvin Brothers, a duo that recorded a lot of country hits back in the 1950s.  It was cool to see a living legend, but things got a bit repetitive after a few songs.  A mumbly 80 year old is only entertaining for a half dozen songs.  He played twice that.  Personal highlights included “Cash on the Barrelhead” and “Great Atomic Power”.

That’s all I could come up with.  As soon as I started to write about the headliner’s performance, I was struck by an overwhelming sense of writer’s block.  Should I write about Rhett Miller’s prettiness and how practically every woman in the audience got lightheaded when he turned around and shook his rump?

Old 97's @ the Southgate House (10/12/08)

(Hey, put the spotlight on the pretty one!)

Should I write about the undisguised look of disgust on Ken Bethea’s face when Rhett decided to perform “Bloomington” as an encore?  Should I write about how the show started out non-smoking, but switched to smoking as soon as someone tore down the sign and threw it in the garbage?  Should I haul out the old anecdote about how I used to think “Question” was about committing outdoor sodomy?  Should I share the low-quality video clip of Rhett singing the best line in “Rollerskate Skinny”?  Does the internet really need another low-quality video clip?  Does the internet really need another poorly-written concert review?  Do I over-hyphenate?  Should I write about how I thought I was going to see my brother at the show, but never did actually find him?  Should I write about how I saw an old roommate of mine who I hadn’t seen in about ten years, but didn’t bother going downstairs to say hello to because I am anti-social and grumpy?  Is that even relevant?  Is that too personal?  Am I asking too many questions?  Are these paragraphs too long?  Have you lost interest?

Forget this!  I’m just going to share the setlist and a few concert-related pictures and call it a review.

Main set: The Fool/Lonely Holiday/Melt Snow/No Baby I/Crash on the Barrelhead/Busted Afternoon/The One/Murder (Or a Heart Attack)/Doreen/Wish the Worst/Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue/Question/The New Kid/Victoria/Here’s to the Halcyon/Smokers/My Two Feet/Early Morning/Barrier Reef/Rollerskate Skinny/The Easy Way

Encore: Come Around (solo)/Our Love (solo)/Bloomington/Dance With Me/Timebomb

Old 97's marqueeCharlie LouvinOld 97's part 1Old 97's part 2Old 97's ticketNeon SGH

[* = Anyone know a “ba-ba-ba” song that features the phrase “roman candle winters”?]

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25 Responses to Old 97′s @ the Southgate House (10/12/08)

  1. Carl says:

    This was my first time seeing Old 97's.

  2. Carl says:

    I actually wrote more in my comment. I don't know why the rest isn't there.

  3. hotrod says:

    Should I haul out the old anecdote about how I used to
    think "Question" was about committing outdoor sodomy?I'll never hear this song the same way again. That's actually a good thing.I wish they'd played "Halcyon" in DC. That's my favorite track off the no-longer-new record.

  4. crankypants says:

    I'm just happy to read something non-politics related.
    I just saw that Rhett "tushie" Miller is coming here in Dec. woohoo! (I probably won't go)
    what happened to the newspaper format?
    I had writer's block for this comment, too. I think i just have mental block, period.
    oooh, shiny!
    *wanders off*

  5. Will Batman finally defeat the Penguin? Will Robin escape Catwoman's clutches? Tune in next week…

  6. M-----l says:

    I hope you enjoyed yourself. This was my third or fourth time seeing them and they've always put on a good show.(As far as the rest of your comment goes, I'm not sure what happened to it. What appears above is all that came through.)

  7. M-----l says:

    I think they did a nice job playing only the good songs off the new record. We got to hear "Halcyon", "The Fool", and "No Baby I", but weren't subjected to any of the cheesy love songs from the middle of the CD.As far as "Question" goes, let's just leave that one alone. The lyrics say it all.

  8. Haha! it was a nice review, do you question everything in life like that? that could be unhealthy

  9. Hahah! Also just noticed the advertisement below was very funny, wonders what Tim Mcgraw's signature scent smells like….

  10. M-----l says:

    I shall now respond to each random comment: I'm just happy to read something non-politics related.I skipped the most recent debate, so I don't have anything political to say. I have another Obama v. McCain cookie picture, but I haven't decided if I'm going to share it yet.
    I just saw that Rhett "tushie" Miller is coming here in Dec. woohoo! (I probably won't go)Did you ever see Fight Club where Jordan Catalano gets pounded to a pulp because he's so pretty? I always get the urge to slap Rhett around a bit. He'd look more manly with a black eye. (You should go.)
    what happened to the newspaper format?Didn't you see the previous post? I took it too far and everyone got sick of it.
    I had writer's block for this comment, too. I think i just have mental block, period.I can't think of anything for this one.
    oooh, shiny!oooh!
    *wanders off**waves*

  11. M-----l says:

    No, I don't usually question everything like that. Usually I just sit down at the computer and type out whatever comes to my head. Usually it works out just fine. Not so this time around. All that came into my head was questions.I don't think I'd like to smell like Tim McGraw…or any cheesy country musician. I think I'd want to smell like Merle Haggard. That's a man right there.(I would like to officially apologize for using the word "usually" three times in the first paragraph.)

  12. crankypants says:

    Haha Jordan Catalano!! any time I see someone named Brian I want to call them Brain.
    I saw that your new favorite band is coming to town too. the Scotland Yard hoochie koo one. I keep wanting to write a post about all the upcoming concerts I'd go see if I had any energy and lived in town instead of the sluburbs, oh yeah and didn't have to work. I have tickets to one, so at least I will go to one. when it rains it freaking pours.
    unrelated: I got a spam the other day from someone named Agamemnon Armstrong.

  13. M-----l says:

    Scotland Yard hoochie koo is coming to Cincinnati, too. It's not for a couple months, though, so I'll probably have forgotten about them by then. I've got a feeling that their brand of pop will have a short shelf life for me.So who are you going to see? You've probably mentioned it, but I can't remember. It's all downhill from NICK CAVE NICK CAVE NICK CAVE. All the time I was watching Old 97's I kept wishing they had a skinny dude with a gigantic beard who played mystery instruments with his feet and thrusted his pelvis about. Oh well.

  14. crankypants says:

    Yeah I think SYHK is in Dec. here.
    I actually have tickets to 2 shows now, I was reminded that I had to get some so I just ordered them, I don't actually HAVE them yet.
    I have tickets for Kings of Leon on 11/15, and just purchased them for the King Khan & BBQ Show 11/28. I saw King Khan & the Shrines in the summer (the one where I made it into the picture in someone's online review), this will be with Mark Sultan.
    I am undecided about The Gutter Twins and a bunch of others. December 19th brings us Ryan Adams and Oasis together, (too much money for me to pay to see RA as an opener), CSS, and I just saw another one for that date and now I can't remember but —oh–maybe that's Rhett Miller. I kind of want to see CSS. Maybe I will ask my friend Towel Boy since he emailed me their latest album…..
    But yes, of course you are right that everything is downhill after NICK CAVE NICK CAVE NICK CAVE. Maybe I should quit listening to him in my car. I did for a few days but I am right back with him. *sob*

  15. M-----l says:

    All I know of Kings of Leon is that song they had a few years back called "Molly's Chambers". It was in a commercial. I liked it. I know a lot of people were raving about King Khan a few months back, but I never bothered with an in-depth investigation. The Gutter Twins don't interest me. Ryan Adams came to Cincy a few weeks ago, but I didn't bother going. I saw him a couple times in Whiskeytown at a tiny Chicago venue and I think it would be hard to see him now with thousands of other people. I saw Oasis a couple years ago. They were very loud. I think CSS would be kind of fun…for about three songs. Then I would probably start making fun of them for looking like American Apparel models.(This comment was written while the switch in my brain was in the OFF position. Please forgive if it came off as a random collection of gibberish.)

  16. crankypants says:

    well, I have a bunch of KOL and KK songs on my Vox if ever you would just click 'play' 😛
    I AM a random collection of gibberish so you don't have to apologize.
    ugh…off to possibly start cutting out more red carpet from my living room and pretending I am slicing up certain human beings… muhahaha (just my neighbor, really…maybe Sarah Palin…)

  17. Haha! Merle Haggard would smell like old whiskey I think, and maybe stale cigarette smoke, but in a good way (yes there is a good way that that combo smells nice)

  18. M-----l says:

    I listened to your Spinto Band songs earlier in the week. I liked those. And it was nice to hear "One With the Freaks" again. That's one of my favorite songs. It has a great video, too.

  19. crankypants says:

    for your convenience (if you are interested, anyway) here is king khan (there are some dupes)
    and here are KOL (I must have a thing for kings) and more dupes too.

  20. crankypants says:

    oh and I meant to say my favorite track from kk & the shrines are Welfare Bread and I Want To Be A Girl, and from KK & BBQ show…I dunno, Treat Me Like a Dog and I don't remember what else. maybe suck it & smell?

  21. mike says:

    Maybe too late, but the "ba ba ba" song with "roman candle winters" is actually drew danburry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP-dMhTMxsw

  22. M-----l says:

    I actually offered $10 in a different post to anyone who could tell me the title. It's amazing how quickly someone figured it out once I put the reward out there. The fact that you answered without knowing of the reward is particularly impressive. Thanks for taking the time.

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