the Kooks @ Shake It Records (10/12/08)

After a morning spent rooting through my neighbor’s trash, drinking coffee from Awakenings, and shopping at the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market, I wanted nothing more than to settle down on the couch and watch my beloved Cincinnati Bengals beat the hell out of the New York Jets.  Unfortunately, my team is the worst in the NFL and shows no signs of improving anytime soon.  I eventually got sick of watching the muddle-headed quarterback lead the Bengals in reverse.  Homebody and I decided our time would be better spent going down to Shake It Records to hear a band called the Kooks give a free in-store performance.

I wasn’t really familiar with the Kooks before the show.  I’d heard a few of their songs a couple years ago, but they hadn’t blown me away and I soon forgot about them.  Still, I thought hearing the band perform live would be less depressing than watching television.

I was right.

The Kooks were actually very enjoyable.  They play to huge audiences in their native U.K., but they seemed more than happy to play for 30-40 non-paying music geeks.  I was more than happy to listen to their four songs.  Even if they hadn’t been good songs, it was worth it just to see the Kooks’ roadie chat up Homebody before the set.  I think he was 16 years old.

Setlist: Always Where I Need to Be/Tick of Time/Ooh La/Stormy Weather

(a couple of (blurry) kooks)

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10 Responses to the Kooks @ Shake It Records (10/12/08)

  1. hotrod says:

    I don't mean to be impolite, but… who cares about the Kooks? What about the Old 97's?

  2. M-----l says:

    Dang, hotrod. I wrote this post specifically for you. I thought I remember you saying the Kooks were one of your favorites.(Now
    that I think of it, I realize you might've said you hated them..or
    maybe it wasn't the Kooks you were talking about…or maybe it wasn't
    even you. I get all the Voxers confused.)

  3. homebody says:

    As I mentioned on my own Vox, the roadie was probably homesick for his mum. Plus, we were invading his camera space.Hey, are ya gonna post anything about the treasure found in your neighbor's trash?

  4. homebody says:

    The Old 97's were excellent. They showed no signs of tour fatigue. Rhett Miller was literally jumping up and down during the last of their (six?-song) encore.

  5. hotrod says:

    All the rest of us Voxers are the same.I'm anti-Kooks, but not strongly so.

  6. M-----l says:

    Your "homesick for his mum" excuse just isn't going to cut it. You practically invited the roadie and the entire Kooks touring entourage to your house for a party when they hit the Pacific Northwest.

  7. M-----l says:

    I would find it hard to be strongly anti-Kooks. They seemed harmless enough and their songs are well-crafted pop ditties. They're sort of like a contemporary Herman's Hermits.

  8. hotrod says:

    Well, I do tend to hold a lot of irrationally strong opinions.

  9. homebody says:

    What!? I mentioned that the weather in Seattle would probably be more agreeable to someone from the U.K. than the weather in Cincinnati! Who are you calling exaggerator, buster??

  10. M-----l says:

    Then you wanted to know where they'd be playing, staying, etc. It's a good thing the show started or you'd have had the entire band sleeping on your floor.

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