Cat Power @ the Hollywood Bowl (9/17/08)

I recently went out to Los Angeles to see Cat Power, Spiritualized, and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds perform at the Hollywood Bowl.  I went to the show with my family and a couple L.A. associates who’d been nice enough to acquire fantastic box seats and put us up for the night.

I’d been expecting Spiritualized to take the opening slot, so I was surprised when Cat Power started off the night instead.  Chan Marshall and her band came on at 7:30 and played a 45 minute set.  Chan was a completely different performer from the one I saw at the Southgate House 5 or 6 years ago.  At that show, she sat huddled over a keyboard the entire evening with bangs that obscured her face.  I don’t recall her looking up or saying anything to the audience all night.  This time out, she pranced around the stage, smiled, and even walked out into the audience during “Ramblin’ Woman”.  It’s nice to see how much she’s progressed; I felt kind of bad for her when I saw her the first time.

Cat Power’s set was heavy on covers, which makes sense considering her most recent release was Jukebox, her second covers record (after 2000’s The Covers Record).  The interesting thing is that a couple of the best covers weren’t from either of those releases.  I’m specifically thinking of the amazing versions of “Fortunate Son” and “The Dark End of the Street” that she performed back-to-back about halfway through her set.  Other highlights of the night included Chan’s original tribute to Bob Dylan, “Song to Bobby”, and Moby Grape’s “Naked, If I Want To”.  Oh, and let’s not forget the version of “Angelitos Negros” which closed out the set.  It featured Chan reading the Spanish lyrics off a sheet of paper and then stuffing them into the back pocket of her jeans!

As always, here’s the setlist.  I sincerely apologize for flubbing up the first song.  I just can’t place it.  The lyrics I wrote down in my notebook appear to be from “I Don’t Blame You”.  I honestly don’t remember hearing that song, though.

Setlist: ???/Woman Left Lonely/Silver Stallion/Fortunate Son/Dark End of the Street/Metal Heart/Song to Bobby/Naked, If I Want To/Ramblin’ Woman/Angelitos Negros

Setlists and mini reviews for the other two performers will be coming up in the next couple days.  I’ve got to work on my Spiritualized setlist and I’m still processing Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.  Oh man, I don’t even know where to begin with those guys.

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27 Responses to Cat Power @ the Hollywood Bowl (9/17/08)

  1. hotrod says:

    Chan seems to have gotten over her stage fright in a big way. In a big, sometimes almost terrifying, way.

  2. crankypants says:

    [this is a tease]
    *regains some modicum of composure*
    I've been dying to hear about NC & TBS since last night. The pr0ntastic mustache (how'd yours turn out btw?), if the set was heavy on the latest album, how long did they play, was there lots of violin, what, what what?!
    Jeez our show has 2 opening bands I never heard of. Pink monkey fingers and Captain Anonymous or somesuch nonsense. And ours is general admission.
    Dammit, I was about to log off and go to bed when I saw your update, now I won't be able to sleep but maybe if I do I can dream about Nick Cave now.
    I'll expect your review to be waiting on my desk when I get in to the office tomorrow.

  3. kitty says:

    All three? Together? !!! I've seen Spiritualized 4 times and Nick Cave twice, but never Cat Power. That's quite a combo.

  4. Melissa says:

    How fun! Did you miss the storm here? We just got power back last night.

  5. M-----l says:

    O hotrod, you only get one chance to be grabbed by Chan Marshall and you missed yours. If she wanted to grab me, I think I'd let her…even if she was twitching her hands around and looking slightly off-kilter. It's part of her charm.

  6. M-----l says:

    Sorry for the tease, Cranky. I thought about writing one big post about all three performances, but it would've been way too long and it's easier for me to just break it up. I'll definitely get Spiritualized up today. Nick Cave? Tomorrow at the latest.But here are a couple comments/answers:1. My Nick Cave mustache didn't work out. I trimmed it down a week and a half ago (due to the heat) and I didn't have any time to get a good one going.2. I'm sorry you have to hear crappy openers. Pink Monkey Fingers? Screw that. I'll take Cat Power any day. Having said that, I can pretty much guarantee you that the majesty of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will completely obliterate the memory of whatever openers you had to stand through.3. I'm also sorry you have to deal with general admission. I sat in a fancy box where real live waiters brought me chicken and tiny red potatoes and a peach crisp. The Hollywood Bowl also lets its guests bring in their own alcohol. We brought an entire cooler of wine and beer.

  7. hotrod says:

    My heart belongs to Neko.

  8. crankypants says:

    No no, I understand. I didn't realize you had such a really big shew. and you are so detailed with your reviews (ahem–unlike some people we know) you have to do separate ones, and starting with Nick Cave…while it would be MY preference, wouldn't really make sense.
    I looked it up and it's Kid Congo Powers (I think) and Pink Monkey Birds (I think). I looked it up last night and that's what I remember from 12 hours ago.
    I'm kind of glad for the GA if it means I can get withing sweat-flinging distance of Nick Cave…but that also means as you said, I will have to stake out my spot early and stay there through the first 2 bands. My back is going to be killing me. As nice as it is to have all that foo-foo service I wouldn't want it at a Nick Cave show. Maybe for like Harry Connick or something.
    Also I found out the Kings of Leon show at the same venue is sold out and the median age for that is gonna be like 20 so I cannot be in a crush of childrens, I will either sit in the bar section and let Dora deal with the younguns or else sit in the balcony and let Dora deal with the younguns if she wants to. I sat in the 4th row last year at a seated venue and I'm cool with that.

  9. M-----l says:

    All three? Together?Yeah, all three together. It's like someone reached into the back of my brain and pulled out three bands I love and decided to stick them together for a one-off. Just for me!

  10. M-----l says:

    Did you miss the storm here?No, I was here for the storm. My power went out early Sunday afternoon and was still out when I left for L.A. on Tuesday. I returned last night and my power was back on. I'm not exactly sure how long it took, though.What the heck do you guys do without power?! I've never been over to your house when the TV or the CD player wasn't blaring. Don't tell me you guys read all week.

  11. M-----l says:

    My heart belongs to Neko.I can't argue with that. She had my heart for awhile, too.

  12. M-----l says:

    Two things:1. I've never been at a show with fancy waiters. It's very un-rock & roll, but it really worked that night. I was in L.A. for the first time. I drove to the show in a convertible BMW. I saw rock star celebs. It only made sense that some guy should bring me a peach crisp and cater to my every whim. I could get used to it.2. I've also never been one to bring ear plugs to a rock show, but I would highly recommend you get a pair if you plan on standing up close. The Bad Seeds are painfully loud. Consider yourself warned!

  13. crankypants says:

    well then I guess that sounds like it was all done up right. I've never really done much of anything in style.
    ear plugs, huh? I'll take it under advisement, thanks. It might be good for my congested head though, I won't need the neti pot for a while if I get my ear drums blasted out. and I won't have to answer the phone if I can't hear it….hmmm, decisions, decisions.

  14. M-----l says:

    I'm not saying you've got to wear them, but it might be cool to have some of those cheap foamy ones on hand in case you end up near a speaker or something. Even "Into My Arms" was loud.

  15. crankypants says:

    Oh yeah, I found some from a recent flight, also I have those wax blobby ones too.
    wow, I have been running Into My Arms thru my head a lot this week, after listening to that album most of the week in my car.

  16. I saw Cat Power about 5-6 years ago as well. It was m baby brothers first concert ever, sleater kinney and smoosh played as well. I was not sure what to expect of Chan, she had been known to mess up the second song and leave the stage not returning. I was happy to see her stay on stage and play, I am happy to hear she has much more confidence onstage now! Good for her!

  17. crankypants says:

    Did you eat any more fish from the freezer?

  18. Melissa says:

    We spent a lot of time outside playing and then bedtime at 8:30pm. It wasn't bad I just hated eating out every night and throwing all our food away. How very jet set of you to fly off to LA for a few days for a concert…you really are super cool aren't you?

  19. M-----l says:

    Cat Power and Sleater-Kinney is a pretty impressive first concert. My first concert was Billy Joel!

  20. M-----l says:

    Did you eat any more fish from the freezer?Nope, that was all gone. I ate five cups of warm yogurt, though.

  21. M-----l says:

    …you really are super cool aren't you?Well, I wasn't going to bring it up, but now that you've mentioned it, yes, I am super cool.

  22. crankypants says:

    That's all right. Ghenghis Khan survived okay on warm yogurt.

  23. Mine was Joan Jett, I think. We went to a lot of bumbershoot festivals when I was a kid. That is the first I can remember enjoying. I tried to get my brother into good stuff, now he writes songs and plays guitar. 😉

  24. M-----l says:

    If I remember correctly, you were under the stage for that one, yes?

  25. kind of, off to the side. It was fun!

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