Over the Rhine @ Joseph-Beth Booksellers (8/30/07)

I went down to Joseph-Beth Booksellers tonight to see Over the Rhine’s in-store performance.  I got there at 7:00 and there was a huge crowd already waiting.  I found a place over on the side and watched most of the concert back in the book stacks.  It was a good view with a backstage feel.

Although I’ve seen Over the Rhine in concert a couple times, I didn’t consider myself a fan until tonight.  To be honest, I always found their music a little boring.  I just went to the in-store because it was free and within walking distance from my house.  I must admit, though, that I was impressed with tonight’s performance.  The mini-set drew mostly from Over the Rhine’s new CD, The Trumpet Child.  I’m not sure if the new songs are all that different from their older material, but they sure sounded more interesting to my ear.  Some of the songs even had a cabaret vibe to them.  Oh, and their cover of “Fever” was fantastic.  I certainly enjoyed myself.

I ended up buying a copy of The Trumpet Child.  I would’ve stuck around to get it signed by Karin and Linford, but the Annoying Penguin-Shaped Joseph-Beth Employee Lady was at the microphone driving me crazy with her incompetent ramblings, so I left.  I’m not into autographs anyway.


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