!!! @ the Southgate House (5/22/07)

I don’t actually own any !!! (chk chk chk) records, but they’ve got four songs I love, so I thought it would be worth my time to drive down to Newport and check out their show at the Southgate House.  They only played one of those four songs (“Pardon My Freedom”), but it was still worth it.

I think the best way to convey the funky weirdness that is !!! is to show you, so here are the videos for the two singles from the band’s most recent release, Myth Takes.  They played both of these songs last night.  Both videos feature “live” performances and come surprisingly close to matching my concert experience.  There are, however, a couple differences.  The Southgate House is basically an old (supposedly haunted) mansion, so it’s much smaller than the venue the band is playing in the “Heart of Hearts” video.  The lead singer also humps a pole in that video; there was none of that at the show I saw.  In addition, the video for “Must Be the Moon” features some sort of satanic ritual.  Northern Kentucky has strict laws against that sort of thing, so that didn’t happen either.  There was, however, a disturbing amount of male shirtlessness at the concert I went to.  I’ll just say one thing–indie boys need to hit the gym more often or learn to keep their clothes on.  Damn!

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3 Responses to !!! @ the Southgate House (5/22/07)

  1. Wow, their songs are really catchy and make me want to bust out some disco moves.

  2. M-----l says:

    Their music made me want to bust out some disco moves, too. Unfortunately, it turns out that I don't have any disco moves…or any moves, for that matter. I'm pretty good at leaning up against a wall, though.
    Maybe I'll work on some moves for next time.

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