Wussy @ the Northside Tavern (2/17/07)

I ended up going down to see Wussy at the Northside Tavern last Saturday night.  I had to dig my car out of ice and snow and then stop for gas, so I didn’t get down to Northside until around midnight.  I got to the tavern and found it packed.  The opening act was finishing up their last song as I arrived.  I walked around for a few minutes getting a feel for the place and looking for a good concert-viewing point.  The crowd lightened up between sets, and I made my way over to the wall where I found a place to stand by a window and a shelf full of Elvis memorabilia.  I spent the rest of the night next to one of those Elvis clocks with swinging pendulum legs.  I came close to getting poked in the eye a couple times.

Wussy @ the Northside Tavern (2/17/07)


I had to wait about 45 minutes until Wussy started their set, but it was worth the wait.  There’s little going on in the local music scene that even slightly interests me, but Wussy is one of the exceptions.  They’re just a great rock ‘n’ roll band and they proved it tonight.  They played five songs from Funeral Dress, including my personal favorites “Yellow Cotton Dress” and “Airborne”.  They also played three new songs I’d previously heard on their WOXY radio session and seven songs I’d never heard anywhere before.  I don’t usually care for live versions of songs I’m not familiar with, but it’s a testament to Wussy’s songwriting and musical chops that all the new songs were worth hearing.  A new song called “What’shisname?” was a particular highlight.  It makes me look forward to the new CD which should be coming out in the spring.  They ended the night with a ramshackle cover of the Beatles’ “It’s All Too Much”.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful night of free (yes, free!) live music.

Anyone who’s ever gone to a concert with me knows that I always keep a setlist.  It’s an annoying habit I’ve had for many years.  I now have a Moleskine that I use solely for concert setlists.  I took a picture of the Wussy setlist and have posted it down below.  I seriously doubt anyone will have any interest in a Wussy setlist, but I thought I’d post it anyway.  I’m into that kind of stuff.

Wussy @ the Northside Tavern (2/17/07)

(Wussy setlist notes)

As far as the music goes, you can visit Wussy’s website and download “Airborne” or the previously mentioned WOXY radio session. The radio session features a live version of “Airborne” along with five other songs and some humorous interview segments.

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