(Photo of) Vintage Photo(s) of the Day #3

Oops.  I was so busy trying to untangle the plot of Justice League that I almost forgot to do today’s post.  I remembered just in time.  So please accept this photo of two photos:

I give official names to all of my vintage photographs.  Although I haven’t scanned these two yet, I’m going to call them “girl and her cat in a tree.jpg” and “very stylish woman in a cool dress sitting on a bench in front of building that might be a barn but is probably just a boring house.jpg”.  Sometimes my titles get rather lengthy.

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(Photo of) Vintage Photo(s) of the Day #2

Did you see yesterday’s post?  If so, you might be interested in the second post in my (Po)VPotD series.  It’s this one right here.

I’ve always had a fondness for vintage photographs showing people playing (or at least posing with) stringed instruments.  Although I don’t have a specific stringed instrument tag to use as a link, I think I’ve shared six or seven of them here over the years.  I remember a few girls playing ukuleles and at least one guy who looked like Emmet Ray from Sweet and Lowdown.

Dang, it just occurred to me that I should’ve called this post “Dueling Banjos” instead of that wordy title with the unsightly pound sign and all those unnecessary parentheses.  But is Winnie even playing a banjo?  It has the right shape but looks awfully small.  Is there such thing as a mini banjo?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I could look it up online and know in 20 seconds, but I think I’d rather just leave it.  I think I’ll wait until I meet someone who plays the banjo and ask them.

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(Photo of) Vintage Photo(s) of the Day #1

Due to the fact that I don’t currently have access to a scanner, I’ve been forced to take photos of the vintage photos I recently purchased at Fairlook Antiques out here in Seattle.  I didn’t think I’d like the way they’d turn out, but they look pretty good on the hardwood floor and the iPad takes surprisingly clear shots.  I like the results so much that I’ve decided to do a series of posts this week highlighting my nine recent acquisitions.  This is the first one:

Mr. Fairlook sometimes sorts his snapshots into boxes by subject matter. For example, he’s got sections labeled “Unusual” and “Cats” and “Military.” Although I found these two shots in a new, unsorted box, I suspect these photos would’ve ended up in the “Women, Affectionate” section.

I’m sorry to report that the football team the girls were rooting for (in the photo on the left) lost their game 6-0.  On the bright side, it appears that Nancy ended up with a cookie.

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Two kids fought over the glow-in-the-dark rat.

Here are two pictures of this year’s Halloween set-up:

The Ghost Piñata made an appearance for the third straight year.  I’m sure he would be a big hit with the younger trick-or-treaters if any of them ever bothered to look up.

This year I supplemented my traditional popcorn bowl of Kit-Kats with a bowl of Halloween-themed goodies.  I put all my finger puppet monsters and parachute witches in there along with a pumpkin necklace, a wind-up Dracula, and a trick-or-treating Snoopy figurine I’ve had since about 1981.  The goodie bowl was a big hit and led to my official Halloween Highlight.

Yes, a brother and sister fought over the big glow-in-the dark rat (as seen next to Dracula in the goodie bowl).  The boy had the rat at first, but the girl yanked it out of his hand and ran away while he was distracted by the Kit-Kats.  The girl was younger but much quicker.  She made it out to their parents on the sidewalk and began making her case for rat ownership. The boy whined while the parents raved about how cool the rat was.

They went on and on about it as they made their way to the next house.  The last I heard, rat sharing was being suggested.

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Grooming the Stars of Tomorrow

I miss writing about music, so I’ve decided to do a quick post in which I rank the top 5 releases put out by Sub Pop Records so far this year.  Here they are all arranged neatly on my front room rug:

It’s kind of difficult to read the title of that LP, so I’ll spell out everything for you.

  1. B-Sides and Rarities by Beach House – As the title would suggest, this is a collection of rare non-album tracks that originally appeared on compilations and 7″ records.  In addition, there are two previously unreleased songs.  Strangely enough, I find that this collection works almost as well as the band’s three preceding albums.  B-Sides and Rarities is definitely the best Sub Pop release of 2017.
  2. Red Comb – I purchased this comb at the Sub Pop store in Sea-Tac Airport.  I keep this comb in my gym backpack and occasionally use it to comb my hair after a workout.
  3. Green Comb – I carry this one in the bag I take with me on walks.  This green comb came in handy once at a coffee shop.
  4. Blue Comb – Some people rate the blue comb higher than the green one, but those people are wrong.
  5. Other Red Comb – I thought about going with Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy, but that record gets kind of samey after about twenty minutes.  The other red comb is definitely better.
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That’s the operatic singing I do whenever I look my new cat creamer in its little ceramic face.  I like to think that’s the noise it’s making with its big O-mouth.

Beth and I went to the BonBonerie Cafe for the first time a couple weeks ago.  It’s a charming restaurant affiliated with the BonBonerie, the best bakery in Cincinnati.  We had a tasty lunch and picked up her amazing birthday cake while we were there (which we managed to devour all by ourselves within 24 hours).

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole experience was checking out the cafe’s impressive collection of ceramic cat teapots.  There were probably 30 of them on high shelves throughout the restaurant.  I decided then and there that I wanted my own cat teapot.  A few days later I checked out eBay and found the little cat shown above.  It’s more a creamer than a teapot, but it showed up in the search results anyway and I immediately started singing Ooaoaaaawaahaaaoooahaoahaaahhh! and knew I was going to make a bid.

Here’s the cat creamer in action:


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How to build an Uglydoll mobile for that little Tyler fella…

Do you have too many Uglydoll keychains? Do you also have a new nephew named Tyler who you sort of like?  Do you also oppose the Woodland Animals/Dream Catcher decorative theme his parents decided he was into even before he was born?  In that case, you probably need to make him a mobile out of all those Uglydoll keychains.  Here’s how:
STEP #1: Buy a cloud mobile from Target’s Cloud Island collection.  They’re only available online, but the store makes it difficult to find out that information.  Although the mobile is on display in the store, there isn’t a sign telling you it’s unavailable for purchase in-store and none of the employees can do anything other than stare at their handheld device hemming and hawing for twelve minutes.  Just leave the store and order that cloud mobile from the comfort of your own home.  It’ll show up in a few days.  Consider that an insider tip.
STEP #2: Open up the box and look at all the cute little stuffed clouds.STEP #3: Hang up the cloud mobile from your awning to get a feel for what you’re about to destroy. STEP #4: Remove all the cute little stuffed clouds from the mobile’s frame and stick them in the box in case you ever need some cute little stuffed clouds.STEP #5: Your mobile should now look like a television antenna from the 70s.STEP #6: Go inside and select six Uglydoll keychains.  Be sure to find cute ones in a variety of colors.  Go for the rainbow if possible.STEP #7: Hang up the Uglydoll keychains from the mobile frame.  Then quickly bring everything inside when it starts to rain. STEP #8: Now that you’ve made your Uglydoll mobile, it’s time to remove the keychains and basically start over because you failed to consider the relative weights of the Uglydolls.  Spend 45 minutes trying to get the whole thing balanced.  Also, cut off those stupid WARNING labels.  Warning labels are for babies.  Wah wah.

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All the best quotes can be found on the D-side…

I found this etched on side four of the recently purchased Allen Toussaint Collection double-LP:

Although I probably would’ve preferred five or six additional songs on that side, it was a lot of fun holding the record out on the back deck trying to get the reflection of the clouds and the tree just right.  I had to take about forty shots.  I suspect the guy painting the house next door thought I was a crazy person.

And here’s a picture of that record sitting on my mantel next to the Clientele’s Music For the Age of Miracles.  The Clientele make the best music for autumn–even if your autumn is 84° and humid–and their new one is probably my favorite album of the year.

The Toussaint’s not bad either.

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(* = I also took two pillows.)

A few weeks ago I did a post that officially announced the end of my collection of vintage photographs depicting (girls/women) (on/near) (boats/ships).  I foolishly declared that I was now limiting my collection to photos of seven women on a fallen log.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

But that was before I found a box of old photographs at my parents’ house.  The box was buried beneath a large collection of unused pillows, bed sheets, and comforters.  I took the box home with me to investigate.*

I soon realized that the box must’ve belonged to my maternal grandmother.  She died in the late-90s, and I guess my mom somehow ended up with the box and stuffed it into the closet and forgot about it.  The pictures ranged from the 1920s to the 1990s and included a lot of great shots I’d never seen before.  Top photos included a couple of a heavily tattooed great-grandfather I’d never heard of, a shot of my teen-aged mom wearing curlers and grizzly bear slippers on the front lawn basically copping a feel on her sister’s cutie prom date, and a picture of my dad wearing a mustache and shockingly tiny jean shorts at a local amusement park.  The two main highlights, of course, were these:

Yes, the “woman on a boat” in these photos is my grandmother!  She’s modeling on a lifeboat in the top shot and rowing on a lake in the bottom one.  The first is undated, but the second has “Aug 15, 1943” penciled on the back.  I’m not exactly certain when she was born, but I’d guess she’s 20 or 21 in the rowboat shot.

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I’m just like everybody else!

I’m happy to announce that I have finally given in and gotten my first cell phone.  It’s a Galaxy J3 by Samsung.  I got the gold finish because I felt that best expressed my shining personality and love of bling.I carry my phone around in a zip-loc bag because there are some surprisingly sharp bits that keep falling off.

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