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A Farther-out Look at the Sights of Paris

It occurred to me about a day too late that I should’ve set up my previous post differently.  A click on any of the small close-up photographs should’ve opened a different, more traditional shot of each of the sights instead … Continue reading

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A Close-up Look at the Sights of Paris

(Hover your mouse over the photos to reveal the location names.)

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Sailor Babeaux and his friends enjoy some tasty French treats at the airport!

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(this post is untitled)

Today we visited the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, the largest and most beautiful cemetery in Paris.  When I first visited the city nineteen years ago, I was mostly interested in tracking down the grave of Jim Morrison.  This time around, I … Continue reading

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Paris is a place…

…where black cats really do hang out on the rooftops in silhouette. I thought that was just something the office de tourisme came up with for their advertising posters.

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Everything is delightful…

I should be packing my Jimmy Stewart suitcase, but I’ve been taking pictures of music on the floor instead.  This first one shows my recent 12″ records.  The name of the first band (up at the top left) is so … Continue reading

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SIBR: A Monthly Column (9/14)

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere–ZZ Packer I read Gabrielle Zevin’s The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry a couple months ago.  The best part about the book was that each chapter was named after a famous short story.  I wrote down all the … Continue reading

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Hey, let’s celebrate Homey’s birthday!

Yes, let’s celebrate with a photo similar to the one from my previous post.  There are a few differences, of course.  Lego M—–l is now wearing an arty French beret, has switched from black jeans to blue jeans, and has … Continue reading

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Fodor’s said my clothes weren’t good enough for Paris.

So I was basically forced to buy an entirely new wardrobe to avoid looking like a fool when Beth and I head over there in a couple weeks.  Not only did I buy new boots, pants, and shirts, but I … Continue reading

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Lil Bub wee tea cups vs. Glam Breakfast coffee mug

Sometimes I get the itch to go back and delete all my posts except for this one and this one and then rededicate Outgoing Signals to its true purpose, the documentation and review of cups, mugs, bottles, steins, and other … Continue reading

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