Bah-ba-ba-ba-bah-da-da-da-bah, bah-ba-ba-da-da-ba-ba-ba-bah!

When I look back on my life, I realize that I’ve done some great things.  I sang Cole Porter songs from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  I wrote 50 poems in one night.  I allowed complete strangers to determine the style of my facial hair.  It’s been an enjoyable life so far, but I haven’t done the one thing I’ve wanted to do more than anything.  Reproduce?  Contribute to society?  Win the respect and admiration of my peers?  Nah, I don’t care for that stuff.  What I want to do is this…

I want to compile a list of all the pop songs that feature “ba-ba-ba” in the lyrics, edit them for quality, and then compile the best ones into a collection called The Ba-Ba Box Set.  I think it’s why I’m alive.  I’ve thought about doing The Ba-Ba Box Set for years, but I’ve never taken the time.  I once had a playlist in iTunes consisting of a few ba-ba songs, but I lost it when my computer died last year.  Well, it’s time to rebuild my list.  It’s time to fulfill my destiny.

I’m basically starting from scratch here and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  Do you know any ba-ba songs?  If so, please leave a comment or send me a message with artist and title information.  I promise to thank you in the extensive hand-written liner notes that will accompany the box set.

By the way, I’m particularly interested in finding a mysterious ba-ba song that I heard last year over the sound system at the Southgate House.  It featured the line “all the ghosts”.  The singer had a Tweedy-esque quality to his voice.  I’ll send a crisp $10 bill to anyone who can give me an accurate artist name or song title.

[UPDATE: Homebody figured out the mystery song mentioned above.  It was “I’m Pretty Sure” by Drew Danburry.  Here’s an alphabetized list of what we’ve gathered so far.  The song sources are in parentheses.  Songs marked with an (*) make up The Ba-Ba Box Set, Vol. 1.  Songs with a (**) designation are on Volume 2.  Songs with (***) are on Volume 3.  Songs marked (****) made it onto the final compilation, Volume 4.]

  1. ABBA – Take a Chance on Me (hotrod)
  2. ABC – S.O.S. (silverchimes)
  3. Aberdeen – How Deep Is Your Love?
  4. Aberfeldy – 1970′s
  5. Aberfeldy – Hypnotised*
  6. Aberfeldy – Need You to Know
  7. A Camp – Algebra
  8. Acid House Kings – Autumn Afternoon****
  9. Acid House Kings – Hopefully
  10. Acid House Kings – A Long Term Plan
  11. Acid House Kings – I Write Summer Songs For No Reason
  12. Acid House Kings – …But I Was Wrong
  13. Acid House Kings – Sunday Morning
  14. Acid House Kings – Start Anew
  15. Acid House Kings – Say Yes If You Love Me
  16. Acid House Kings – Summer Days
  17. Acid House Kings – Can You Tell Me It’s Over?
  18. Hasil Adkins – Boo Boo the Cat
  19. Adorable – A to Fade In
  20. Aerospace – Never Felt Like This
  21. Aerospace – Substance Girl
  22. Airport Girl – Power Yr Trip
  23. Airport Girl – The Kids Just Want Cool Sounds
  24. Aislers Set – Hit the Snow (silverchimes)
  25. Lily Allen – Everything’s Just Wonderful (crankypants)
  26. All Girl Summer Fun Band – Trajectory (homebody)
  27. Allo Darlin’ – Kiss Your Lips
  28. Allo Darlin’ – The Polaroid Song (LP version)****
  29. Allo Darlin’ – I Wanna Be Sedated
  30. Aluminum Group – Caroline, No
  31. Aluminum Group – Sad Gay Life (crankypants)
  32. Aluminum Group – Steam (crankypants)
  33. Aluminum Group – John John’s (Jr’s) Plane (crankypants)
  34. Aluminum Group – Jinxed (crankypants)
  35. Aluminum Group – Little Boy
  36. Dave Alvin – I Am Bewildered (crankypants)
  37. American Analog Set – White House (homebody)
  38. American Analog Set – Gone to Earth (homebody)
  39. Amor de Días – Jean’s Waving~
  40. Amor de Días – Day
  41. Amor de Días – Under the Glass
  42. Anais – J’sais pas (crankypants)
  43. Theresa Andersson – Hold on to Me (crankypants)
  44. Paul Anka – Put Your Head on My Shoulder (crankypants)
  45. Annie – Me Plus One
  46. Antena – Unable (homebody)
  47. Antena – Seaside Weekend (homebody)
  48. Antennas – Here We Go (Record Store)
  49. Anthony & the Sophomores – Play Those Oldies, Mr. Dee Jay (homebody)
  50. Anyways – Some Psychedelic Song
  51. Apostle of Hustle – Cheap Like Sebastien (homebody)
  52. Apple Orchard – Don’t Pretend
  53. Apple Orchard – Summer’s Near
  54. Apple Orchard – Summer Memories
  55. Apples in Stereo – Ruby (homebody)
  56. Apples in Stereo – Stay Gold
  57. Apples in Stereo – Baroque
  58. Apples in Stereo – Holiday Mood (silverchimes)
  59. Apples in Stereo – Radiation (silverchimes)
  60. Apples in Stereo – About Your Fame (homebody)
  61. Apples in Stereo – The Silvery Light of a Dream, Part II (homebody)
  62. Apples in Stereo – Vocoder Ba Ba (homebody)****
  63. Apples in Stereo – Look Away (hotrod)
  64. Apples in Stereo – Nobody But You
  65. Archies – Sugar, Sugar (homebody)
  66. Architecture in Helsinki – Frenchy, I’m Faking
  67. Architecture in Helsinki – Heart It Races (Daytrotter version)
  68. Arling & Cameron – Here We Go! (homebody)
  69. Arling & Cameron – Speeding Down the Highway (homebody)
  70. Joseph Arthur – Missy Baba (crankypants)
  71. Association – Time It Is Today
  72. Association – Time For Livin’
  73. Association – Windy
  74. Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Mafia
  75. Astrid – Weird Clouds (homebody)
  76. Autocollants – The Simple Things****
  77. Automatics – Secrets (homebody)
  78. Autour de Lucie – Chanson sans issue
  79. Avett Brothers – SSS (homebody)
  80. Zee Avi – Just You and Me (homeybody)
  81. Azure Ray – Silver Sorrow
  82. Babybird – You’re Gorgeous
  83. Burt Bacharach – South American Getaway (hotrod)
  84. Bachman-Turner Overdrive – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (homebody’s brother)~
  85. Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around the Block (crankypants)
  86. Badly Drawn Boy – Welcome to the Overground
  87. George Baker Selection – Little Green Bag (crankypants)
  88. Band À Part – Una persona normal con gafas de metal (homebody)
  89. Band À Part – Souvenir de L’avenir
  90. Bangles – Return Post
  91. Bangles – I’m in Line
  92. Bangles – Anna Lee (Sweetheart of the Sun)
  93. Bangles – Mesmerized
  94. Devendra Banhardt – unknown song from Nino Rojo?
  95. Eric Barao – Running in Place (mc2)
  96. Barcelona – I Have the Password to Your Shell Account
  97. Brigitte Bardot – L’appareil à sous
  98. Bobby Bare Jr. – I’ll Be Around (Live at KEXP, Vol. 1 version)
  99. Bobby Bare Jr. – The Ending (crankypants)
  100. Bobby Bare Jr. – Sad Smile (crankypants)
  101. Bobby Bare Jr. – Blame Everybody (But Yourself) (crankypants)
  102. Den Baron – Being the Last One to Deliver a Song For a Compilation
  103. Barracudas – Summer Fun
  104. Eef Barzelay – Ballad of Bitter Honey
  105. Lullaby Baxter – Horsey Don’t Snore (homebody)
  106. Beach Boys – Barbara Ann (LBeeeze)
  107. Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  108. Beach Boys – Vegetables (crankypants)
  109. Beach Boys – God Only Knows
  110. Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
  111. Beach Boys – The Little Girl I Once Knew
  112. Beach Boys – Wonderful
  113. Beach Boys – California Feelin’
  114. Beach Boys – Lookin’ at Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
  115. Beach Boys – Heroes & Villains (Smile version)
  116. Beach Boys – Earth – My Vega-tables (Smile version)
  117. Beach Boys – Gee (homebody)
  118. Beach Boys – Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock) (homebody)
  119. Beachwood Sparks – This Is What It Feels Like
  120. Beards – All About You**
  121. Beards – (I Am Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
  122. Beat Happening – Drive Car Girl
  123. Beatles – You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
  124. Beautiful South – You Keep It All In
  125. Beck – Timebomb
  126. Beck – Beautiful Way
  127. Bix Beiderbecke – There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth the Salt of My Tears (homebody)
  128. Bix Beiderbecke – Mississippi Mud (homebody)
  129. Bella Vista – I’ve Only Ever Dreamt of You
  130. Bella Vista – Was the Last
  131. Bella Vista – I’d Rather Be Here
  132. Belle & Sebastian – Mr. Richard
  133. Belle & Sebastian – Your Secrets
  134. Belle & Sebastian – Family Tree
  135. Belle & Sebastian – Love on the March
  136. Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office, Baby
  137. Belle & Sebastian – Waiting For the Moon to Rise
  138. Belle & Sebastian – If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
  139. Belle & Sebastian – Legal Man*
  140. Belle & Sebastian – We Are the Sleepyheads
  141. Belle & Sebastian – I Took a Long Hard Look
  142. Belmondo – Lake Front
  143. Jay Bennett – God’s Coffee
  144. David Berkeley – Parachute (crankypants)
  145. Dan Bern – Ostrich Town
  146. Pam Berry – Wonder People (homebody)
  147. Beta Band – Quiet
  148. Betty & the Werewolves – Purple Eyes
  149. Beulah – Maroon Bible
  150. Beulah – A Good Man Is Easy to Kill**
  151. Beulah – What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades
  152. Beulah – Gravity’s Bringing Us Down
  153. Beulah – Weight of My Tears
  154. Beulah – The Battle Cry of the West
  155. Bewitched Hands – Sea (crankypants)
  156. B-52s – Butterbean (silverchimes)
  157. Bicycles – Sweet Petite (silverchimes)
  158. Biff Bang Pow! – The Death of England
  159. Biff Bang Pow! – There Must Be a Better Life
  160. Bigger Lovers – Summer (Of Our First Hello)
  161. Bigger Lovers – Make Your Day
  162. Big Star – Turn My Back on the Sun
  163. Bikeride – Here Comes the Summer
  164. Bikeride – Country Driving
  165. Bikeride – Jennifer (homebody)*
  166. Billie the Vision & the Dancers – I’m a Cuckoo
  167. Andrew Bird – Fiery Crash (homebody)
  168. Andrew Bird – Measuring Cups (michellemybelle)
  169. Andrew Bird – Nomenclature (crankypants)
  170. Andrew Bird – Natural Disaster (crankypants)
  171. Andrew Bird – Near Death Experience Experience (homebody)
  172. Bird & the Bee – I Hate Camera
  173. Bird & the Bee – So You Say
  174. Birdie – Folk Singer (crankypants)
  175. Birdie – Let Her Go (crankypants)
  176. Birdie – Message to the Sun (homebody)
  177. Black Dub – Sing (crankypants)
  178. Black Kids – I’m Making Eyes at You (crankypants)
  179. Black Tape For a Blue Girl – Sailor Boy
  180. Blitzen Trapper – Saturday Nite
  181. Blow Pops – Without a Reason
  182. Blow Pops – My Carrie
  183. Blow Pops – Storybook***
  184. Bluebells – Happy Birthday (Turn Gold)
  185. Bluebells – Red Guitars (silverchimes)****
  186. Bluebells – Better Days
  187. Blueboy – Boys Don’t Matter
  188. Blueboy – Marco Polo
  189. Blueboy – Amoroso (silverchimes)
  190. Blueboy – Finistere (silverchimes)
  191. Bluetones – The King of Outer Space (silverchimes)
  192. Bluetones – Are You Blue or Are You Blind?
  193. Bluetrain – Parade
  194. Colin Blunstone (as Neil MacArthur) – Hung Upside Down
  195. BMX Bandits – Thinking About You Baby
  196. BMX Bandits – The Sailor’s Song
  197. BMX Bandits – Rays of Golden
  198. BMX Bandits – 4 Minutes 22
  199. BMX Bandits – Something About Us
  200. BMX Bandits – Space Girl
  201. BMX Bandits – Scar
  202. BMX Bandits – Little Pony
  203. Bodines – What You Want
  204. Curt Boettcher – That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be (crankypants)
  205. Pierre Bondu & Julie B. Bonnie – Raisonnable
  206. Boo Radleys – Lazarus
  207. Butterfly Boucher – Never Let It Go (crankypants)
  208. Butterfly Boucher – Life Is Short (crankypants)
  209. Clare Bowditch – Running (crankypants)
  210. David Bowie – The Gospel According to Tony Day
  211. Bow Wow Wow – Do You Wanna Hold Me? (crankypants)
  212. Boy Least Likely To – Fur Soft As Fur
  213. Brainiac – Brat Girl~
  214. Bravery – Time Won’t Let Me Go (silverchimes)
  215. Bravery – Angelina (silverchimes)
  216. Breeders – Fortunately Gone*
  217. Brian Jonestown Massacre – Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth
  218. Edie Brickell – Take a Walk (WFUV version)
  219. Brideshead – Love Makes the Sun Shine Bright (crankypants)
  220. Bridge – Room
  221. Bridge – The Hurting Kind
  222. Bright Eyes – Make a Plan to Love Me (crankypants)
  223. Brighter – Inside Out
  224. Brighter – Poppy Day
  225. Brighter – Looks Like Rain
  226. Brigitte – Battez-Vouz (homebody)
  227. Paul Brill – The Royal Oui (silverchimes)
  228. Brilliant Corners – I Never Said That
  229. Brilliant Corners – Boy and the Cloud
  230. Brilliant Corners – Delilah Sands****
  231. Brilliant Corners – Shangri-la (silverchimes)
  232. Brilliant Corners – Please Please Please
  233. Brilliant Corners – Trust Me
  234. Brilliant Corners – Julie (live)
  235. Brilliant Corners – I’ll Never Be the One to Break Your Heart (live)
  236. Broken Social Scene – Swimmers
  237. Matt Bruno – Merry Christmas
  238. Peter Bruntnell Combination – 25 Reasons
  239. Bubblegum Lemonade – Tired of Sleeping (homebody)
  240. Bubblegum Lemonade – You’re Still Beautiful (When You’re Sad)
  241. Lindsey Buckingham – Countdown (silverchimes)
  242. La Buena Vida – Tardes de Cafe
  243. Buffalo Springfield – Rock and Roll Woman
  244. Buffalo Tom – White Paint Morning
  245. Buffalo Tom – Register Side
  246. Bulldozer Crash – Too Much
  247. Bulldozer Crash – When You Sleep
  248. Bulldozer Crash – Unspoken
  249. Bunnygrunt – Here Come the Vampires (silverchimes)
  250. Bunnygrunt – 1,000% Not Creepy (silverchimes)
  251. Bunnygrunt – Good Tiger, Bad Tiger
  252. Bunnygrunt – Cry
  253. Burnt Ones – Famous Shakes (crankypants)
  254. Butcher Boy – Carve a Pattern (crankypants)
  255. Les Butcherettes – Poet From Nowhere (crankypants)
  256. Donald Byrd – Chant
  257. Byrds – Lady Friend
  258. Cadillacs – Speedoo
  259. Cali – C’est toujours le matin (crankypants)
  260. California Oranges – Never Do That Again
  261. Camera Obscura – Park and Ride
  262. Camera Obscura – Sugar Town/Blue Moon (Peel session)
  263. Isobel Campbell – Johnny Come Home
  264. Capes – First Base
  265. Cardigans – Our Space
  266. Cardigans – Iron Man
  267. Cardigans – Mr. Crowley
  268. Carousel – Yesterday Boy
  269. Carousel – G.U.N.
  270. Carrots – Beverly
  271. Carrots – Gloria
  272. Carrots – You Can’t Promise (Boys)
  273. Carrots – Roping Me In
  274. Carrots – Baby’s Unborn
  275. Cars Can Be Blue – D in the P (crankypants)
  276. Carter USM – The Music That Nobody Likes (crankypants)
  277. Neko Case – Bowling Green (homebody)
  278. Casino Ashtrays – I Don’t Believe in Stars Anymore
  279. Casino Ashtrays – Dress Code
  280. Casino Ashtrays – Gilded
  281. Cast – Sandstorm (crankypants)
  282. Castaway Stones – Lost and Found
  283. Castaway Stones – Pinball, 1973
  284. Castaway Stones – Autumn
  285. Castaway Stones – Autumn II
  286. Castaway Stones – Daydream of You at Night
  287. Jimmy Castor Bunch – The Bertha Butt Boogie (homebody’s brother)
  288. Cat Empire – Protons Neutrons Electrons (crankypants)
  289. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Slowly Goes the Night (crankypants)
  290. Céleste – Holiday on Ice
  291. Céleste – Sunny Side of the Moon
  292. Chamber Strings – Telegram
  293. Chamber Strings – Everyday Is Christmas
  294. Chameleons UK – Mad Jack (crankypants)
  295. Chameleons UK – Childhood (crankypants)
  296. Chameleons UK – Caution (crankypants)
  297. Channels – The Closer You Are
  298. Chappaquiddick Skyline – Courage Up
  299. Charade – What’s a Normal Person?
  300. Charade – The Perfect Shade of Grey
  301. Charade – 140 bpm Misery Love Song
  302. Charade – Night Time Confession
  303. Charade – The Sun Is Going to Shine on You…and Me
  304. Charade – My Song to You
  305. Charade – A Tough Decision
  306. Charade – September
  307. Charade – Rain on Your Parade
  308. Charade – Faith
  309. Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell – My Baby Cares For Me (homebody)
  310. Chubby Checker – Surf Party (homebody)
  311. Don Cherry – Band of Gold (homebody)
  312. Cherry Twister – Black Summer
  313. Cherry Twister – Fond***
  314. Vic Chesnutt – White Christmas~
  315. Vic Chesnutt – Tunnel (demo)
  316. Chesterfields – Ask Johnny Dee (silverchimes)
  317. Choir Practice – Loose Lips
  318. Christmas – War Hog (crankypants)
  319. Chrysanthemums – Care of Cell 44**
  320. Cinerama – Tie Me Up
  321. Cinerama – 10 Denier
  322. Cinerama – Your Time Starts Now
  323. Cinerama – Kerry Kerry (homebody)
  324. Citizen Cope – Nite Becomes Day (crankypants)
  325. Clean – Loog (silverchimes)
  326. Cleaners From Venus – Julie Profumo
  327. Cleaners From Venus – The Beat Generation and Me
  328. Clem Snide – Tuesday, Oct. 24th (Daytrotter version)
  329. Clem Snide – With Nothing Much to Show of It
  330. Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings – The Day I Found You***
  331. Clientele – I Wonder Who We Are
  332. Clientele – George Says He Has Lost His Way in This World (homebody)
  333. Close Lobsters – Nothing Really Matters
  334. Cloud Cult – Everybody Here Is a Cloud (crankypants)
  335. Clouds – Get Out of My Dream
  336. Cocteau Twins – Multifoiled
  337. Cola Jet Set – Tonto Corazón (homebody)
  338. Cola Jet Set – The Man Who Lives Upstairs
  339. Lloyd Cole & the Commotions – Jennifer She Said**
  340. Jason Collett – All I’ve Ever Known
  341. Jason Collett – Diggin’ in the Carpet
  342. Jason Collett – Bitch City (Daytrotter version)
  343. Color Filter – New Words (homebody)
  344. Comet Gain – Just One More Summer Before I Go (crankypants)
  345. Comet Gain – Labour (crankypants)
  346. Company of Cowards – Cool to Be Miniscule
  347. Condo Fucks – With a Girl Like You (homebody)
  348. Condo Fucks – The Kid With the Replaceable Head (homebody)
  349. Sam Cooke – Love You Most of All (homebody)
  350. Cool Blue Halo – Spark-o-Matik***
  351. Julian Cope – The Greatness & Perfection of Love**
  352. Cornelius – Fantasma (homebody)
  353. Cornelius – Another View Point (homebody)
  354. Cornelius – Drop (homebody)
  355. Cornelius – Micro Disneycal World Tour (homebody)
  356. Cornelius – Thank You For the Music (homebody)
  357. Cornshed Sisters – Good Vibrations
  358. Cosmic Rough Riders – Ungrateful
  359. Cosmic Rough Riders – I Call Her Name
  360. Elvis Costello – Let Them All Talk (demo)
  361. Elvis Costello – Button My Lip~
  362. Elvis Costello – Almost Ideal Eyes
  363. Elvis Costello – The Bridge I Burned
  364. Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi (Vanessa Carlton version)
  365. Carlo Coupe – Bikini (Mexican Institute of Sound remix) (crankypants)
  366. Cousteau – She Don’t Hear Your Prayer****
  367. Crabs – 1863**
  368. Cream – Sweet Wine (live)
  369. Crickets – It’s Too Late (crankypants)
  370. Crocodiles – Crocodile Radio (demo)
  371. Crooner – The World Was a Trap
  372. Crooner – Alberto Caeiro (crankypants)
  373. Crooner – Love Makes the Sun Shine Bright
  374. Crooner – Over the Rainbow
  375. Crooner – Rainflow (Rainbow mix)
  376. Christopher Cross – Ride Like the Wind (CarrieNation)
  377. Mark Crozer and the Rels – Put Those 80′s Records On (mc2)
  378. Crystals – All Grown Up (homebody)
  379. Cub – Green Eyes
  380. Cure – The Lovecats****
  381. Cut Chemist  – The Garden (homebody)
  382. Drew Danburry – I’m Pretty Sure This Is Someone Else’s Song… (homebody)!!!****
  383. Drew Danburry – I Didn’t Mean to Write This on Memorial Day…
  384. Drew Danburry – L’école
  385. Dandy Warhols – Little Drummer Boy (silverchimes)
  386. Britt Daniel – Used To (WNYU session)
  387. Danny and the Juniors – At the Hop (crankypants)
  388. Vanessa Daou – Life on a Distant Star (silverchimes)
  389. Vanessa Daou – How Far (silverchimes)
  390. Bart Davenport – Jon Jon (silverchimes)
  391. Ray Davies – Yours Truly Confused N10
  392. Blossom Dearie – Liz and Ralph and Calvin
  393. Death Cab for Cutie – The Sound of Settling (silverchimes)
  394. Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body (crankypants)
  395. Debout Sur Le Zinc – Au Comptoir (crankypants)
  396. Decemberists – Summersong
  397. Decemberists – Billy Liar
  398. Deerhoof – Dummy Discards a Heart (crankypants)
  399. Deirdres – Claire, Are We Safe to Be on Our Own? (crankypants)
  400. Desmond Dekker – Fu Manchu (crankypants)
  401. Albin de la Simone & Vanessa Paradis – Adrienne
  402. Delmontes – Thursday (silverchimes)
  403. Delta Spirit – People C’mon (crankypants)
  404. Der Englische Garten – Philoma Bar
  405. Lhasa de Sela – J’arrive à la ville (crankypants)
  406. Jackie DeShannon – The Prince (homebody)
  407. Alexandre Desplat – No Safe-House
  408. Destroyer – Makin’ Angels (homebody)
  409. Destroyer – Modern Painters (homebody)
  410. Destroyer – Trembling Peacock (homebody)
  411. Deus – Little Arithmetics
  412. Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie (Amy Jeynes)
  413. Diamonds – Silhouettes (crankypants)
  414. Cucu Diamantes & Tucanes de Tijuana – Mi Burrito (Mexican Institute of Sound remix) (crankypants)
  415. Died Pretty – Just Forever (crankypants)
  416. Die FÅnf Freunde – Kînnen Sie mir helfen
  417. Diesel Park West – Hung Upside Down
  418. Digger$ – Up Against It
  419. Kenny Dino – Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night
  420. Dipstick & Eggnog – 1st String Teenage High
  421. Divine Comedy – National Express
  422. Divine Comedy – Gin Soaked Boy
  423. Divine Comedy – Everybody Knows (Except You)
  424. Divine Comedy – My Imaginary Friend
  425. Divine Comedy – Bernice Bobs Her Hair
  426. Ned Doheny – I Know Sorrow
  427. Dolly Mixture – Welcome to the Perfect Day
  428. Dolly Mixture – Step Close Now
  429. Dolly Mixture – Rainbow Valley
  430. Dolly Mixture – Our Tune
  431. Fats Domino – It’s You I Love
  432. Tanya Donelly & Dylan in the Movies – The Lovecats
  433. Julien Doré – Baie des Anges (crankypants)
  434. Doves – Melody Calls
  435. Dr. Dog – 100 Years (crankypants)
  436. Dramarama – Raw Ramp
  437. Dream Academy – Hampstead Girl
  438. Dream Academy – It’ll Never Happen Again
  439. Dream Syndicate – Until Lately**
  440. Dressy Bessy – Carry-On (homebody)
  441. Stephen Duffy – Kiss Me (1985)
  442. Stephen Duffy – Sugar High
  443. Stephen Duffy – 17
  444. Stephen Duffy – Rachel
  445. Stephen Duffy – She Belongs to All
  446. Stephen Duffy – I Love You (The New Diversion)
  447. Dukes of Stratosphear – Pale and Precious
  448. Duran Duran – Planet Earth (crankypants)
  449. Baxter Dury – When I’m Sixty-Four
  450. Dusty Trails – Dusty Happy End (crankypants)
  451. Dutchess & the Duke – Ship Made of Stone
  452. Thomas Dutronc – Nasdaq (crankypants)
  453. Shelley Duvall – He Needs Me
  454. Dynamite – Tant Pis Tant Mieux
  455. Eagles – How Long~
  456. Earls – Remember Then
  457. Earth, Wind & Fire – Saturday Nite (crankypants)
  458. Dave Edmunds – Stay With Me Tonight
  459. Ednaswap – Torn (KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic version)
  460. Edsels – Rama Lama Ding Dong
  461. Eggstone – Brass (crankypants)
  462. El Dorados – I’ll Be Forever Loving You (homebody)
  463. Electric Tickle Machine – Part of Me (silverchimes)
  464. Elizaveta – Dreamer (crankypants)
  465. Elizaveta – Odi et Amo (crankypants)
  466. Elizabeth & the Catapult – Race You (silverchimes)
  467. Elmerhassel – Big Yellow Taxi
  468. Embarrassment – Godfrey Harold Hardy
  469. English Beat – She’s Going (homebody)
  470. English Beat – Save It For Later (homebody)
  471. Equals – M—–l and the Slipper Tree (crankypants)
  472. Erasure – Take a Chance on Me
  473. Esquivel – Frosty the Snowman (homebody)
  474. Essex Green – Uniform
  475. Essex Green – March to the Green
  476. Eternity’s Children – Mrs. Bluebird (crankypants)
  477. Eux Autres – Under Rays (homebody)
  478. Eux Autres – Down Your Street (homebody)
  479. Everly Brothers – Bowling Green
  480. Everything But the Girl – When All’s Well (homebody)
  481. Evripidis & His Tragedies – Time Enough For Rocking When We’re Old
  482. Exhibit B – The Ballad of Ron Grainer (Shalalalala)
  483. Experimental Aircraft – With a Gun (crankypants)
  484. Explorers Club – Last Kiss
  485. Fairways – Secretive Girl
  486. Fairways – K-L-M Line
  487. Fairways – Darling, Don’t You Think?
  488. Fairways – Phthalo Blue
  489. Jason Falkner – Revelation
  490. Jason Falkner – Wicked Annabella
  491. Jason Falkner – Both Sides Now
  492. Jason Falkner – Stephanie Tells Me
  493. Jason Falkner – This Life of Mine
  494. Fancey – ‘Til the Morning Comes
  495. Fantastic Something – A Girl From Nasa
  496. Farmer’s Boys – In the Country (Shalalalala)
  497. Fastbacks – Midnight Confessions (homebody)
  498. Fat Tulips – Angels Amongst Us
  499. Fat Tulips – Mr. So Incredible
  500. Fat Tulips – Nostalgia
  501. Fat Tulips – So Surreal
  502. Fat Tulips – On Virgin Isles
  503. Feist – One Evening (homebody)
  504. Feist – Secret Heart
  505. Felt – Dark Red Birds
  506. Ferrymen – He Sees the Flowers (live)
  507. Feverfew – She’s Leaving
  508. Feverfew – Politics Down the Esophagus
  509. Field Mice – Right as Rain
  510. Fifth Dimension – The Pattern People (Shalalalala)
  511. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong – And Then You Smiled
  512. Firefox AK – City to City
  513. Firefox AK – Wonder Boy
  514. Fireworks – Couldn’t Get to Sleep
  515. Fishboy – Rumble With the Gang Debs
  516. Morgan Fisher – Un homme et une femme
  517. Ella Fitzgerald – Frosty the Snowman (homebody)
  518. Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids – At the Hop
  519. Flatmates – I Could Be in Heaven (silverchimes)**
  520. Flatmates – Bad (silverchimes)
  521. Flatmates – Heaven Is Blue (silverchimes)
  522. Flat Stanley – Love Goes On
  523. Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News (hotrod)
  524. Flight of the Conchords – Foux Du Fafa
  525. Florapop – Sixteen Blue
  526. Florentines – Lose That Long Face
  527. Flowchart – Laser Printer Workshop
  528. Flowchart – Hero Wine
  529. Mike Flowers – Mr. Wonderful (crankypants)
  530. Flying Pickets – Only You (crankypants)
  531. Ben Folds – Landed (crankypants)
  532. Ben Folds Five – Steven’s Last Night in Town
  533. Ben Folds Five – Missing the War
  534. Ben Folds Five – Sports & Wine
  535. Ben Folds Five – Your Redneck Past
  536. Ben Folds Five – Fair
  537. Robert Forster – Pandanus (homebody)
  538. Sutton Foster – Air Conditioner
  539. Foundations – Build Me Up, Buttercup
  540. Four Tops – Got to Get You Into My Life
  541. Foxygen – Shuggie
  542. Foxymorons – Out of Control (silverchimes)
  543. Frank and Walters – After All (crankypants)
  544. Franklin For Short – Brother Bird
  545. Fratellis – Flathead
  546. Freddie & the Dreamers – I Understand (crankypants)
  547. Freddie Steady Five – Rock and Roll Woman
  548. Free Design – Michelle
  549. Free Design – Umbrellas (crankypants)
  550. Free Design – My Brother Woody (crankypants)
  551. Free Design – Bubbles (crankypants)
  552. Free Design – The Proper Ornaments (crankypants)
  553. Free Loan Investments – If You Leave (crankypants)
  554. Free Loan Investments – Puppy Love (homebody)
  555. Fresh & Onlys – Summer of Love (crankypants)
  556. Friends – The First Day of Spring
  557. Friends Again – Sunkissed
  558. Lily Frost – All I Ever Wanted to Be (crankypants)
  559. Lily Frost – Pantomime (homebody)
  560. Lily Frost – Insatiable (homebody)
  561. Fruit Bats – Dragon Ships
  562. Future Bible Heroes – But You’re So Beautiful
  563. Serge Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest (crankypants)
  564. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Mom)
  565. Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  566. Sara Gazarek – So This Is Love
  567. Gene – Town Called Malice
  568. Gentle Waves – Pretty Things
  569. Ben Gibbard – Recycled Air (Live at KEXP, Vol. 1 version)
  570. Gigolo Aunts – Simple Thing
  571. Gigolo Aunts – Marble Statue
  572. Astrud Gilberto – Fly Me to the Moon (homebody)
  573. Astrud Gilberto – Meditation (homebody)
  574. Astrud Gilberto – Trains & Boats & Planes (homebody)
  575. Astrud Gilberto – On My Mind (homebody)
  576. Astrud Gilberto – Bossa na Praia (Beach Samba) (homebody)
  577. Astrud Gilberto – She’s a Carioca (homebody)
  578. Astrud Gilberto – Não Bate e Coroção (homebody)
  579. Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley – Portuguese Washer Woman (homebody)
  580. Bebel Gilberto – August Day Song (KCRW version)
  581. João Gilberto - Doralice (homebody)
  582. João Gilberto - Meditação (homebody)
  583. Gino and Gina – Pretty Baby
  584. Girl in a Coma – Smart (homebody)
  585. Girls – Lust For Life
  586. Girls – Laura
  587. Glass Pear – Streets of Love (crankypants)
  588. Glen Glenn – Don’t You Love Me (crankypants)
  589. Gnarls Barkley – Surprise
  590. Go-Betweens – Lee Remick***
  591. Go-Betweens – Heart and Home (homebody)**
  592. Go-Betweens – Love Goes On!
  593. Go-Betweens – Doo Wop in ‘A’ (Bam Boom)
  594. Go-Betweens – This Night’s For You (homebody)
  595. Go-Betweens – The Devil’s Eye (homebody)
  596. Go-Betweens – I Just Got Caught Out (homebody)
  597. Go-Betweens – Too Much of One Thing (homebody)
  598. Go-Betweens – He Lives My Life (homebody)
  599. Go-Betweens – Locust Girls
  600. Golden Smog – Can’t Even Tie Your Own Shoes
  601. Gol Gappas – Albert Parker
  602. Eddy (la) Gooyatsh – Le bosquet (homebody)
  603. Lesley Gore – Brink of Disaster (homebody)
  604. Lesley Gore – Magic Colors
  605. Lesley Gore – It’s a Happening World
  606. Gore Gore Girls – All Grown Up (silverchimes)
  607. Gore Gore Girls – Your Last Chance (homebody)
  608. Go! Service – Real Life
  609. Gramercy Arms – Looking at the Sun
  610. Grand Archives – Louis Riel
  611. Grand Archives – The Crime Window (homebody)****
  612. Grand Archives – Silver Among the Gold
  613. Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore – Way Back Into Love (Music & Lyrics demo version)
  614. Grays – Both Sides Now
  615. Grays – He’s Frank
  616. Greenberry Woods – Go Without You (homebody)
  617. Greenberry Woods – #37 (Feels So Strange) (homebody)
  618. Greenfield & Cook – Mr. Music Man
  619. Green Peppers – American Tan
  620. Green Peppers – I Will Always Be the Same
  621. Dave Gregory – Happy Freuds
  622. Grenadine – Decca
  623. Grinderman – Honey Bee (Let’s Fly to Mars) (crankypants)
  624. Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able (homebody)
  625. Groove Farm – It Always Rains on Sunday****
  626. Groove Farm – The Big Black Plastic Explosion***
  627. Groove Farm – Heaven Is Blue
  628. Groove Farm – Couldn’t Get to Sleep
  629. Groove Farm – Crazy Day Sunshine Girl
  630. Groove Farm – Turning Me Upside Down
  631. Groove Farm – In the Summertime
  632. Groove Farm – The Best Part of Being With You (crankypants)
  633. Groove Farm – Watching the World Go By (demo)
  634. Guatafan – Cucurucho (homebody)
  635. Ely Guerra – Vete (crankypants)
  636. Guggenheim Grotto – Just Not Just (crankypants)
  637. Kamal Haasan – Ninaivo oru paravai (Vishy)
  638. Petra Haden – Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand
  639. Petra Haden – Rael
  640. Petra Haden – Heinz Baked Beans
  641. Haircut 100 – Calling Captain Autumn
  642. Haircuts – 5 mph
  643. Hairs – Certified
  644. Hal – My Eyes Are Sore
  645. Hal – Fools By Your Side
  646. Half-Handed Cloud – You’ve Been Faithful to Us Clouds (crankypants)
  647. Neil Halstead – You Are the Glue (Daytrotter version)
  648. Darren Hanlon – Lee Remick (Write Your Adventures Down live version)
  649. Happy Couple – Another Sunny Day (silverchimes)
  650. Happy Couple – Boyfriend of the Week
  651. Happy Couple – All the Time
  652. Happydeadmen – A Lovesong
  653. John Wesley Harding – Humble Bee (homebody)
  654. Har Mar Superstar – Never My Love (silverchimes)
  655. Harmony Grass – Summer Dreaming
  656. Harrison – Simply This
  657. Mick Harvey – Lemon Incest (crankypants)
  658. Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta (homebody)
  659. Harvey Danger – Little Round Mirrors (homebody)
  660. Harvey Danger – The Show Must Not Go On (homebody)
  661. Have Gun, Will Travel – Blessing and a Curse (crankypants)
  662. Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (crankypants)
  663. Haywains – Fisherman’s Friend
  664. Haywains – Billy Corkhill’s Better Side
  665. Haywains – Last Pancake
  666. Haywains – In the Summertime (live)
  667. Head & the Heart – Dreams
  668. Head & the Heart – Ghosts
  669. Headlights – Get Your Head Around It (homebody)
  670. Heartbeats – Bad Day (demo)
  671. Heavenly – Wish Me Gone
  672. Heavenly – Escort Crash on Marston Street**
  673. Heavy Blinkers – Crowned Miss Fire Prevention***
  674. Heavy Blinkers – Happy Birthday Baby
  675. Heavy Blinkers – Unseasonably Sad
  676. Heavy Blinkers – Something Clean and True
  677. Heavy Blinkers – Canary-Five
  678. Hell on Wheels – Dog on Wheels
  679. Richard Hell and the Voidoids – The Kid With the Replaceable Head (crankypants)
  680. Hello Seahorse! – Multicolor (crankypants)
  681. Hello Seahorse! – 4 (crankypants)
  682. Mark Helm – Strange Magic
  683. Finis Henderson – Vina del Mar (globalplayer)
  684. Henry’s Dress – Self-Starter (crankypants)
  685. Herd – I Don’t Want Our Loving to Die
  686. High Llamas – Cookie Bay (crankypants)
  687. Robyn Hitchcock – Saturday Groovers (homebody)*
  688. Robyn Hitchcock – The Philosophers’ Stone
  689. Robyn Hitchcock – Mamie Dunn/Good Times Rock ‘N’ Roll
  690. Robyn Hitchcock – No, I Don’t Remember Guildford
  691. Robyn Hitchcock – Lightplug
  692. Robyn Hitchcock – The Wreck of the Arthur Lee
  693. Robyn Hitchcock – Everybody Needs Love (silverchimes)
  694. Robyn Hitchcock – The Wreck of the Arthur Lee (live at the Triple Door)
  695. Robyn Hitchcock – Strawberries Dress
  696. Hit Parade – The Sun in My Eyes
  697. Patience Hodgson – Lee Remick
  698. Susanna Hoffs – Beekeeper’s Blues (homebody)
  699. Susanna Hoffs – Happy Place (homebody)
  700. Susanna Hoffs – Petite Chanson
  701. Susanna Hoffs – Raining (Ragtag version)
  702. Susanna Hoffs – One Day (Ragtag version)
  703. Kelly Hogan – We Can’t Have Nice Things
  704. Kelly Hogan – Whenever You’re Out of My Sight
  705. Kelly Hogan – Sleeper Awake
  706. Holiday Flyer – It Shouldn’t Hurt So Bad
  707. M—–l Holliday – Starry Eyed (crankypants)
  708. Hollies – Dear Eloise
  709. Buddy Holly – Think It Over
  710. Honey Ltd. – The Warrior (homebody)
  711. Honey Ltd. – No, You Are (homebody)
  712. Honey Ltd. – I’ve Got Your Man (homebody)
  713. Honorary Title – Along the Way (homebody)
  714. Hooded Fang – Vacation Nation (homebody)
  715. Hootie & the Blowfish – I Can’t Find the Time to Tell You
  716. Hootie & the Blowfish – Sorry’s Not Enough
  717. Housemartins – Build
  718. Housemartins – We’re Not Deep
  719. House of Love – Christine (silverchimes)
  720. House of Love – Crush Me (silverchimes)
  721. Stéphane Huguenin & Yves Sanna – Kiss Me My Darling (homebody)
  722. Hushpad – Saturday (silverchimes)
  723. Brian Hyland – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (crankypants)
  724. Icicles – Snappy (silverchimes)
  725. Icicles – Fall Day
  726. Icona Pop – Manners (homebody)
  727. Ida – The Love Below (silverchimes)
  728. Idle Race – Pie in the Sky
  729. I Hate You Just Kidding – Home (homebody)
  730. Iji – Josie
  731. Illinois – Alone Again (crankypants)
  732. Illinois – She Don’t Look Like You (crankypants)
  733. I Love Math – These Paper Walls
  734. I’m From Barcelona – Collection of Stamps (homebody)
  735. Imperial Teen – Our Time (silverchimes)
  736. Imperial Teen – Out From Inside
  737. Incredible Blondes – Where Do I Stand?
  738. Iron & Wine – Arms of a Thief (homebody)
  739. Iron & Wine – The Desert Babbler (homebody)
  740. Iron & Wine – Sundown (Back in the Briars) (homebody)
  741. It Hugs Back – Now + Again
  742. It’s Jo & Danny – Driven Away
  743. It’s Jo & Danny – Just Hit a Nerve (demo)
  744. Ivy – Ba Ba Ba (homebody)
  745. Ivy – Worry About You (silverchimes)
  746. Ivy – While We’re in Love (silverchimes)
  747. Ivy – This Is the Day
  748. Jack & the Beanstalk – I Want to Be Like Ray Davies
  749. Jacket – Free Falling (crankypants)
  750. Jackson – … (canción especial para Supermarket comp)
  751. Jill Jackson – I’ll Love You For a While (homebody)
  752. Joe Jackson – Is She Really Going Out With Him? (Live 1980-1986 version)
  753. Jaguars – Beat Train
  754. Jale – Promise (Radio 1 FM Evening Session version)
  755. Jam – Running on the Spot (homebody)
  756. Jam – Town Called Malice (homebody)
  757. Jam – Walking in Heaven’s Sunshine (demo)
  758. Georgie James – The Grizzly Jive
  759. Tommy James & the Shondells – Crimson and Clover (silverchimes)
  760. Jamies – Summertime, Summertime
  761. Jan & Arnie – Jennie Lee
  762. Jan & Dean – Yellow Balloon
  763. Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
  764. Januaries – Love Has Flown (silverchimes)
  765. Januaries – The Girl’s Insane (silverchimes)
  766. Duane Jarvis – Cupid Must Be Angry
  767. Jayhawks – Somewhere in Ohio
  768. Jayhawks – Desperate Serenade
  769. Jayhawks – You and I/I Just Can’t Find You
  770. Jellyfish – The King Is Half Undressed
  771. Jellyfish – He’s My Best Friend
  772. Jellyfish – The Ghost at Number One
  773. Jellyfish – I Wanna Stay Home
  774. Jem – They
  775. Jenny & Johnny – Scissor Runner (hotrod)
  776. Jenny & Johnny – While Men Are Dreaming (hotrod)
  777. Jessica Fletchers – I Got News (silverchimes)**
  778. Jesus and Mary Chain – Cut Dead (acoustic) (homebody)
  779. Jetset – Do You Wanna Be in the Show?
  780. Jetset – The Man Who Lives Upstairs
  781. Jetset – Bad!
  782. Jetset – What a Way to Go
  783. Jetset – The Story of the World
  784. Jetset – R.S.V.P.
  785. Jetset – Introduction
  786. Jetset – Hard to Say Goodbye
  787. Joan Jett – Crimson and Clover (silverchimes)
  788. Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul
  789. Jilted John – Goodbye, Karen
  790. Elton John – Bennie and the Jets~
  791. Johnny Dee – Motorbike Loves You (homebody)
  792. Tom Jones – Puppet Man
  793. JTG Explosion – Sunshine
  794. Julie Ocean – Bright Idea (homebody)
  795. Jumprope – Grandpa’s Lament
  796. June & the Exit Wounds – Highway Noise
  797. June & the Exit Wounds – Let’s Shack Up Together
  798. June Brides – In the Rain (silverchimes)***
  799. June Brides – A January Moon
  800. June Brides – Cloud
  801. Damien Jurado – Space Age Mom
  802. Jurassic 5 – The Influence
  803. Kentucky Headhunters – Rock ‘n’ Roll Angel
  804. Keren Ann – Greatest You Can Find
  805. Keren Ann – Lay Your Head Down (silverchimes)
  806. David Kilgour – Today Is Gonna Be Mine
  807. Kincaid – Super Hawaii
  808. Kincaid – Keskesay
  809. Kincaid – Bells Will Ring
  810. Kincaid – How Long Has It Been
  811. Kincaid – Untitled Super Hawaii Bonus Track #1
  812. Kincaid – Atl Atl
  813. Kincaid – Storm King
  814. Carole King – Pleasant Valley Sunday (homebody)
  815. King Crimson – Easy Money (Heathenjay)
  816. King Khan & the Shrines – Thorn in My Pride (cp/leviathon)
  817. King of Luxembourg – Lee Remick
  818. Kingsbury Manx – 900 Years
  819. Kingsbury Manx – Oh No.
  820. Kingsbury Manx – Grape to Grain**
  821. Kinks – Afternoon Tea
  822. Kinks – Johnny Thunder
  823. Kinks – Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
  824. Kinks – Starstruck (crankypants)
  825. Kinks – Plastic Man (crankypants)
  826. Kinks – Autumn Almanac (crankypants)
  827. Kinks – Come Dancing (To the Bone live version)
  828. Kinky – María José (crankypants)
  829. Kinky – Sambita (crankypants)
  830. Klark Kent – My Old School (crankypants)
  831. Knack – The Man on the Beach
  832. Buddy Knox – Kokomo Island (crankypants)
  833. Buddy Knox – I’m Lookin’ For Someone to Love (crankypants)
  834. Buddy Knox – Restless (crankypants)
  835. Buddy Knox – Going to Hollywood (crankypants)
  836. Komeda – Our Hospitality (crankypants)
  837. Komeda – More Is More
  838. Komeda – Disko
  839. Komeda – Frolic (crankypants)
  840. Komeda – Herbamore (crankypants)
  841. Komeda – Fire (crankypants)
  842. Komeda – Snurrig Bossanova (crankypants)
  843. Al Kooper – One Day
  844. Kopecky Family Band – Animal (homebody)
  845. Kostars – Don’t Know Why
  846. Kostars – French Kiss
  847. Koushik – In a Green Space
  848. Mark Kozelek – Four Fingered Fisherman (Lost Verses Live version)
  849. Kula Shaker – Grateful When You’re Dead/Jerry Was There
  850. Kula Shaker – Second Sight
  851. Kula Shaker – Great Dictator (Of the Free World)
  852. Kula Shaker – Fool That I Am
  853. Kula Shaker – Hurricane Season
  854. Talib Kweli – Stand to the Side
  855. Talib Kweli – Get By (crankypants)
  856. Ben Kweller – Family Tree (crankypants)
  857. Lackloves – Summer Rain***
  858. Ladylike Feedback – Agents of Change (homebody)
  859. Francis Lai – A Man and a Woman (Shalalalala)
  860. Natalia Lafourcade – Cursis Melodias (crankypants)
  861. Lake – Together in Confidence (Daytrotter version)
  862. k.d. lang – Summerfling
  863. Language of Flowers – You’re the One
  864. La Tordue – Contre Vous (crankypants)
  865. Cyndi Lauper – I Miss My Baby (Little Odd Me)
  866. Steve Lawrence – Fabulous
  867. Lazzi – Le canon des sourds
  868. Amos Lee – Street Corner Preacher (Daytrotter version)
  869. Brenda Lee – Do I Worry (Yes I Do) (homebody)
  870. Brenda Lee – Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody (homebody)
  871. Brenda Lee – Be My Love Again (homebody)
  872. Brenda Lee – That’s All You Gotta Do (homebody)
  873. Brenda Lee – When My Dreamboat Comes Home (homebody)
  874. Brenda Lee – I Want to Be Wanted (homebody)
  875. Brenda Lee – Pretend (homebody)
  876. Brenda Lee – Teach Me Tonight (homebody)
  877. Brenda Lee – Hallelujah, I Love Him So (homebody)
  878. Brenda Lee – If I Didn’t Care (homebody)
  879. Brenda Lee – Speak to Me Pretty (homebody)
  880. Brenda Lee – Around the World (homebody)
  881. Brenda Lee – It’s All Right With Me (homebody)
  882. Brenda Lee – Night and Day (homebody)
  883. Brenda Lee – Dynamite
  884. Curtis Lee – Pretty Little Angel Eyes (homebody)
  885. Jack Lee – Somebody Else to Love
  886. Rhonda Lee – Blue Moon (Laverne & Shirley episode “That’s Entertainment”)
  887. Shirley Lee – Upside Down on Brighton Beach
  888. Leftover Cuties – Sunnyside
  889. Legend! – This Town (silverchimes)
  890. Jens Lekman – People Who Hate People
  891. Jens Lekman – When My Dreams
  892. Jens Lekman – Kanske Är Jag Kär i Dig
  893. Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina (homebody)
  894. Lemonbabies – Oh No No No
  895. Lemonheads – Ceiling Fan in My Spoon (aneles)
  896. Lemonheads – Dawn Can’t Decide
  897. Lemonheads – Pin Yr Heart
  898. Lenka – Dangerous and Sweet (homebody)
  899. John Lennon – Borrowed Time (crankypants)
  900. Julian Lennon – Too Late For Goodbyes (crankypants)
  901. Ted Leo – Take a Chance on Me (homebody)
  902. Sondre Lerche – Living Lounge (homebody)
  903. Sondre Lerche – Wet Ground (homebody)
  904. Sondre Lerche – On & Off Again (homebody)
  905. Sondre Lerche – Mr. Bassman (homebody)
  906. Sondre Lerche – Counter Spark (crankypants)
  907. Sondre Lerche – Ricochet (crankypants)
  908. Les Butcherettes – The Actress That Ate Rousseau (crankypants)
  909. Jackie Leven – Mellow My Madness
  910. Huey Lewis & the News – The Heart of Rock & Roll (session take)
  911. Life Without Buildings – The Leanover~
  912. M—–l Liggins – Black and Beautiful
  913. Lilac Time – Jeans + Summer
  914. Lilac Time – Return to Yesterday
  915. Lilac Time – The Rollercoaster Song
  916. Lilac Time – Love Becomes a Savage
  917. Lilac Time – She Is All Colour
  918. Linus of Hollywood – Warm and Beautiful****
  919. Liquits – Fancy Blue (crankypants)
  920. Liquits – Desde Que (crankypants)
  921. Liquits – Jardin (crankypants)
  922. Little Pieces – Record Mine (homebody)
  923. Edu Lobo – Zanzibar (homebody)
  924. Lisa Loeb – Garden of Delights (silverchimes)
  925. Lisa Loeb – Train Songs (Purple Tape version)
  926. Lolas – Feelin’ So Good
  927. Lone Bellow – Bleeding Out (crankypants)
  928. Loney Dear – I Am the Odd One (homebody)
  929. Long Winters – Carparts
  930. Long Winters – Medicine Cabinet Pirate
  931. Looper – Up a Tree (Chocolate Layers mix)
  932. Los Campesinos! – There Are Listed Buildings
  933. Los Zafiros – He Venido (crankypants)
  934. Annett Louisan – Torsten Schmidt (silverchimes)
  935. Louis & Clark – Come Over Me
  936. Love – Orange Skies
  937. Love – Andmoreagain
  938. Love – Wonder People (I Do Wonder)
  939. Love Act – Hep Clothes
  940. Loves – How Does It Feel to Be Loved?
  941. Love As Laughter – Tin Soldier Man
  942. Love Exotics – Love Song
  943. Love Is All – Early Warnings (Daytrotter version)
  944. Lovejoy – In the Rain
  945. Lovejoy – I Dream of Angels
  946. Lucas – Lucas With the Lid Off (original mix)
  947. Lucksmiths – Harmonicas and Trams
  948. Lucksmiths – T-shirt Weather***
  949. Lucksmiths – There Is a Boy That Never Goes Out*
  950. Lucksmiths – How to Tie a Tie
  951. Lucksmiths – The Sandringham Line
  952. Lucksmiths – Goodness Gracious
  953. Lucksmiths – Welcome Home
  954. Lucksmiths – The Music Next Door
  955. Lucksmiths – Edward, Sandwich Hand
  956. Lucksmiths – Caravanna
  957. Lucksmiths – Up
  958. Lucksmiths – Never & Always
  959. Lucksmiths – Rushes of Pure Spring
  960. Beatriz Luengo – Chicas de Revista (crankypants)
  961. Luluc – Body on the Water (homebody)
  962. Luna – Dear Diary (Sam)****
  963. Luna – Renee is Crying (silverchimes)
  964. Luna – Friendly Advice
  965. Lush – Carmen (homebody)
  966. Kirsty MacColl – The Hardest Word (crankypants)
  967. Kirsty MacColl – Turn My Motor On (homebody)
  968. Kyle MacLachlan – Portland Anthem
  969. Madonna – Crazy For You (hotrod)
  970. Magic Numbers – Carl’s Song
  971. Magic Numbers – Mornings Eleven
  972. Maguma – Town Called Malice
  973. Mahogany – Neo-Plastic-Boogie-Woogie (crankypants)
  974. Majestico – Semyaza Sings (crankypants)
  975. Makes Nice – Waves of Summer
  976. Makin’ Time – Only Time Will Tell
  977. Makin’ Time – The Girl That Touched My Soul
  978. Stephen Malkmus – Gardenia
  979. Stephen Malkmus – Pink India
  980. Mamas & the Papas – Monday, Monday (crankypants)
  981. Manhattans – I’ll Never Find Another (Find Another Like You)
  982. Manhattans – Let Your Love Come Down
  983. Manhattans – You Send Me
  984. Maow – Rock ‘n’ Roll Boy
  985. Marah – Coughing Up Blood
  986. Marah – The Hustle
  987. Marah – Pizzeria
  988. Marble Sounds – Come Here (homebody)
  989. Marceline & Finn – “Daddy”
  990. Marcels – Heartaches (homebody)
  991. Marcels – Blue Moon
  992. April March – Jesus and I Love You
  993. Marden Hill – Curtain
  994. Roger Margarit – Avui Si (homebody)
  995. Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s – Hip Hip Hooray
  996. Anya Marina – Whatever You Like (hieronymus)
  997. Marine Time Keepers – When Will You Realise That I Care?
  998. Dan Markell – You Mighta Made the Sun
  999. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Could You Be Loved
  1000. Mary-Go-Round – Noble Art
  1001. Material Issue – There Was a Few
  1002. Math & Physics Club – April Showers
  1003. Math & Physics Club – Look at Us Now*
  1004. Math & Physics Club – In This Together
  1005. Mayflies USA – NYC (homebody)
  1006. Mike McCartney – Have You Got Problems
  1007. Paul McCartney – The Back Seat of My Car
  1008. Nellie McKay – Bruise in the Sky
  1009. Maria McKee – Opelousas (Sweet Relief) (crankypants)
  1010. Meanies – Lee Remick
  1011. Morgan Mecaskey – Hinterland
  1012. Marisa Medina – No te acuerdas de mí (homebody)
  1013. Megafaun – Find Your Mark (crankypants)
  1014. Mega Super Ultra – What a Way to Go (homebody)
  1015. Mega Super Ultra – What a Way to Go
  1016. Melanie – Brand New Key (hotrod)
  1017. Rose Melberg – Spin
  1018. Melting Holidays – Biscuit in My Pocket (homebody)
  1019. Melvyn & the Smartys – The Ali Baba Song
  1020. Menswear – Being Brave (crankypants)
  1021. Mercury Rev – Meth of a Rockette’s Kick
  1022. Merry-Go-Round – Noble Art
  1023. Metric – Empty (silverchimes)
  1024. Ingrid Michaelson – Parachute (crankypants)
  1025. Ingrid Michaelson – Die Alone (homebody)
  1026. Midnight Oil – US Forces (crankypants)
  1027. Mighty Mighty – Man or Boy
  1028. Mika – Grace Kelly
  1029. Millennium – Sing to Me (crankypants)
  1030. Rhett Miller – Four-Eyed Girl (silverchimes)
  1031. Rhett Miller – Terrible Vision (homebody)
  1032. Rhett Miller – Another Girlfriend
  1033. Rhett Miller – I Wanna Be Sedated (Live at Largo version)
  1034. Rhett Miller – Niteclub (Live at Eddie’s Attic version)
  1035. Roger Miller – In the Summertime (1985 version)
  1036. Chris Mills – Dry Eye
  1037. Minders – Comfortably Tucked Up Inside (alt. version)
  1038. Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween
  1039. Minor Leagues – Stradlater
  1040. Minor Leagues – Grand Opening
  1041. Minor Leagues – A Chance Encounter (In Cincinnati Tonight)
  1042. Minus 5 – Dr. Evil: Doctor of Evil
  1043. Minus 5 – Retrieval of You*
  1044. Minus 5 – Got You
  1045. Minus 5 – Teenage Idol
  1046. Minus 5 – Ghost Tarts of Stockholm
  1047. Minus 5 – The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply (Seattle version)
  1048. Minus 5 – Richmond Fontaine
  1049. Minus 5 – It’s Beautiful Here
  1050. Minus 5 – Sleeping Sun
  1051. Minus 5 – Rocket For Girls
  1052. Miracle Legion – Snacks and Candy*
  1053. Missing Palmer West – All I Need’s an Excuse (crankypants)
  1054. Missing Palmer West – Kill the Soundman (crankypants)
  1055. Miss Mary – The Cutest Boy
  1056. Mr. T Experience – Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
  1057. Mr. T Experience – That Prozac Moment
  1058. Eddy Mitchell – Toujours Un Coin Qui Me Rapelle (crankypants)
  1059. Jackie Mittoo – Grand Funk
  1060. Mockers – God Only Knows
  1061. Mockingbirds – Dream City Sunshine
  1062. Model Rockets – Summer Fun (At El Sol live version)
  1063. Modest Mouse – The World at Large (silverchimes)
  1064. Modest Mouse – Other People’s Lives
  1065. Modesty Blaise – Blue and Beautiful
  1066. Monade – Wash and Dance
  1067. Monade – Invitation (crankypants)
  1068. Monade – Ode to a Keyring (crankypants)
  1069. Janelle Monae – Tightrope (homebody)
  1070. Moncordio – Amar es Combatir (crankypants)
  1071. Monkees – The Girl I Knew Somewhere (crankypants)
  1072. Monkees – Through the Looking Glass
  1073. Monkees – Never Tell a Woman Yes
  1074. Monochrome Set – Cast a Long Shadow
  1075. Monsters of Folk – Losin’ Yo’ Head (Austin City Limits version)
  1076. Monsters of Folk – Dear God (crankypants)
  1077. Monterey – Motorway
  1078. Moonglows – Sincerely
  1079. Mosquitos – Boombox (crankypants)
  1080. Mosquitos – Next to Me (crankypants)
  1081. Mosquitos – Sunshine Barato (crankypants)
  1082. Mosquitos – Xixizinho No Ocean (crankypants)
  1083. Mosquitos – Flood (crankypants)
  1084. Mosquitos – Love Remix (crankypants)
  1085. Mother Hips – Given For You
  1086. Mother Hips – No-Name Darrell
  1087. Motorpsycho – Big Surprise (crankypants)
  1088. Moustache of Insanity – The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
  1089. Jason Mraz – Summer Breeze
  1090. Nico Muhly – Mothertongue, Part 1
  1091. Mark Mulcahy – I Woke Up in the Mayflower
  1092. Mull Historical Society – Tobermory Zoo
  1093. Lisa Mychols – X Mass Equals Tyme Squared
  1094. My Morning Jacket – The Day is Coming
  1095. Nada Surf – Love Goes On (homebody)
  1096. Nada Surf – Enjoy the Silence (homebody)
  1097. Natalia y la Forquetina – Gusano (crankypants)
  1098. Ricky Nelson – Everlovin’
  1099. Ricky Nelson – Believe What You Say
  1100. Ricky Nelson – Travelin’ Man
  1101. Newcolours – Call on Me
  1102. Newcolours – The Splinter in My Heart
  1103. Newcolours – A Dream of Yesterday
  1104. New Pornographers – Daughters of Sorrow (homebody)
  1105. New Pornographers – Electric Version (hotrod)**
  1106. New Tellers – Fear of Phones
  1107. Nice – The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
  1108. Nice Man & the Bad Boys – Tambourine
  1109. Nice Man & the Bad Boys – Cayo (demo)
  1110. Billy Nicholls – Life is Short
  1111. Billy Nicholls – Would You Believe
  1112. Harry Nilsson – 1941
  1113. Nine Steps to Ugly – Eddie Lopez Lives in Slough
  1114. 1910 Fruitgum Company – Simon Says (silverchimes)
  1115. Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper – Have Love Will Travel
  1116. Noah & the Whale – 2 Atoms in a Molecule (Daytrotter version)
  1117. Jim Noir – Day By Day By Day
  1118. Jim Noir – Good Old Vinyl
  1119. Jim Noir – Same Place Holiday
  1120. Jim Noir – I Me You I’m Your
  1121. Jim Noir – Turbulent Weather
  1122. Jim Noir – Turn Your Frown Into a Smile
  1123. Jim Noir – The Only Way
  1124. Northern Picture Library – Skylight (homebody)
  1125. Nouvelle Vague – Do You Dream (homebody)
  1126. Nouvelle Vague – Galaxy (homebody)
  1127. Nouvelle Vague – Heart of Glass (acoustic)
  1128. Nouvelle Vague – Sweet Dreams (acoustic)
  1129. Nudge ‘em All – Christmas
  1130. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Sabor a Fresa (homebody)
  1131. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Brincadeira (homebody)
  1132. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban - Persecución (homebody)
  1133. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Zorongo (homebody)
  1134. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban – The Suitcase (homebody)
  1135. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban - Manías de María (homebody)
  1136. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban – No Te Acuerdas de Mí (homebody)
  1137. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban - Un Día de Lluvia (homebody)
  1138. La Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Nuestro Ayer (homebody)
  1139. Singto Numchok – Hoo Hoo (homebody)
  1140. Oak Ridge Boys – Seven Nation Army (hotrod)
  1141. Ocean Blue – Blow My Mind (silverchimes)
  1142. Ocean Colour Scene – Make the Deal
  1143. Ocean Colour Scene – Don’t Get Me
  1144. Ocean Colour Scene – Fleeting Mind (live At the Jam House version)
  1145. Anita O’Day – Take the “A” Train
  1146. Anita O’Day – Four Brothers
  1147. Anita O’Day – Peanut Vendor
  1148. Anita O’Day – Hershey Bar
  1149. OFF – Electrica Salsa (globalplayer)
  1150. Of Montreal – A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
  1151. Ogdens – It’s a Beautiful Day
  1152. Ohio Express – Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
  1153. Old 97′s – Smokers (hotrod)
  1154. Olivia Tremor Control – Green Typewriters
  1155. Olivia Tremor Control – A Place We Have Been To
  1156. One AM Radio – Credible Threats (crankypants)
  1157. Onxy Club Band – Unknown Song (from the Boardwalk Empire episode 4.10)
  1158. Orange Juice – In a Nutshell
  1159. Orange Juice – Wan Light**
  1160. Orchids – Bringing You the Love (silverchimes)
  1161. Orchids – The OK Song (silverchimes)
  1162. Orchids – Yawn
  1163. Jim O’Rourke – Ghost Ship in a Storm****
  1164. Beth Orton – Bullet
  1165. Beth Orton & Terry Callier – Lean on Me
  1166. Beth Orton – Couldn’t Cause Me Harm
  1167. Beth Orton – Dawn Chorus (homebody)
  1168. Outkast (w/Norah Jones) – Take Off Your Cool (homebody)
  1169. Palace Brothers – Whither Thou Goest
  1170. Pale Fountains – Shelter
  1171. Pale Fountains – The Norfolk Broads
  1172. Pale Fountains – Hey There Fred
  1173. Pale Fountains – Palm of My Hand (Live in Japan version)
  1174. Pale Fountains – Faith (Live in Japan version)
  1175. Panda Riot – 16 Seconds (crankypants)
  1176. Panda Riot – Like Flowers At Night (crankypants)
  1177. Papas Fritas – Questions (silverchimes)
  1178. Papas Fritas – I’ll Be Gone (silverchimes)
  1179. Papas Fritas – My Revolution (crankypants)
  1180. Papas Fritas – Holiday (crankypants)
  1181. Paradox – คนบนฟ้า (trans. = Kon Bon Faa) (silverchimes)
  1182. Parallelograms – Hurt Like a Heart Attack (crankypants)
  1183. Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick (crankypants)
  1184. Andy Partridge – OMGO
  1185. Andy Partridge – Visit to the Doctor
  1186. Andy Partridge – Bobba De Boop De Ba De Boobay
  1187. Andy Partridge – Jump
  1188. Partridge Family – I Think I Love You
  1189. Partridge Family – Together (Havin’ a Ball)
  1190. Partridge Family – Together We’re Better
  1191. Passion Pit – Making Light (silverchimes)
  1192. Pastels – Yoga
  1193. Pastels – Everybody is a Star
  1194. Pastels/Tenniscoats – Yomigaeru (homebody)
  1195. Pavement – Conduit For Sale!
  1196. Pavement – Embassy Row
  1197. Pavement – No Tan Lines (homebody)
  1198. Pearlfishers – We’ll Be the Summer
  1199. Pearlfishers – Shine It Out
  1200. Pearlfishers – We’re Gonna Save the Summer (crankypants)
  1201. Pencil Tin – An Open Return
  1202. Roy Perkins – Drop Top (homebody)
  1203. Roy Perkins – Ba Da Ba Da (homebody)
  1204. Pernice Brothers – How to Live Alone
  1205. Pernice Brothers – 7:30*
  1206. Pernice Brothers – Light My Way (early mix)
  1207. Grant Lee Phillips – Spring Release (Live at the World Cafe, Vol. 14 version)
  1208. Sam Phillips – My Career in Chemistry (silverchimes)
  1209. Phish – Rocky Raccoon (live 10/31/94)
  1210. Edith Piaf – La goualante du pauvre Jean
  1211. Mark Pickerel – One More Cup of Coffee
  1212. Pines – Darling, Don’t You Think? (silverchimes)
  1213. Pink Martini – Congratulations: A Happy New Year Song
  1214. Pipas – You Kill Me (silverchimes)
  1215. Pipas – Wells Street (silverchimes)
  1216. Pipas – Rock and/or Roll (homebody)
  1217. Pipas – Moss Oval (crankypants)
  1218. Pipas – Pidg’s Brew
  1219. Pipas – Hiding in the Park
  1220. Pipas – Book Launch
  1221. Pipettes – Dirty Mind
  1222. Pipettes – The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics
  1223. Pipettes – Guess Who Ran Off With the Milkman?
  1224. Pipettes – Boo Shuffle
  1225. Gene Pitney – (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
  1226. Pixies – I Can’t Forget
  1227. Pizzicato Five – It’s a Beautiful Day (homebody)
  1228. Pizzicato Five – Love’s Theme (homebody)
  1229. Pizzicato Five – My Baby Portable Player Sound (homebody)
  1230. Pizzicato Five – Collision and Improvisation (homebody)
  1231. Plain White T’s – Rhythm of Love (homebody)
  1232. PO! – In a Mermaid Tail
  1233. Poconos – Ten Hour Drive
  1234. Poe – Haunted (silverchimes)
  1235. Polyphonic Spree – It’s the Sun
  1236. Pooh Sticks – Indie Pop Ain’t Noise Pollution (crankypants)
  1237. Pop Will Eat Itself – Like an Angel
  1238. Poseur – Milkshake
  1239. Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
  1240. Postal Service – Recycled Air
  1241. Postmarks – One Note Samba (homebody)
  1242. Postmarks – Let Go
  1243. Postmarks – 7-11
  1244. Poundsign – Piano Song
  1245. Poundsign – Matinee Sunday****
  1246. Poundsign – Oh! Dolly
  1247. Poundsign – Tears
  1248. Doug Powell – Mary Christmas
  1249. Jimmy Powell – Sugar Babe (crankypants)
  1250. Prefab Sprout – Horsin’ Around
  1251. Prefab Sprout – Cruel
  1252. Sam Prekop – Showrooms
  1253. Sam Prekop – So Shy
  1254. Presidents of the United States of America – Some Postman
  1255. Presidents of the United States of America – Lump
  1256. Presidents of the United States of America – We’re Not Going to Make It (live)
  1257. Presidents of the United States of America – Carolyn’s Booty
  1258. Prettyboys – I Wanna Make You!
  1259. Len Price 3 – It’s Christmas Time, Ebenezer
  1260. Lloyd Price – Stagger Lee (crankypants)
  1261. Primitives – Way Behind Me (homebody)
  1262. Primitives – Secrets (homebody)***
  1263. Primitives – Stop Killing Me
  1264. Pugwash – At the Sea***
  1265. Pugwash – Tinsel and Marzipan
  1266. Pugwash – Lullaby #1
  1267. Pugwash – Here We Go ‘Round Again
  1268. Pugwash – Such Beauty Thrown Away
  1269. Pugwash – See You Mine (Coda)
  1270. Pulp – Pink Glove (Peel session)
  1271. Queen – Killer Queen (hotrod)
  1272. Quiet Company – How to Fake Like You Are Nice
  1273. Quiet Company – How Do You Do It?
  1274. Kristoffer Ragnstam – Stop on Top (crankypants)
  1275. Kristoffer Ragnstam – Of All Summers (crankypants)
  1276. Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated
  1277. Ramones – Surfin’ Bird
  1278. Ramones – This Ain’t Havana (homebody)
  1279. Ray Wonder – Picnic
  1280. Razorcuts – I’ll Still Be There***
  1281. Razorcuts – For Always (1985 demo)
  1282. Razorcuts – Sad Kaleidoscope
  1283. Receptionists – Under the Rug
  1284. Recess Monkey – Ukulalien (crankypants)
  1285. Recess Monkey – Marshmallow Farm (crankypants)
  1286. Red Button – Picture
  1287. Red Button – You Do Something to Me
  1288. Reddy Kilowatt – Funny How
  1289. Red House Painters – Katy Song (homebody)
  1290. Sage Redman – Dust on the Moon (homebody)
  1291. Red Riders – C’mon (crankypants)
  1292. Red Sleeping Beauty – Cinema
  1293. Red Sleeping Beauty – Cold Hearts
  1294. Red Sleeping Beauty – Can You Say Love Will Last
  1295. Red Sleeping Beauty – Her Favourite Cliche
  1296. Red Sleeping Beauty – Sick and Tired
  1297. Red Sleeping Beauty – Season’s Change (crankypants)
  1298. Lou Reed – Perfect Day (acoustic demo)
  1299. Lou Reed – Little Sister (crankypants)
  1300. Lou Reed – Andy’s Chest (Paul)
  1301. Regents – Barbara Anne
  1302. Ike Reilly – You’re So Plain (crankypants)
  1303. Kai Reiner – Cold Summer
  1304. Ash Reiter – Supercharged (homebody)
  1305. Reivers – Freight Train Rain (silverchimes)
  1306. Reivers – Ragamuffin Man (silverchimes)
  1307. Adrien Reju – The Waiting Room
  1308. R.E.M. – Near Wild Heaven (silverchimes)
  1309. Replacements – Asking Me Lies (crankypants)
  1310. Replacements – Talent Show (crankypants)
  1311. Rheostatics – Claire (crankypants)
  1312. Kim Richey – Wreck Your Wheels (crankypants)
  1313. Righteous Brothers – Little Latin Lupe Lu
  1314. Rinaldi Sings – Do You Wanna Be in the Show? (homebody)
  1315. Suzzy & Maggie Roche – The Love’s Still Growing (homebody)
  1316. Rolling Stones – Let’s Spend the Night Together (homebody)
  1317. Rolling Stones – Sympathy For the Devil (crankypants)
  1318. Max Romeo – Cracklin’ Rosie
  1319. Josh Rouse – James
  1320. Josh Rouse – Winter in the Hamptons*
  1321. Josh Rouse – I Woke Up in the Mayflower
  1322. Josh Rouse – A Well Respected Man
  1323. Josh Rouse – Wonderful
  1324. Josh Rouse & Paz Suay – The Ocean Always Wins
  1325. Royal City – Is This It (silverchimes)
  1326. Russian Army Choir – Get Lucky (crankypants)
  1327. Russian Futurists – Our Pen’s Out of Ink (silverchimes)
  1328. Sagittarius – Would You Like to Go (crankypants)
  1329. St. Christopher – Gabriel
  1330. Saint Etienne – Join Our Club
  1331. Saint Etienne – Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
  1332. Saint Etienne – Avenue
  1333. Saint Etienne – Don’t Back Down (crankypants)
  1334. Saint Etienne – Heart Failed (Bridge and Tunnel Mix)
  1335. Hope Sandoval – On the Low
  1336. San Tropez – I Can’t Let It Happen to You
  1337. Sarsaparilla – Dang Me
  1338. Saturday People – Slipping Through Your Fingertips (silverchimes)
  1339. Saturday People – Upside-Down Girl (silverchimes)
  1340. Saturday People – Man Without Qualities, Pt. 1 (Drunk in the Babypool)
  1341. Saturday People – Grace
  1342. Saw Doctors – Red Cortina (acapella)
  1343. School – Let It Slip
  1344. School – Can’t Understand (homebody)
  1345. School – I Love Everything (homebody)
  1346. School – That Boy Is Mine (homebody)
  1347. School – You Make Me Hear Music (Inside My Head) (homebody)
  1348. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – Fan Club
  1349. Gil Scott-Heron – Message to the Messengers
  1350. Seal – Kiss From a Rose (crankypants)
  1351. Sealevel – Beach From Last Summer
  1352. Sealevel – Drank the Summer
  1353. Sealevel – The Way With You
  1354. Seashells – Oh Dear!
  1355. Seaside Stars – I’ll Say Goodbye
  1356. Neil Sedaka – Next Door to an Angel (crankypants)
  1357. Emmanuelle Seigner – Qui Etes-vous (homebody)
  1358. Sally Seltmann – Set Me Free (homebody)
  1359. Semisonic – In Another Life (silverchimes)
  1360. September 67 – Fire Engine Red
  1361. September 67 – Little Lantern Face*
  1362. September 67 – Teenage Electric (homebody)
  1363. September 67 – Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Lilith Fair live version)
  1364. Ron Sexsmith – Eye Candy
  1365. Ron Sexsmith – Keep It in Mind
  1366. Shack – Neighbours
  1367. Shack – Stranger
  1368. Shack – New Day
  1369. Shack – Moonshine
  1370. Shack – High Rise Low Life
  1371. Shack – Feel No Way
  1372. Shack – Uncle Jasper (Live at La Locomotive version)
  1373. Shagg – Buh Ba Ba Ba
  1374. Shambles – Hard to Say Goodbye
  1375. Del Shannon – The Swiss Maid
  1376. Sally Shapiro – Looking at the Stars
  1377. Sally Shapiro – Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon
  1378. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Janglin’ (crankypants)
  1379. She & Him – Sing (crankypants)
  1380. She & Him – Me and You (crankypants)***
  1381. Shermans – Adulthood For Beginners (silverchimes)
  1382. Shermans – Summer in Your Heart
  1383. Shermans – My Favorite Cuppa
  1384. Shermans – Springtime Sunshine
  1385. Shermans – Snowsong
  1386. Shermans – Disneyland
  1387. Shermans – Fly Away
  1388. Shermans – Leaving Tracks
  1389. Shermans – Sun Beach Summer
  1390. Shins – Fighting in a Sack
  1391. Shins – Gone For Good (alt. version)
  1392. Shonen Knife – Space Christmas (silverchimes)
  1393. Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand – Oh How I Miss You (silverchimes)
  1394. Sia – Electric Bird (crankypants)
  1395. Siddeleys – What Went Wrong This Time
  1396. Silkworm – The Brain
  1397. Shel Silverstein – A Front Row Seat to Hear Ole Johnny Sing (crankypants)
  1398. Silver Sun – Golden Skin
  1399. Silver Sun – Julia
  1400. Silver Sun – Dumb
  1401. Silver Sun – Nobody
  1402. Silver Sun – Trickle Down
  1403. Silver Sun – Top Trumps
  1404. Silver Sun – There Will Never Be Another Me
  1405. Silver Sun – Gossip
  1406. Carly Simon – You’re So Vain (Daytrotter version)
  1407. Simon & Garfunkel – Baby Driver (Laurie)
  1408. Simon & Garfunkel – The 59th Street Bridge Song
  1409. Simple Minds – Alive & Kicking (silverchimes)
  1410. Nancy Sinatra – Day Tripper (crankypants)
  1411. Sissy Wish – Fire Walk With Me (silverchimes)
  1412. Sissy Wish – Moving (silverchimes)
  1413. Skeleton Staff – Gateway to the Stars (crankypants)
  1414. Skypark – Secret Hideaway
  1415. Sleeping Giant – Take My Word
  1416. Sleeping Giant – Only Love Can Break a Heart
  1417. Sloan – Don’t You Believe a Word
  1418. Sloan – People of the Sky
  1419. Sloan – I Love a Long Goodbye
  1420. Sloan – Cheap Champagne
  1421. Slow Hello – There is a Boy That Never Goes Out
  1422. Slumber Party – You’ve Gone Too Far (silverchimes)
  1423. Sly and the Family Stone – Everybody Is a Star (Nard)
  1424. Small Faces – All or Nothing (crankypants)
  1425. Smile Brigade – Daddy’s Heart (homebody)
  1426. Smile Brigade – At the Tail End of Everything
  1427. Aidan Smith – Happiness is a Warm Gun
  1428. Kendra Smith – Temporarily Lucy
  1429. Kendra Smith – In Your Head
  1430. Smittens – Cool Sound (crankypants)
  1431. Smittens – The Interstate (crankypants)
  1432. Smittens – 11:11 (crankypants)
  1433. Sneetches – I Need Someone (silverchimes)
  1434. Sneetches – I Think It’s Alright
  1435. Sneetches – Over ’round Each Other
  1436. Sneetches – How Does It Feel
  1437. Sneetches – Sometimes That’s All We Have
  1438. Snow Fairies – The Life of a Total Square (silverchimes)
  1439. Snow Patrol – Batten Down the Hatch
  1440. Soft Boys – Have a Heart Betty (I’m Not Fireproof) #1
  1441. Softies – Write It Down
  1442. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Pangea (homebody)
  1443. Someones – How She Loves
  1444. Sons & Daughters – Goodbye Service (silverchimes)
  1445. Sool – Sool Yule Medley
  1446. Soul Mission – Trans-Global Express
  1447. Soundpool – Mirrors in Your Eyes (crankypants)
  1448. Southeast Engine – Taking the Fall (crankypants)
  1449. Southeast Engine – Let It Be So (crankypants)
  1450. Cranky & Our Gang – Sunday Will Never Be the Same (spankypants)
  1451. Cranky & Our Gang – Lazy Day (spankypants)
  1452. Sparks – Over the Summer
  1453. Sparo – The Falling (Mexican Institute of Sound remix) (crankypants)
  1454. Spearmint – Vivian
  1455. Spearmint – Scottish Pop*
  1456. Spearmint – The Good of the Family
  1457. Spearmint – Best Ballroom
  1458. Spearmint – This Is a Souvenir
  1459. Spearmint – Paris in a Bottle
  1460. Spearmint – First Time Music
  1461. Spinanes – For No One Else (homebody)
  1462. Spinanes – 72-74 (homebody)
  1463. Spindle – The Earnest of Being George
  1464. Spiral Stairs – Maltese Terrier (crankypants)
  1465. Spoon – 30 Gallon Tank
  1466. Spoon – Believing is Art
  1467. Spoon – I Summon You
  1468. Spottiswoode & His Enemies – On a Summer’s Day (crankypants)~
  1469. Spottiswoode & His Enemies – The Setting Sun (crankypants)
  1470. Spottiswoode & His Enemies – Nice Girl (crankypants)
  1471. Spottiswoode & His Enemies – Love Isn’t Nice (crankypants)
  1472. Stained Glass – I Sing You Sing
  1473. Starling Electric – Clouded Staircase (Part Two)
  1474. Starling Electric – She Goes Through Phases
  1475. Steinbecks – Listen to My Heart
  1476. Stereolab – I Feel the Air (Of Another Planet)
  1477. Stereolab – Revox
  1478. Stereolab – Eloge d’Eros
  1479. Stereolab – Three Dee Melodie
  1480. Stereolab – Des Etoiles Electroniques
  1481. Stereolab – Ping Pong
  1482. Stereolab – International Colouring Contest
  1483. Stereolab – The Seeming and the Meaning
  1484. Stereolab – Surrealchemist
  1485. Stereolab – U.H.F. – MFP
  1486. Stereolab – The Noise of Carpet
  1487. Stereolab – Motoroller Scalatron
  1488. Stereolab – Miss Modular
  1489. Stereolab – Parsec
  1490. Stereolab – Pop Quiz
  1491. Stereolab – The Brush Descends the Length
  1492. Stereolab – Get Carter
  1493. Stereolab – Ticker-tape of the Unconscious
  1494. Stereolab – Contronatur
  1495. Stereolab – People Do It All the Time
  1496. Stereolab – Hallucinex
  1497. Stereolab – Nothing to Do With Me
  1498. Stereolab – The Light Will Cease to Fail
  1499. Stereolab – Strobo Acceleration
  1500. Stereolab – Changer (ABC Music version) (homebody)
  1501. Stereolab – Peng 33 (ABC Music version) (homebody)
  1502. Stereolab – Moogie Wonderland (homebody)
  1503. Stereolab – Lo Boob Oscillator (ABC Music version) (homebody)
  1504. Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie (ABC Music version) (homebody)
  1505. Stereolab – Margerine Rock
  1506. Stereolab – Hillbilly Motorbike
  1507. Stereolab – Pain et Spectacles
  1508. Sufjan Stevens – Variation On “Commemorative Transfiguration & Communion at Magruder Park” (crankypants)
  1509. Sufjan Stevens – Vesuvius (homebody)
  1510. Sufjan Stevens – Free Man in Paris~
  1511. Sufjan Stevens – Joy to the World (homebody)
  1512. Strange Idols – She’s Gonna Let You Down Again
  1513. Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints (crankypants)
  1514. Strawberry Alarm Clock – Tomorrow (crankypants)
  1515. Strawberry Whiplash – Santa Needs a Holiday (homebody)
  1516. Thierry Stremler – Et Pourquoi Pas (homebody)
  1517. Style Council – Have You Ever Had It Blue (uncut version)
  1518. Sugargliders – The Passenger
  1519. Sullivans – Senseless
  1520. Summer Camp – Ghost Train (Daytrotter version)
  1521. Summer in Between – Simple & True
  1522. Sun Kil Moon – Ben’s Best Friend
  1523. Sun Ra – Dreaming
  1524. Sunshine Fix – Mr. Summer Day
  1525. Super Furry Animals – Fire in My Heart
  1526. Super Furry Animals – Hermann Loves Pauline
  1527. Super Furry Animals – Play It Cool
  1528. Super Furry Animals – Ice Hockey Hair
  1529. Super Furry Animals – Hometown Unicorn
  1530. Supergrass – We’re Not Supposed To
  1531. Superimposers – Trombone Dixie
  1532. Superstar – Could It Be You
  1533. Supertramp – Breakfast in America
  1534. Supremes – Ask Any Girl
  1535. Swag – Different Girl****
  1536. Swan Dive – August in Rome
  1537. Swan Dive – Safe and Sound
  1538. Swan Dive – Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  1539. Swan Dive – Safe and Sound (French version)
  1540. Swan Dive – Automatically Sunshine
  1541. Swan Dive – Safe and Sound
  1542. Swan Dive – Katydids (Peace Negotiator remix)
  1543. Swan Dive – I Know Myself Too Well
  1544. Swan Dive – Puzzle Ring
  1545. Swan Dive – Summer Samba
  1546. Swan Dive – Runway
  1547. Swan Dive – J-Wave Jingle #5
  1548. Swan Dive – United Airlines Jingle #2
  1549. Sweater Girls – Return Address
  1550. Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Killer Queen
  1551. Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – I Wanna Be Sedated
  1552. Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Care of Cell 44
  1553. Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Monday, Monday
  1554. Sweet William – Not Actual, Not Lasting
  1555. Richard Swift – Kisses For the Misses (crankypants)
  1556. Swing Out Sister – Somewhere in the World (crankypants)
  1557. Tacocat – Party Trap (homebody)
  1558. Tahiti 80 – Don’t Misunderstand (silverchimes)
  1559. Tahiti 80 – Easy Way Out (crankypants)
  1560. Tales of Jenny – Eye For Ivy
  1561. Tall Poppies – Family Tree
  1562. Talulah Gosh – Steaming Train
  1563. Talulah Gosh – Just a Dream
  1564. Talulah Gosh – Looking For a Rainbow
  1565. Talulah Gosh – In Love For the Very First Time
  1566. Talulah Gosh – Pastels Badge (live Backwash version)
  1567. Tarmac Adam – Chalk on Slate (crankypants)
  1568. Kim Taylor – Birds and the Bees (homebody)
  1569. Kim Taylor – Turpentine (original version)
  1570. Lewis Taylor – Stoned (crankypants)
  1571. Teardrop Explodes – Passionate Friend (crankypants)
  1572. Teardrop Explodes – Falling Down Around Me
  1573. Teardrop Explodes – The Culture Bunker
  1574. Teardrop Explodes – When I Dream
  1575. Tears For Fears – Brian Wilson Said (crankypants)
  1576. Teddy Bears – You Said Goodbye (homebody)
  1577. Teddy Bears – Don’t You Worry, My Little Pet (homebody)
  1578. Teenage Fanclub – I Need Direction**
  1579. Teenage Fanclub – I Lied
  1580. Telekenisis – Coast of Carolina (homebody)
  1581. Telekinesis – Gotta Get It Right Now (Mindy)
  1582. Television Personalities – A Girl Called Charity
  1583. 10cc – I’m Not in Love (Susan)
  1584. Tender Trap – Fireworks (homebody)
  1585. Tender Trap – Suddenly (homebody)
  1586. Tender Trap – 2 to the N (homebody)
  1587. Tender Trap – Counting the Hours (homebody)
  1588. Tender Trap – Talking Backwards
  1589. Tender Trap – Could This Be the Last Time?
  1590. Tender Trap – Leaving Christmas Day
  1591. Tennis – Seafarer (homebody)
  1592. Tenniscoats – Baibaba Bimba (homebody)
  1593. Terry Malts - Tumble Down (Mindy)
  1594. Thievery Corporation – Firelight (homebody)
  1595. Third Rail – Run, Run, Run
  1596. This Mortal Coil – Late Night
  1597. Thee Oh Sees – Rainbow (crankypants)
  1598. Thee Oh Sees – Go Meet the Seed (crankypants)
  1599. This Perfect Day – This Friendship of Ours
  1600. This Poison! – Poised Over the Pause Button
  1601. Richard & Linda Thompson–Sunnyvista (crankypants)
  1602. George Thorogood – Bad to the Bone (homebody’s brother)~
  1603. Those Darlins – Cannonball Blues (homebody)
  1604. Three O’Clock – Half the Way There
  1605. Three O’Clock – Follow Him Around
  1606. Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror – I’m in Love With Girls
  1607. Anita Tijoux – Despabilate (Mexican Institute of Sound remix) (crankypants)
  1608. Tip Top Planets – Wake (homebody)
  1609. Title Tracks – No, Girl (homebody)
  1610. Toh Kay – I’ve Set Sail
  1611. Toma – Je bois la mer
  1612. Tony & Joe – Where Can You Be (homebody)
  1613. Jenny Toomey – Breezewood, PA**
  1614. Toots & the Maytals – Sit Right Down
  1615. Emiliana Torrini – Wednesday’s Child
  1616. Emiliana Torrini – Fingertips
  1617. Pete Townshend – Face Dances, Pt. 2 (crankypants)
  1618. Traincha & the Metropole Orchestra – Walk on By
  1619. Traincha & the Metropole Orchestra – This Girl’s in Love
  1620. Trash Can Sinatras – Circling the Circumference (homebody)
  1621. Trash Can Sinatras – Obscurity Knocks****
  1622. Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird (homebody)
  1623. Travolta Kids – Gå Ut Och Gå
  1624. Trembling Blue Stars – All I Never Said
  1625. Trembling Blue Stars – Haunted Days
  1626. Trembling Blue Stars – St. Paul’s Cathedral at Night
  1627. Trembling Blue Stars – Little Gunshots
  1628. Trembling Blue Stars – Not For Second Prize
  1629. Tremeloes – Angel of the Morning
  1630. Tremeloes – I’ll Take You Where the Music’s Playing (BBC session)
  1631. Les Très Bien Ensemble – Les Tigresses (homebody)
  1632. T. Rex – Mystic Lady
  1633. Troggs – With a Girl Like You (homebody)
  1634. Tronics – They’re Talking About Us (homebody)
  1635. Tronics – Love Tan
  1636. Truby Trio – A Festa (crankypants)
  1637. Tullycraft – Superboy & Supergirl
  1638. Tullycraft – Crush the Scene
  1639. Tullycraft – Rumble With the Gang Debs
  1640. Tullycraft – Westchester Turnabouts
  1641. Tullycraft – No Tic, All Tac
  1642. Turn On – Ru Tenone
  1643. Turtles – Happy Together
  1644. Turtles – Guide For the Married Man
  1645. Turtles – She’d Rather Be With Me (homebody)
  1646. Turtles – Pepsi commercial (Paul)
  1647. Turtles – Sound Asleep
  1648. Unicorns – Sea Ghost (Mindy)
  1649. United Future Organization – Good Luck Shore (crankypants)
  1650. Unknown Artist – “Reluctantly Healthy” theme (crankypants)
  1651. Unknown Artist – The Good Ship Lollipop (Galactica 1980 version)
  1652. Unknown Artist – “Smart Girls Ask Amy” theme (crankypants)
  1653. Unknown Artist – “Jim’ll Fix It” theme (no way)
  1654. Unknown Artist – Tiger Rag (from Leatherheads)
  1655. Unknown Artist – The Scarecrow Video Kickstarter Thank-You Video song (homebody)
  1656. Unrest – Angel I’ll Walk You Home
  1657. Valentines – Lily Maebelle
  1658. Marcos Valle – On Line (crankypants)
  1659. Vandalias – Get to Know You
  1660. Van Halen – I’m the One (hotrod)
  1661. Vanilla Beans – U Love Me (homebody)
  1662. Vaselines – High Tide Low Tide
  1663. Sarah Vaughan – Lullabye of Birdland
  1664. Veils – Advice For Young Mothers to Be (silverchimes)
  1665. Van Hunt – Hold My Hand (crankypants)
  1666. Laura Veirs – Shadow Blues
  1667. Laura Veirs – Life Is Good Blues (Daytrotter version)
  1668. Velocity Girl – I Can’t Stop Smiling (homebody)
  1669. Velvet Crush – This Life Is Killing Me
  1670. Velvet Underground – I Found a Reason (hotrod)
  1671. Velvet Underground – Who Loves the Sun (hotrod)**
  1672. Velvets – Tonight (Could Be the Night)
  1673. Vernon Sisters – Mr. Sandman (Laurie)
  1674. Vernons Girls – See For Yourself
  1675. Verve – The Rolling People (crankypants)
  1676. Edoardo Vianello – Abbronzatissima (homebody)
  1677. Edoardo Vianello – Pinne, Fucile e Occhiali (homebody)
  1678. Edoardo Vianello – Guarda Come Dondolo (homebody)
  1679. Edoardo Vianello e I Flippers – I Watussi (homebody)
  1680. Gene Vincent – Five Days, Five Days
  1681. Violent Femmes – Promise (silverchimes)
  1682. Viva Voce – Faster Than a Dead Horse (silverchimes)
  1683. Viva Voce – Special Thing (silverchimes)
  1684. Martha Wainwright – Hate You Too
  1685. Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game (crankypants)
  1686. Wannadies – You & Me Song (homebody)***
  1687. Wannadies – Lee Remick****
  1688. M. Ward – Hi-Fi (homebody)
  1689. Washed Out – Feel It All Around (Fred & Carrie version from Portlandia season 2, episode 3 commentary track)
  1690. Dinah Washington – Cry Me a River (crankypants)
  1691. Laura Watling – One More Way to Amuse Myself
  1692. Laura Watling – Let’s Go
  1693. Watson Twins – U ‘n’ Me (Daytrotter version)
  1694. Weather Prophets – You’re My Ambulance***
  1695. Webb Brothers – Every Day is Christmas
  1696. Paul Weller – The Dark Pages of September Lead to the New Leaves of Spring (homebody)*
  1697. Wellingtons – I Get My Heart Broken Every Day***
  1698. Wellingtons – Natalie
  1699. Wellingtons – Tired and Lazy (Live in Valencia version)
  1700. Wellingtons – For Friends in Far Away Places (Live in Valencia version)
  1701. Wellingtons – Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Live in Valencia version)
  1702. Wellingtons – On & Off
  1703. Wellingtons – Popped Balloon
  1704. Wellingtons – I Wanna Go Back
  1705. Wellingtons – I’m Feeling the Same Way
  1706. Wellingtons – Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down
  1707. Wellingtons – Baby’s Got a Secret
  1708. Wellingtons – I Just Want to Love You, Girl
  1709. Wellingtons – Alight Alright
  1710. Wellingtons – No One Ever Calls Me Baby
  1711. Wendy Darlings – Watching the World Go By
  1712. David Werner – Melanie Cries
  1713. Wheat – Closer to Mercury (Naked version)
  1714. Whirl – Heaven Forbid
  1715. Chris White – Zombie Jamboree~
  1716. Chris White – Sister Caroline
  1717. Jim White – Burn the River Dry (crankypants)
  1718. Whitlams – White Horses (crankypants)
  1719. Chris Whitley – Cut the Cards (crankypants)
  1720. Fake Chris Whitley – Say What’s on Your Mind (crankypants)
  1721. Whitsundays – It Must Be Me (silverchimes)
  1722. Who – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  1723. Wilco – When You Wake Up Feeling Old*
  1724. Wilco – My Darling
  1725. Wilco – I Must Be High~
  1726. Wilco – Sonny Feeling (hotrod)
  1727. Wilco – Reincarnation (live)
  1728. Wilco – Who Loves the Sun (live)
  1729. Wilco – Tom Courtenay (live with Yo La Tengo)
  1730. Wilderness of Manitoba – Sea Song (homebody)
  1731. William Pears – Surfin’ Euskadi
  1732. William Pears – I Wouldn’t Call it Crime
  1733. Billy Williams – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (homebody)
  1734. Harvey Williams – Her Boychart
  1735. Kathryn Williams – Up North
  1736. Kathryn Williams – Soul to Feet
  1737. Kathryn Williams – No One Takes You Home
  1738. Kathryn Williams (Pond) – Carved
  1739. Kathryn Williams (Pond) – Circle Round a Tree
  1740. Robbie Williams – Road to Mandalay (A. Gardner)
  1741. Phil Wilson – Found a Friend
  1742. Phil Wilson – I Own It (Andy Fonda Beans remix)
  1743. Phil Wilson – Just the Same
  1744. Wiseguys – Start the Commotion
  1745. M. Wiseman – (I Got The) Broken Dryer Blues (a capella version)
  1746. Wolfie – Through the Looking Glass
  1747. Steve Wonder – He’s Misstra Know It All (crankypants)
  1748. Stevie Wonder – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing (crankypants)
  1749. Stevie Wonder – You Are the Sunshine of My Life (crankypants)
  1750. Wonder For All – Holiday (crankypants)
  1751. Wondermints – Barbarella
  1752. Wondermints – Ooh Child
  1753. Wondermints – Proto-Pretty
  1754. Wondermints – Sting o’ Luv***
  1755. Wondermints – And Penny Knows (The Blue Tape version)
  1756. Wondermints – Project 11
  1757. Wondermints – Out of Mind
  1758. Wondermints – Global Village Idiot (live at Club Quattro)
  1759. Wondermints – Playtex Aviary (live at Club Quattro)
  1760. Wondermints – Bubbles (live at Club Quattro)
  1761. Wondermints – On the Run (crankypants)
  1762. Woodpigeon – If Only I Were a Painter, I’d Paint For You the Moon*
  1763. World Party – World Party (crankypants)
  1764. Shannon Worrell – Jefferson’s Lament
  1765. Shannon Worrell – Cmon Catherine
  1766. Shannon Worrell – Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner*
  1767. Would-Be-Goods – Amaretto (crankypants)
  1768. Willie Wright – In the Beauty of the Night (homebody)
  1769. Daniel Wylie – I Love America (Live in Valencia version)
  1770. Daniel Wylie – Snow Pony (Live in Valencia version)
  1771. Daniel Wylie – Photograph (Live in Valencia version)
  1772. Steve Wynn – Shelley’s Blues, Pt. 2
  1773. X – I’m Coming Over
  1774. XTC – Radios in Motion
  1775. XTC – Neon Shuffle
  1776. XTC – Battery Brides
  1777. XTC – Ladybird
  1778. XTC – Cherry in Your Tree****
  1779. XTC – Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  1780. Yeah Yeah Noh – The Superimposed Man (silverchimes)
  1781. Yeah Yeah Noh – Temple of Convenience
  1782. Yearning – Kiss You in the Summertime (homebody)
  1783. Yearning – Don’t Call Me Baby (homebody)
  1784. Yo La Tengo – You Can Have It All
  1785. Yo La Tengo – Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop
  1786. Yo La Tengo – The Hour Grows Late
  1787. Yo La Tengo – It’s Christmas Time
  1788. Yo La Tengo – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (live)~
  1789. Yo La Tengo – When It’s Dark (homebody)
  1790. Yo La Tengo – Moby Octopad (homebody)
  1791. Yo La Tengo – Center of Gravity (homebody)
  1792. Yo La Tengo – Tom Courtenay (homebody)
  1793. Yo La Tengo – Blue Line Swinger (homebody)
  1794. Yo La Tengo – Wizard’s Sleeve (homebody)**
  1795. Yo La Tengo – Beanbag Chair (homebody)
  1796. Yo La Tengo – Cell Phone (homebody)
  1797. Yo La Tengo – From Black to Blue (homebody)
  1798. Yo La Tengo – Black Flowers (live) (homebody)
  1799. Yo La Tengo – Deeper Into Movies (live) (homebody)
  1800. Young Fresh Fellows – Do the Fonzie
  1801. Young Fresh Fellows – Good Time Rock ‘N’ Roll
  1802. Young Fresh Fellows – Beer Money
  1803. Young Fresh Fellows – Margaret
  1804. Young Fresh Fellows – Earthbound
  1805. Young Knives – The Decision
  1806. Young Knives – Dialing Darling
  1807. Young Knives – Le petomaine
  1808. Yum Yums – Be With Me
  1809. Yum Yums – Chewy Chewy
  1810. Zaz – Je Veux (homebody)
  1811. Zombies – I Want Her She Wants Me
  1812. Zumpano – The Party Rages On*
  1813. Zumpano – Wraparound Shades
  1814. Zumpano – Here’s the Plan
  1815. Zumpano – Let’s Fight
  1816. Zumpano – The Angel With the Good News
  1817. Cleaners From Venus – Former Phonebox Vandal (Live in Japan version)
  1818. Cleaners From Venus – A Street Called Prospect (Live in Japan version)
  1819. Kermit, Tina Fey, Jemaine Clement, Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta – The Casa Grande
  1820. Angus and Julia Stone – Grizzly Bear (cranky)
  1821. Jill Sobule – Rainy Day Parade (cranky)
  1822. TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing (cranky)
  1823. Elliot Kendall – Everybody’s World
  1824. Matt Bruno – Pin-up Girl
  1825. Crayon – Schirm Loop
  1826. Blue Cartoon – I Want You Anyway
  1827. Culture Club – Church of the Poison Mind
  1828. Maurice Chevalier – Fleur de Paris
  1829. Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
  1830. ?
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621 Responses to Bah-ba-ba-ba-bah-da-da-da-bah, bah-ba-ba-da-da-ba-ba-ba-bah!

  1. homebody says:

    Apostle of Hustle – Cheap Like Sebastien

  2. silverchimes says:

    Don’t you know, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

    The Bluebells – Red Guitars

    I wish WordPress had linking in comments. Maybe they do and I just don’t know how!

    • M-----l says:

      I left a comment with a proper link (not all spelled out like that) yesterday, but I don’t remember how I did it. It doesn’t seem to be an easy option right here.

      Thanks a lot for following the list over to WordPress. Your contributions have always been appreciated and I hope we can keep it going at least until we hit the 1,000 mark. At the rate we’re going, we might be able to get it by 2011…which sounds like a decade in the future, but it’s really only a few months!

  3. silverchimes says:

    The Bicycles – Sweet Petite

    It’s a strange one. There’s about a minute of guitar heavy intro and then it turns into a pretty nice ba-ba song and then there’s doo-doos at the end. heh

    I uploaded it to Vox. Do you have a plan on verifying the more obscure songs once Vox shuts down?

    • M-----l says:

      Do you have a plan on verifying the more obscure songs once Vox shuts down?

      I will probably end up using my eMusic account to acquire the ba-ba recommendations I don’t already own. Provided the samples sound like something I’d enjoy, of course.

      It’s been a good day for ba-ba songs. I found three this morning and you just added another one.

  4. hotrod says:

    Two ba-ba songs on the new Jenny & Johnny album: Scissor Runner and While Men Are Dreaming.

    • M-----l says:

      Thanks. How is that album? I bought a Johnathan Rice CD about five years ago and I only made it through one listen before I sold the thing. And I still don’t know what to make of Jenny Lewis. I like a couple of her songs, but what I’ve heard makes me think she’s a Neko Case knock-off. That’s not really a bad thing to be, I guess.

      • hotrod says:

        I don’t really know anything about Johnathan Rice except that he spells his name incorrectly. And I probably wouldn’t have bought this album on my own. A friend burned me a copy. But I like it. It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but it’s pleasant. I think it’s more comparable to She & Him than Neko.

        That reminds me – I have a picture at my house of Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschenal that Emma gave me. I should post that once I get around to blogging again.

    • crankypants says:

      “Jenny & Johnny” is the worst name since She & Him. and then there’s that show with Joey Lawrence and Clarissa Explains it all, I guess it’s Melissa & Joey? Oh it’s gaggariffic. someone make it stop, I’m crampy and cranky. cramky and cranpy.

  5. crankypants says:

    Ely Guerra – Vete

    it came up on

  6. crankypants says:

    Serge Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest

    It came up on my covered by Mick Harvey, both have ba-bas.

  7. crankypants says:

    I probably had a couple more that came up on but this whole Vox thing has really dampened my spirits. I’m going to blame Vox for everything, including the cramps that I’m starting to have.

  8. crankypants says:

    I copied the URL from the address bar thinking it would come up as a link, or a dead link, not the actual video. The first one came up as ‘embedding disabled, click to watch on YT’ and the second one played for me. I really didn’t expect the video to embed into the comment. I don’t know what else to do, it was a URL, not the embed code. very strange.
    I think I may have encountered a couple doo-doo songs which I didn’t write down. I’m getting some obscure stuff on my player, I guess because I’m putting in some kind of obscure bands. (for American audiences anyway)

    • M-----l says:

      Guess what? There’s an “edit comment” option here, so I just got in there and turned the videos into links. I won’t make a habit of editing your comments, but I really didn’t want a dead bikini link and a “Lemon Incest” video on this post. It gets enough weird hits as it is.

      Some of the later comments no longer make sense, but oh-frickin’-well.

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t know how Silverchimes did it, but I’ve been using the basic HTML I learned in 1996. I have it written down on my desktop because I can’t remember anything from 1996.

  9. silverchimes says:

    I’ve been listening to The Apples in Stereo this morning.

    Radiation from New Magnetic Wonder is a ba-ba song and isn’t on the list yet.

  10. crankypants says:

    The Smittens – Cool Sound

  11. crankypants says:

    I can’t believe you are already so close to 1000.

    • M-----l says:

      I can’t believe you are already so close to 1000.

      Not “you”, “we”. I couldn’t have wasted all this time without your help…and the help of Homey and S. Chimes and everybody else who submitted one song and then quit. This is a group effort here.

  12. crankypants says:

    heh–i almost said “we” too.

    also, I meant to mention to you before that Darren Hanlon has played with the Lucksmiths in the past. Maybe not as a full fledged member but he’s good friends with them. If that gives you any more incentive to go see him.

  13. silverchimes says:

    Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking

    Yesterday afternoon I went to Carrefour (like the French version of Target) with one of the lab techs to buy a refrigerator for the mass spec lab. We were headed towards the appliances and I heard ba-bas. I stopped and turned around to see where they were coming from and ran over to this little kiosk selling videos. They had a small TV playing a video of Simon Says by 1910 Fruitgum Company. The lab tech thought I was a little crazy.

  14. crankypants says:

    the smittens–the interstate

  15. crankypants says:

    On an unrelated note, I never knew that Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati.

  16. silverchimes says:

    OK, I’m going to try this again. I tried posting a comment twice before but it didn’t show up. I think it was because I was going through a VPN.

    Bunnygrunt – 1000% not Creepy.

    You can find it on eMusic (and other places)!

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t know what a VPN is, but I just noticed that two comments similar to the one above were stopped by WP as spam.

      • silverchimes says:

        It’s good to know the comments didn’t just disappear.

        VPN=Virtual Private Network. I started using it because Amazon (or some music industry lawyer) decided that they couldn’t sell me mp3s because I don’t live in the right place. eMusic did the same thing awhile back, but then changed their minds. If I use the VPN, I can make it look like I’m in the US and shouldn’t have any problems, unless I try to post a comment on WP!

  17. silverchimes says:

    The Foxymorons – Out of Control

    It was a KEXP song-of-day back in August.

  18. crankypants says:

    Ben Kweller–Family Tree.

  19. silverchimes says:

    The Reivers – Ragamuffin Man.

    I’m pretty sure they’re ba-bas. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell.

    • M-----l says:

      Interesting. I’ve listened to that one four times since I got Saturday and I didn’t hear any ba-bahs. I have added it to the list and will double-check it when I’m finished listening to the Dentists.

      I sometimes wonder how many ba-ba songs just slip by my ear unheard. I caught one on my 9th listen a couple weeks ago. (I listen to all my new CDs ten times, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

  20. silverchimes says:

    Tahiti 80 – Don’t Misunderstand

  21. hotrod says:

    Madonna – Crazy For You

  22. crankypants says:

    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros–Janglin

    (pretty sure it’s ba-bas and ba-das….)

  23. crankypants says:

    ooohhhh Duran Duran–Planet Earth

    • M-----l says:

      I’ve gotten away from thanking people when they send me ba-ba songs. It’s not because I don’t appreciate them anymore, but thanking doubles the comments and this post is unwieldy enough as it is.

      But thanks to everybody who’s been sending in the songs. Homey, Cranky, S. Chimes, and even Hotrod have suggested songs in the last week alone. “Crazy For You”? Who would’ve guessed.

  24. silverchimes says:

    The House of Love – Crush Me

  25. crankypants says:

    Red Riders–C’mon
    Thee Oh Sees–Rainbow

  26. crankypants says:

    Clare Bowditch–Running

    not sure if those are ba-bas in the back

  27. crankypants says:

    Oh I am glad you put it back to only alphabetical order. Makes it a little easier to check for dupes.

  28. silverchimes says:

    Pipas – You Kill Me

    This is supposed to be a Harper Lee cover, but I haven’t found the original version yet.

  29. silverchimes says:

    I really hate to reduce your ba-ba song count by 1, but you have a duplicate Sneetches song: I Need Someone.

  30. silverchimes says:

    The Pines – Darling, Don’t You Think?

    This a Fairways cover, but the original is a doo-doo song.

  31. crankypants says:

    Ingrid Michaelson–Parachute

    if you click on “Jukebox” it’s the first song on there. you don’t even have to listen to more than 2 seconds of it.

  32. crankypants says:

    Oh! 899! so close! 101 more, that should be a snap till the end of the year. Right? I’ll just have to make myself listen to more twee pop shit on

    • M-----l says:

      We’d have 901 except Silverchimes and I each found a double. I just picked up a gigantic stash of tunes, so I should be able to find some in there. I’ve also got a large collection of “twee pop shit” on mp3 that I haven’t listened to yet.

  33. silverchimes says:

    Tommy James and The Shondells – Crimson and Clover

    (the Joan Jett version has them, too)

  34. silverchimes says:

    Wow! I’m surprised that you counted both versions of Crimson and Clover.

    Robyn Hitchcock – Everybody Needs Love

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t want to encourage people to go through the list of songs and look for a bunch of cover versions to up the number, but it’s fine with me if you happen to find two versions of the same song.

      (That makes perfect sense to me.)

  35. crankypants says:

    Jim White–Burn the River Dry

  36. crankypants says:

    Butcher Boy–Carve A Pattern

    (I think those are ba-bas, I have too much background noise)

  37. crankypants says:


    I am not 100% sure if those are ba-bas I hear, I don’t have headphones.

  38. silverchimes says:

    Pipas – Wells Street

    You can see the live version on YouTube – here

    • crankypants says:

      omg I was just going to put up a Pipas song too…. but I don’t think it will count based on the title, if you just listen it sounds like ba-bas but it’s called Barbapapa.

      also I keep soming across this stuff on that is already up here, like Talulah Gosh. grrrr, I should know better when I hear this type of music!

      • M-----l says:

        If you had somehow given me that song without its title, I would’ve definitely accepted it. Knowing the true nature of those repetitive syllables, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to.

        Hey, maybe there are official ba-bahs in the rest of the song. We only got to hear 30 seconds. (Who puts a 30 second song sample up on the internet anyway? What is this, 1999?)

        • crankypants says:

          I think I saw Yahoo music had a link to it too (probably the whole thing and there may have been a YT video too), but the rest of the song is like the sample so I just left it. If you want to hear the rest you can google it. If I hadn’t given you the title, sure, it would have been a ba-ba song but it would have been a ba-ba song without a title. oh well.

      • silverchimes says:

        Pipas has a least two or three more ba-ba songs (based on the 30 second snippets on eMusic). However, I worked until 8pm both Saturday and Sunday so I haven’t had a lot of time for searching out the entire songs.

        I like Pipas fairly well, so I might get one of their albums when my subscription renews.

  39. silverchimes says:

    Pipas – Barbapapa

    I’m not usually a fan of talking in a song (songs are for singing, you know), but this one is not that bad.

  40. crankypants says:

    Haha! You know, I heard a few doo-doo songs over the weekend (over the last week, really) but the whole thing feels false. Hotrod doesn’t keep up with it, and I have found more than he has. Ba-ba forever!

  41. silverchimes says:

    Maia Hirasawa – Gothenburg

  42. crankypants says:

    my count is up to 87.

  43. crankypants says:

    I thought I heard ba-bas on the Fairways’ Postcard Picture Perfect. I see you have others from them, do you have a copy of that song? I can’t seem to find it on the interwebs.

    • M-----l says:

      That song is on Is Everything All Right?, one of my best finds of the year. I listened to the whole thing ten times (per company policy), but I didn’t hear any ba-bahs on that song. I found four others on that CD, though. Maybe I confused my titles. I’ll listen again.

  44. crankypants says:

    Free Loan Investments–If You Leave (OMD cover)

    scroll about halfway down. I had a tough time finding it!

  45. crankypants says:

    from the same (pretty cool, it seems) site, Wonder for all–Holiday

  46. crankypants says:

    Parallelograms–Hurt Like a Heart Attack

    i like that one! (I have another one but am trying to find it)

  47. crankypants says:

    Teardrop Explodes–Passionate Friend

    the first one I found was by Fat Tulips but damned if I could find it on the internet, it’s from a 1991 EP.

  48. crankypants says:

    the other one I can’t find is the Pooh Sticks’ Indiepop Ain’t Noise Pollution. it’s on an album called Orgasm.

  49. crankypants says:

    that is potentially 6 right there. Maybe I WILL get us to 1,000 singlehandedly (from here on out) of course I got very little work done in the last hour or 2….

    • M-----l says:

      That’s a lot for one day–and I thank you–but I can’t help but wonder if you’ve found a way to cheat at this. You didn’t discover another list out there or something, did you?

      (I decided against the Fairways song from yesterday.)

      • crankypants says:

        yeah, like I said, I wasn’t sure if I heard ba-bas or not. my speakers and my ears aren’t that good.

        and no, I am not cheating! it’s all that twee pop shit that keeps coming up in my recommendations on, I guess some days you’re hot and some days you’re not. Today just happened to be a ba-bariffic day, and there were even a few that came up that were already on the list.

  50. crankypants says:

    Cars Can Be Blue–D in the P

    scroll down to the bottom, it’s a really short song. (and dirty!)

  51. crankypants says:

    Okay, if 3 or 4 comments come up here with The Deirdres Claire Are We Safe To Be On Our Own? then delete all but the second. I think the link is borking it or else it’s WP.

  52. crankypants says:

    okay my comments mentioning or linking to hype machine are not coming up. google the song and you’ll see it on hypem

    and I have another one–the Would Be Goods–Amaretto

  53. crankypants says:

    oh sorry! i have to get out of here.

    • M-----l says:

      Yeah, maybe you need to step back for a day and listen to music you actually like.

      • crankypants says:

        haha…this is all coming up on my ‘recommended’ radio on, which means they are picking stuff based on what I put hearts next to, or artists I search. I am enjoying most of these songs, it’s just strange how inundated I am with this kind of music though because I’ve been listening to so much different stuff over the last couple weeks. I was listening to “Ennio Morricone radio” which gave me a lot of soundtrack stuff last week. Before that it was old jazz singers/musicians via Dinah Washington radio. Earlier this week I was listening to Chris Whitley radio, so it’s strange I am not getting more of a mix for my recommended radio. I guess I’ll have to switch to something more specific to get out of this TPS rut!

  54. crankypants says:

    oh it was Nina Simone, not Dinah Washington :P

  55. crankypants says:

    even when I listen to Mexican music I find ba-bas….

    liquits – desde que

  56. crankypants says:


    hello seahorse!–4

    it’s only a snippet but the ba-bas come at the end.

    And that might be 100 for me. maybe 99. Maybe 101.

  57. crankypants says:

    my comment is awaiting moderation? Am I being ba-ba-ba-banned?!

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t know what that was about. I didn’t do anything. Maybe WordPress thought you were a spammer since you’ve left 37 comments on this post in the last two days. It’s funny that your comment about being moderated went through, though. Who knows? WordPress is weird.

  58. crankypants says:

    Natalia Lafourcade–Cursis Melodias

    pretty sure there are ba-bas in there eventually. lalas and doodoos too.

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t know what the heck she’s saying, but there’s something in there that sort of sounds like ba-ba. I’d probably reject that song on most days, but it’s just about the only Spanish pop song I’ve ever enjoyed so it’s going on the dang list anyway.

  59. crankypants says:

    you will be so glad I won’t be around for nearly 3 days starting tomorrow (well bedtime tonight). At least I lessened the burden of making it to 1000 by Dec. 31st.

  60. silverchimes says:

    Passion Pit – Make Light

    They are background ba-bas (at least, I think they are).

    • M-----l says:

      There’s some sort of repetitive syllable at 1:33, but I can’t tell what it is. I hear “ba-ba”, but I might just be imagining it for the list. I really can’t tell. I’ve added it to the list, but I wish someone else would give it a listen and decide one way or the other. I really don’t want to listen a third time.

      By the way, I googled the terms “passion pit” and “ba ba” to see if I could find anywhere that mentioned ba-bahs in the lyrics to that song. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find a song by Los Campesinos! that definitely was a ba-ba song.

      It almost felt like cheating.

      • silverchimes says:

        Passion Pit is definitely one that you can’t listen to repetitively. Sorry about that, but at least you found the Los Campensinos! song. I’m listening to it now – a very nice ba-ba song.

        • M-----l says:

          I wasn’t suggesting it was a bad song. I just happened to be listening to something else at the time. I had to put it on pause while I listened to the Passion Pit song and I couldn’t tell what I was hearing and it just got frustrating. I like it best when the songs are straight-forward ba-bahs. My brain plays tricks on me when the songs fall in that gray area.

  61. silverchimes says:

    The Januaries – The Girls Insane

    On YouTube there is only the Thievery Corporation remix of the song and it doesn’t have the ba-bas. I bought the album from the iTunes store (with DRM!). I’ll see if I can “re-rip” a CD I made from the AAC files.

  62. crankypants says:

    I dunno, the lyrics on 2 sites say this is “bop bop a chu da bopa”

    Buddy Knox–Lovey Dovey

    I’ll let you decide.

    • M-----l says:

      “Lovey Dovey” is awesome and I’d like to include it despite the lyrical discrepancy. Were the lyrics official from the artist or just something some weirdo transcribed?

      • crankypants says:

        Well, you know all those lyrics sites, it came up that way on 2 of them. I didn’t search any further than that as to where they came from, so I really don’t know. But you should go to youtube and listen to Chi-hua-hua.

        • M-----l says:

          Some of the musicians put the official lyrics on their websites and I’d find it hard to disregard those even if the song sounded like it had ba-bahs in it. It’s easy to ignore those stupid lyrics sites, though. I’ll have to listen to “Lovey Dovey” nine more times and decide.

          • crankypants says:

            yeah, and I figure a lot of the lyrics sites get what they can from the official artist sites or sheet music. but like I said I didn’t look for any official Buddy Knox site.

            here’s another I think may be ‘bop’s from that era–Rick Nelson–It’s Late. but it doesn’t come up in the lyrics probably since it’s in the background:

  63. crankypants says:

    even if it gets shot down I found a great song by the same guy called Chi-hua-hua on YT.

    • M-----l says:

      Hey, I found about ten of your comments in my spam folder. I added a song by the Pipas. I think I’m going to pass on Buddy Knox and Ricky Nelson. They’re not definitive ba-bahs and that’s really what I should be shooting for.

      • crankypants says:

        that was probably the day I made like 60 comments here.
        wait—you gave Barbapapa a spot, even though clearly it’s not ba-bas? Have you been starting on the eggnog a little early?

        • M-----l says:

          I don’t know if it’s ba-bahs or what. I didn’t actually listen to the thing. If they’re singing barbapapa then I’ll take it off.

          Please cut me some slack. I’m drunk Voxin’ here.

          • crankypants says:

            You rejected it on the 15th.

            Also I am listening to Passion Pit, the one Silverchimes posted, with the naked ear it sounds like ba-bas to me. but I cannot listen to that band, it’s like nails on a chalkboard (the voice) and then just a lot of cacophony in the background. I’m not sure how they got so popular. (sorry silverchimes and anyone else who likes them)

          • M-----l says:

            Okay, Passion Pit is in. “Barbapapa” is out. “Kokomo Island” is in. “Lovey Dovey” is out. Rick Nelson is out. From here on in, I’m only including definites. I’m getting a headache.

            I’m also going to delete about half these comments over the weekend. Homey can’t even view this post anymore, it’s gotten so big.

          • silverchimes says:

            I’m really not a huge fan of Passion Pit. I’m just on the “2009″ phase of my year long listening project and their album “Manners” was released that year. Dave Raleigh (also one of my friends) was listening to them a lot when the album came out so I downloaded it from eMusic. I’ve only listened to it 3-4 times since then!

  64. crankypants says:

    Yeah, this post usually loads really slow for me especially on my home computer. I’m sure it doesn’t help that some of my links came up as YT videos.
    I didn’t mean to cause you any headaches, I just wanted to point out that you’d rejected Barbapapa a while ago, etc.

  65. silverchimes says:

    I just had a major flashback to my freshman year in college.

    The B-52′s – Butterbean

    The ba-bas start at 3:40 in case you want to skip over the song part.

  66. crankypants says:

    here’s another ba-ba/bop/bop song—Tommy Blake-Flat Foot Sam (it’s the middle one)
    (figured it was better than linking to the YT videos…)

  67. crankypants says:

    okay…here’s one–it came up on as The Crickets, but it’s Buddy Holly and…(of course) “It’s Too Late

    (right before the 2 minute mark)

    • M-----l says:

      I have that song and have listened to it since I started this list, but I somehow missed the ba-bahs. I don’t know. Maybe I heard them as bops or something. It sounds good now, though, so thanks.

    • M-----l says:

      Thanks. I hope you don’t mind but I turned the video into a link. I wasn’t able to watch the video from here anyway due to some stupid YouTube restrictions.

      As you may have noticed, I also turned your other videos into links and deleted all the comments originally posted on Vox. This post is too long as it is and I think it’ll load faster without all the old comments (many of which didn’t import properly anyway). I’ll probably go back and combine some of the more recent comments and delete a few as I continue the clean-up.

  68. crankypants says:

    Henry’s Dress–Self-Starter

    (the ba-bas come at the end, sorry about the video, I couldn’t find the song anywhere)

  69. crankypants says:

    I really can’t tell if this is ba-bas, da-das, ba-das, or da-bas. Maybe it’s none of the above.

    You Am I–Mr. Milk.

  70. crankypants says:

    no why did that one come up as a video and not the other one? (sorry) and the questionable ba-bas start somewhere around 2:20 or 2:25 I think.

    • M-----l says:

      To make it even worse, Sony Music Entertainment wouldn’t let me play the dang thing. I had to go to YouTube (grrr). Like you, I couldn’t tell what the heck they were saying. I looked the lyrics up on two sites and both said it was a da-da song. Oh well.

      • crankypants says:

        I saw that on one lyric site, but when I listened close it sounded like it could have had some bas in there so I figured I’d let you decide. oh well indeed!
        and just because I actually listened to “twee tag radio” I came up w/almost nothing. I guess I have to quit trying!

  71. silverchimes says:

    990! So close. I gonna do some serious listening for ba-ba’s today since I won’t be in the lab. (yea!).

  72. silverchimes says:

    Poe – Haunted

    It’s not really a happy ba-ba song, but there are plenty of ba-ba’s there.

    • M-----l says:

      Happy has nothing to do with it. A lot of my favorite ba-ba songs (“7:30″, “Retrieval of You”, “Care of Cell 44″, etc.) are downright depressing.

      Thanks for the addition.

  73. homebody says:

    Greenberry Woods – #37 (Feels So Strange)

    • M-----l says:

      Thanks. It looks like we might be able to wrap things up in the next few days. I’d probably contribute more if I stopped listening to the same Sneetches and Robyn Hitchcock CDs over and over again.

  74. silverchimes says:

    The Brilliant Corners – Shangri-la

    It’s fairly good. I could probably do without the last 2.5 minutes of the song, though.

    • M-----l says:

      Dang! I just got Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joy Ride in the mail two days ago, but I haven’t listened to it yet. I’ve really been looking forward to putting it on and finding a bunch of ba-bahs. It looks like you beat me to it. Did you listen to all the other songs or just happen to find “Shangri-la”?

      • silverchimes says:

        I listened to the whole album while doing other things, so I wasn’t giving it my full attention. Shangri-la came on while I was on the train so my attention was a bit more focused.

  75. silverchimes says:

    The Legend – This Town

    This is a June Brides cover. There’s a free download on

  76. crankypants says:

    brideshead–love makes the sun shine bright.

    source 1 didn’t work, #2 kept buffering, but plays.

  77. crankypants says:

    OMG!! 999!! I found one but it’s already on the list. dang.

  78. crankypants says:

    DAMN! I found another one but it’s already up there.

  79. hotrod says:

    HA! No, but there is one. Baaah-ba-ba-bum, baaah-ba-ba-bum….

  80. homebody says:

    Hmm…. at the very, very end of Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” are potential ba-bas. Or bom-boms…

  81. silverchimes says:

    Cool! 1000 songs! A lot happens when I’m asleep.

    Not that you need another one…
    Ivy – While We’re in Love

  82. crankypants says:

    Oh well, it’s fitting you got your own 1000th! I was so busy all day, I only had on for a little bit and the 2 or 3 ba-ba songs I heard were repeats. Congrats on a thousand. I bought 9 mini cupcakes to celebrate.

  83. crankypants says:

    sorry, no red velvet. The box has 3 each of 3 flavors. Take it up with Joe. Trader Joe. I have something else though I think I will send out to you.

  84. crankypants says:

    You must have all the c86 ba-bah songs already.

  85. crankypants says:

    I don’t know about this one, I thought I heard ba-bas way at the end but I think my ears are messing with me.

    Modesty Blaise–Carol Mountain

    • M-----l says:

      I think I hear what you’re talking about at the end, but it’s too hard for me to hear anything for certain. There’s a bit of background vocalizing that might be ba-bah, but it’s drowned out by horns before I can get my ears tuned in. I’m going to hold off on that one, I think. Very cool song, though. I liked it enough to accidentally purchase A Beginner’s Guide to Modesty Blaise for $2.49 on Amazon.

  86. crankypants says:

    Groove Farm–The Best Part of Being With You

    I’m in a hurry so I haven’t found the song yet but the lyrics have it!!

    Glad you liked MB enough to accidentally make a purchase! I thought they sounded pretty good too and that you might like them.

    PS I am headed to the PO in a few minutes just to give you a heads up to look for an envelope for Babo sometime next week.

    • M-----l says:

      Hey, are you just plugging ba-ba bands into google and seeing what pops up? That’s completely against the spirit of the ba-ba search.

      (I’ll tell Sailor Babo to keep an eye out for the mail.)

      • crankypants says:

        I’m insulted that you would even suggest such a thing!
        Most of what I’ve found lately is via

        • M-----l says:

          Sure, but how did you end up with the lyrics to the song without having the song itself? That sounds suspicious.

          • crankypants says:

            I heard it on
            I did a quick search, only saw sketchy mp3 download sites, couldn’t find it on their myspace, saw that someone had the lyrics and clicked on it, saw ba-bas and there you go. If you like, after I walk the dog I will search harder for the actual song.

          • M-----l says:

            Ahh, you’d heard the song, but hadn’t actually found a copy of it. I misunderstood. I thought you hadn’t even heard it yet. This whole thing would probably make more sense if I knew how worked.

            No need to search for the actual song. I’m (mostly) just goofing with you anyway.

  87. crankypants says: is basically a radio. You can search for an artist or a genre or a tag and then play that ‘radio station’, and it will come up with artists that are similar. You can then try ‘recommended’ radio, or your neighbor’s radio or a mix of what you have already been playing, and you can “love” a track, and that helps with your recommendations. Lately my recommended radio is a lot of old old blues and c86 stuff and not a whole lot more. It gets interesting. So anyway, I can’t link to songs on there for you. If you joined I could send it to you via a ‘shout’ or message, like I send Silverchimes Jennifer songs. Homey knows too! Just a thought for some of those harder to find songs.

  88. crankypants says:

    here’s another questionable one

    Girls at Our Best–Fast Boyfriends

    click on the music note next to the song and a WMA file pops up. every time I thought it was wa-wa (it’s at the very end) then it started to sound like ba-ba.

  89. crankypants says:

    Cloud Cult–Everybody Here Is a Cloud
    I thought I gave you this already but I guess it was something else to do with clouds.

    ohhh Half-handed Cloud was the one I was thinking of.

    • M-----l says:

      I can’t seem to play the Girls at Our Best song. I’m going to skip it since you seem to think it’s a wa-wa anyway. I’ve added the cloud song, though.

  90. crankypants says:

    We should have 1,011 by 2011!

  91. silverchimes says:

    I listened to Silver Sun’s “You Are Here” this morning on the bus and thought it was a gold mine of ba-bas. You’ve already got them, dang it!

    • M-----l says:

      There’s still a lot of their music I haven’t gotten to yet, but I definitely remember listening to You Are Here over the summer. Gold mine, indeed!

    • phantomxii says:

      Good catch on The Bravery’s “Angelina”, silverchimes. I knew “Time Won’t Let Me Go” was on this list, but I just heard the ba-bas on “Angelina” while listening to that excellent album this morning, and I see you’re already on it. :-)

  92. silverchimes says:

    R.E.M. – Near Wild Heaven

    • M-----l says:

      Ooh, that’s a really good one. Enough years have gone by…maybe I should finally revisit Out of Time. I wonder if it still has that horrible guest spot from KRS-One (who I’m pretty sure I saw in the “Near Wild Heaven” video) or if they’ve maybe edited out his contribution.

  93. crankypants says:

    Megafaun–Find Your Mark

    there’s a whole minute of ba-bas I think….

  94. crankypants says:

    oooh i’m on a roll!

  95. homebody says:

    Jesus and Mary Chain – Cut Dead (acoustic)

  96. crankypants says:

    Richard Hell and the Voidoids–The Kid With The Replaceable Head

    it should work when you click on the song, it’s working for me, anyway, if not, try YT.

  97. crankypants says:

    shit! sorry about the entire video, one of these days I’ll follow the instructions you gave me.

  98. silverchimes says:

    Lindsey Buckingham – Countdown

    I saw him play at The Back Room in Austin, TX on his “Out of the Cradle” tour. Can’t remember if he played Countdown or not, though.

  99. crankypants says:

    Okay, because I am a weirdo and I lave a thing for lists and counting certain things, I counted up —wait—I printed out this list of ba-ba songs, THEN I counted how many I had found, then homebody, then silverchimes.

    (as of 9:18 pm eastern time, 1/24/11)—-
    Homebody: 155
    Crankypants: 123
    Silverchimes: 81

    I honestly thought Homey was up around the 300 mark, I guess all the runs of artists with ba-ba songs she finds is a little deceiving. or something.
    thus endeth my nerdballism. (for tonight)

  100. crankypants says:

    Damn, you have the Bobby Bare Jr ba-ba song! I asked him what song it was and he said it was on one that I got, I told him I have a friend who collects ba-ba songs, he said well, you know, it’s the same in Portuguese! haha! Well, it was funny when he said it.

  101. homebody says:

    Cinerama – Kerry Kerry

  102. crankypants says:

    Strawberry Alarm Clock–Incense and Peppermints. Those are ba-bas at the beginning right?oh yeah, if you lip read…

    • M-----l says:

      I’ve gone back and forth on that song. I rejected it last time, but it really sounds like ba-bahs at the beginning in the video. That’s good enough for me.

  103. crankypants says:

    The Association–Never My Love

    i hope that works for you, it may actually be the whole song.

  104. crankypants says:

    I wondered why it wasn’t up there, but it seemed pretty obvious to me though maybe it was too many das and not enough bas?

    • M-----l says:

      The Association’s Greatest Hits was one of the very first CDs I put on when I started looking. Of the 13 songs on the CD, there were 3 definites and about a half dozen questionables (including “Never My Love”). I even brought out the fancypants headphones and listened that way. It was very frustrating and I eventually just gave up.

  105. crankypants says:

    Oooh, I’m hearing a different version on YT than on, I think. I know why it frustrated you. I am almost positive I heard a version that has more distinct ba-bas.

  106. crankypants says:

    never mind, I am tripping. I can’t trust my ears anymore.

  107. crankypants says:

    Strawberry Alarm Clock – Tomorrow

  108. crankypants says:

    hey don’t forget to give proper credit on that Zombies tune…!

  109. crankypants says:

    Okay, I guess maybe since it was at the top of the Zs I didn’t notice it, or was looking for a “The” ahead of it or something. Oh well. I believe you, I’ll forget to check the list anyway. if i can find it haha!

  110. Pants of Cranky says:

    For some reason Turdpress is not showing a log in anywhere on here, after I was, for some unknown reason, logged out.

    Fresh & Onlys–Summer of Love

  111. silverchimes says:

    For the last 6 weeks or so I’ve been working everynight until 10 or 11 pm then coming home and having some sort of mental breakdown. In lieu of a mental breakdown, last night I decided to buy a bunch of music.

    The Orchids – Bringing You the Love

    • M-----l says:

      I’ve noticed you haven’t been around lately. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going crazy from overwork, but at least you’ve remembered the healing power of new tunes.

  112. crankypants says:

    Julian Lennon – Too Late For Goodbyes

  113. silverchimes says:

    Lisa Loeb – Garden of Delights

    Left work at 9 pm tonight. Hoping I can make it home before 8 pm at least one day this week. Sorry I’ve missed all of the voting on your facial hair!

  114. crankypants says:

    Hi Homey!! (waves furiously) (well, it’s not that I’m furious, just furiously waving)

  115. homebody says:

    Astrud Gilberto – Não Bate e Coroção

  116. homebody says:

    appliance repair guy – acapella scat song

  117. sailorbabo says:

    Delta Spirit – People C’mon

  118. crankypants says:

    Beach Boys–Vegetables
    well the lyrics say it’s ‘bop-bop” I’ll let you decide, though you probably already heard it and decided against it.

  119. crankypants says:

    Sagittarius–Would You Like to Go

    (I put a space in after the .com/ to try to avoid putting up the whole video)
    you can skip to 1:40

  120. crankypants says:

    Bright Eyes–Make a Plan To Love Me

  121. crankypants says:

    So, I was in Trader Joe’s tonight and after I had sampled the meatballs, fixed myself a tiny cup of coffee with, for the hundredth time, WAY too much half and half because the thing just dumps it all right in there with no portion control possible, and as I was trying not to burn my mouth or fingers on said coffee, I noticed over the speakers a song which contained ONLY ba-bas. I hadn’t been paying enough attention heretofore to know if there were other lyrics, and I couldn’t hear it well enough to get a handle on the voices, if they were recognizable or not, all I can tell you is there had to be at least a full minute of ba-bas and only ba-bas at the end of the song, and that it seemed that it was Oldies of the 1960s Night at the Ardmore Trader Joe’s. I remember a Beach Boys song, and that the other couple songs I heard were from that era. Now you are either going to tell me, Oh yeah, that’s probably … or else you are going to make a face at me and say, do you really expect me to know what the hell you are talking about?
    All I’m really saying is that I heard a genuine ba-ba song tonight that was probably from the 1960s, but I have no way of identifying it. I could google it but that would be cheating, right? I wouldn’t want to cheat a ba-ba.
    The End.
    Good Night.

  122. homebody says:

    Josh Rouse – Wonderful (Subtítulo version)

    • M-----l says:

      I wonder why I have some rare demo version up there and managed to overlook the album version. Maybe I haven’t heard Subtítulo in awhile. It is my least favorite Rouse.

  123. homebody says:

    Whoever does Irene Jacobs voice in The Double Life of Veronique – whatever she is ba-ing at 40 minutes 33 seconds into the film

  124. crankypants says:

    The Millennium–Sing To Me

    Good song too. I’m finding a bunch of old late 60s groups on
    Have you heard Grapefruit?

  125. crankypants says:

    The Free Design–My Brother Woody

  126. crankypants says:

    1131. Free Design – My Brother Woody (crankypants)

  127. crankypants says:

    The Association–Along Comes Mary

    pretty sure those are ba-bas and baba-du-baaaas

  128. crankypants says:

    Curt Boettcher–That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be

  129. crankypants says:

    The Free Design–Bubbles

  130. crankypants says:

    Spanky & Our Gang–Sunday Will Never Be The Same
    Spanky & Our Gang–Lazy Day

  131. crankypants says:

    lolz @ cranky/spanky

  132. crankypants says:

    Burnt Ones–Famous Shakes

  133. crankypants says:

    Butterfly Boucher–Life Is Short

    I can’t believe I missed this before when I got one off this album already.

  134. crankypants says:

    Stevie Wonder–Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

    I think those are ba-bas. I also don’t know how I missed this one (unless you already rejected it) because I got another one off this album.

  135. crankypants says:

    Stevie Wonder–You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

    sounds like ba-bas in there to me, anyway.

    • M-----l says:

      I’m going to take your word on this one. There’s no way I’m going to listen to that schmaltzy poo right now. Minute Maid totally ruined that song for me.

  136. crankypants says:

    Aw, it’s not quite as schmaltzy when you actually listen to it.

  137. crankypants says:

    Brian Hyland–Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

  138. crankypants says:

    Freddie and the Dreamers–I Understand

  139. crankypants says:

    Spottiswoode & His Enemies–Nice Girl

    He has another one but I have to find out the name. Maybe upload it too, later.

  140. crankypants says:

    Surrounded by ba-bas…this came on in CVS when I ran in there a few minootas ago, thankfully you won’t have to listen to the whole thing like I did waiting in line.

    Swing Out Sister–Somewhere in the World

  141. silverchimes says:

    It’s been awhile since I found a ba-ba song!

    Yeah Yeah Noh – The Superimposed Man

  142. homebody says:

    The Clientele – George Says He Has Lost His Way In This World

  143. homebody says:

    Pipas – Barbapapa

    • M-----l says:

      Are you sure about this one? I think someone has already submitted it, but it might’ve gotten rejected. I can’t remember and I don’t have the song to listen to.

      • crankypants says:

        I submitted this one but I think we both rejected it because the lyrics said it was “barbapipa”, even though it sounds like “ba-ba pipa”, if I remember correctly.

        • M-----l says:

          It looks like you and Silverchimes both submitted that song. And now Homey is joining in. Maybe I should include the song just so nobody else submits it.

  144. homebody says:

    Pipas – Rock and/or Roll

  145. crankypants says:

    McDonalds–I’m Lovin It

  146. crankypants says:

    Sondre Lerche–Ricochet

    I feel bad about this one. Homey alerted me to his new album being $3.99 on Amazon daily download deal today, I get those notifications but I missed it. So really Homey should get it, but, whatever. This is a competeition dammit. What? it’s not?

  147. crankypants says:

    competition, even.

    • M-----l says:

      If that’s how it works, then I should get credit…as I sent her an e-mail yesterday telling her Sondre Lerche’s new one comes out today. Hooray for me!

  148. crankypants says:

    oh, so you’re taking credit then?
    I love how this new swanky fancypants comment box has the twitter and facebook log ins and now it takes forever to post.

    • M-----l says:

      I usually think the person who submits the song should get the credit, but a part of me also feels that you need to be punished for submitting the McDonald’s commercial theme.

      (Yay, now people can ignore my posts with two more services!)

  149. M-----l says:

    Hey Cranky,

    I’m not sure if you’re still keeping tracking of your numbers, but I saw fit to remove your “Pleasant Valley Sunday” today. I heard it in the car and it sounds like a ta-ta song to me.


    • crankypants says:

      Listening to it again on the video I can see (well, hear) what you mean. However, as crappy as the sound on the video is, I still hear ba-bas sometimes, along with da-das or ta-tas and it appears that everyone is saying “ba-ba’ except for Mike who of course has to be different and is saying ta-ta or da-da.

      • M-----l says:

        Where is this video? I can’t find your original comment above.

        • crankypants says:

          Oh whoa, you’re right (maybe)…I found a YT audio only version which is clearer, but also that part is MUCH more pronounced and it definitely sounds like ta-ta, but here is the video so you can see and hear what I meant.

          and here’s the audio only one I just heard:

          • M-----l says:

            First off, M—–l Nesmith is awesome. You can almost tell he hates being in the band. He was the best, though. The Monkees recently came to town, but it was only the other three so I skipped the show.

            As far as the first video goes, they’re either doing a horrible job miming the words or the audio and the visual aren’t synced up properly. Sometimes it looks like Dolenz is saying ba-ba, but it never sounds like it to me. I don’t think I hear anything definitive at least.

            The audio on the second video is the same version I have on CD. It always sounds like ta-ta to me.

  150. crankypants says:

    Eternity’s Children–Mrs. Bluebird

  151. homebody says:

    Band À Part – Una persona normal con gafas de metal

  152. crankypants says:

    M—–l Holliday–Starry Eyed

    They kind of sound like “bong”s to me. But Hotrod could use it as a doo-doo song.

  153. crankypants says:

    Gene Pitney– Every Breath I Take

    (could be bop-bops)

  154. homebody says:

    the wilderness of manitoba – sea song

  155. crankypants says:

    Southeast Engine–Let It Be So (babas at around 2:40)
    if you like them they will be in Cincinnati Sept. 3 at the Motr Pub.

  156. crankypants says:

    Have Gun, Will Travel–Blessing and a Curse

  157. homebody says:

    I Hate You Just Kidding – Home

    (The singer is my neighbor’s daughter!)

  158. homebody says:

    Yo La Tengo – From Black to Blue (the bas are near the end)

  159. crankypants says:

    I came across a scrap of paper with a Comet Gain song scribbled on it and I couldn’t get rid of it till I remembered to check your ba-ba list. Well, I’m pretty sure it was the same one I did give you but I decided to listen to some Comet Gain songs on Myspace (or My__ as it’s now so cleverly monikered) thinking there might be more ba-bas. After the first few they really didn’t seem like a band whose lyrics would yield too many ba-bas, but I listened on, because for some reason I could not stop. The music is decent. After 30-some-odd songs I was about to give up and decided okay, one more, and wouldn’t you know it: a ba-ba song.

    Comet Gain–Labour

    The End

  160. crankypants says:

    Menswear–Being Brave

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  162. crankypants says:

    lolz @ “fake Chris Whitley” (do you think it’s really Homebody?)

  163. crankypants says:

    I have 2 potentials from The Aluminum Group but I am having a hard time finding them on the internet. “Sad Gay Life” and “Steam”. Steam I thought I heard ba-bas in the 30 second Amazon sampler. The other one was on and i can’t play it again unless it comes up again on its own. But here is one of their videos which is in keeping with the recent It theme:

  164. crankypants says:

    The Aluminum Group–John John’s (Jr’s) Plane

    I’m liking these guys, gonna get some used CDs from Amazon

  165. crankypants says:

    The Pearlfishers–We’re Gonna Save the Summer

    as soon as this song started I knew it was going to be a ba-ba song.

  166. crankypants says:

    I don’t know, I think I hear ba-bas but there is so much going on in this song I can’t quite tell.

    The Free Design–Umbrellas

  167. crankypants says:

    Papas Fritas–My Revolution

  168. crankypants says:


    it’s kind of like ‘baum ba-bu baum’. so I don’t know.

    • M-----l says:

      I heard the first half of that Komeda album in a record store back in July and pulled two ba-bahs from it. Thanks for taking care of the second half…I had to leave the store before I could finish the CD.

      • crankypants says:

        I saw that you had a couple Komeda songs I didn’t know. I just have that one album and am starting to get some coming up on I should probably investigate more of their CDs.

  169. homebody says:

    Stereolab – Changer (at least the version on that BBC comp)

  170. homebody says:

    Stereolab – Peng 33

  171. homebody says:

    Stereoland – Moogie Wonderland

  172. homebody says:

    Stereolab – Lo Boob Oscillator

  173. homebody says:

    Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie

  174. homebody says:

    Robert Forster – Pandanus

  175. crankypants says:

    So is there a goal to hit by 2012?

    • M-----l says:

      Why, do you want to quit?

      I don’t really have a number goal right now. 1,234 was the big one for me. I always intended to compile 4 volumes of the Ba-Ba Box Set, but it’s been a long time since I put together the third one. Maybe I should get to work on that. I don’t really know.

      • crankypants says:

        Quit? are you kidding? Ba-ba finding and baseball and coffee are about the only reasons I have to get up in the morning. Also, I often have to pee, or let the dog out to.

        No, it’s just that last year you wanted to hit 1,000 by the end of the year.

        • M-----l says:

          I think we would have trouble hitting 2,000 by the end of the year. We’d have to cheat with Google. Let’s say the goal is 1,500 and Volume 4 by 2012. Now get listening!

  176. crankypants says:

    I’m on it!

    Papas Fritas–Holiday

    (babas around the 2 minute mark)

  177. crankypants says:

    Saint Etienne–Don’t Back Down

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  179. andrea says:

    Hey, I’m looking for a song where the chorus is bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah. It sounds like a newer, indie song with some harmonics in the bah’s. Can you help me?

  180. crankypants says:

    Soundpool–Mirrors In Your Eyes

    sounds like babas to me at the end there

  181. crankypants says:

    The Whitlams–White Horses.
    I can’t find the song, only samples that don’t have the ba-da-ba-ba part at the end…grrrrr

  182. crankypants says:

    Julien Doré–Baie des Anges

  183. crankypants says:

    Okay I have been listening to the soundtrack to Head for a week or 2 straight in my car and I am not hearing a ba-ba anywhere in The Porpoise Song. What version do you have?

    • M-----l says:

      I was probably listening to the single version from the Best of the Monkees compilation CD. I’ll double-check this afternoon and make any necessary adjustments to the list.

      • crankypants says:

        I know there may be a couple versions, so far I haven’t found anything on YT. I’d like to hear the ba-ba version if you can post it somewhere though.

        • M-----l says:

          I’ve listened to the single version three times and it sounds like it might be a false positive. I think I must’ve misheard the “good-bye, good-bye” line. I’ve removed the song from the list.

  184. crankypants says:

    Well, here’s one to make up for the Monkees song I undid:

    Cucu Diamantes & Tucanes de Tijuana–Mi Burrito (Mexican Institute of Sound remix) (ba-bas around the 3:15 mark, or that’s when I noticed)

  185. crankypants says:

    Sparo–The Falling (MIS remix)

  186. crankypants says:

    annnnnd another—

    I think the song is Bikini and the artist is Carlo Coupe (MIS remix)

  187. crankypants says:

    Anita Tijoux–Despabilate (MIS remix)
    (they sound like ba-bas to me anyway)

  188. crankypants says:

    I can’t find it anywhere but I just heard it on, you’ll have to take my word on it (or not)

    The Crooner–Alberto Caeiro

    it’s chock full of ba-da-ba-bas.

  189. crankypants says:

    Cali–C’est Toujours Le Matin

    (around the 2 min mark)

  190. silverchimes says:

    Finally! I thought I’d go through the rest of my life without finding another ba-ba song.

    Metric – Empty.

    ba-ba-das are around the 4 minute mark.

  191. crankypants says:

    Thomas Dutronc–Nasdaq

    I think I heard a longer version of this song on, either way the one on the myspace player has ba-bas.

  192. crankypants says:

    Anais–J’sais pas

    (babas around 1:13)

  193. crankypants says:

    I think these are more buhs or bums but I’ll let you decide–

    Cream–I Feel Free

  194. silverchimes says:

    I don’t listen to Thai radio much anymore, but I happened to catch this song while working in the lab this afternoon. I’m happy that I finally found a Thai ba-ba song. The ba-bas start around 1.29.

    Paradox – คนบนฟ้า

    The English spelling would be “Kon Bon Faa” (“person in the sky”).

  195. Heathenjay says:

    You’re missing the best one: King Crimson – Easy Money

    • M-----l says:

      I just listened to 7:53 of that song and didn’t hear a single ba. I’ve been had!

      • phantomxii says:

        Without actually putting on the CD, the best transcription I can offer is “Be ba doo dow now, da doobie ow, bunna now, da doot do!” I have no idea what it says if you reverse the song, thus hearing that vocal played forwards.

        • M-----l says:

          I need a particular minute:second in the song when the ba-bahs begin. The song wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I can give up another 7:53 of my life listening all the way through again.

          • phantomxii says:

            The indecipherable singing in question starts around 0:14. Listening to it now, I’m not sure the part was recorded backwards; it almost sounds like someone pretending to sing backwards, with hopes of luring the listener into spinning the record backwards and growing only more confused. I wouldn’t put it past them. (If the lead vocal sounds familiar, it’s John Wetton, who had a couple of hits with Asia in the eighties.)

  196. crankypants says:

    glass pear–streets of love

    it’s a pretty crappy song, and for that I apologize in posting it here.

    There was a ba-ba song playing in the Indian restaurant we went to on Saturday night but I am pretty sure I’d never find it in a million years. I’d just call it Indian Ba-ba by Shere-E Punjab Radio if you want to include it.

    • M-----l says:

      Yes, that is a pretty crappy song. I’m happy he threw in some ba-bahs, though. The song would’ve been even worse if he’d tried to write real lyrics in that spot.

  197. crankypants says:

    La Tordue–Contre Vous

    (it’s at the end)

  198. homebody says:

    Girl in a Coma – Smart

  199. homebody says:

    Billy Williams – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

  200. crankypants says:

    Danny and the Juniors–At the Hop

  201. crankypants says:

    Glen Glenn–Don’t You Love Me

  202. silverchimes says:

    Ivy – Worry About You

    I haven’t put my iTunes on shuffle in a long time. Seems I find more ba-ba songs that way!

  203. crankypants says:

    Nancy Sinatra–Day Tripper

    you’re welcome.

  204. crankypants says:


    (there’s a video, or else 2nd song on the player on the side)

  205. crankypants says:

    Oh and another one..
    Elizaveta–Odi et Amo

  206. crankypants says:

    lol @ ‘homeybody’

  207. homebody says:

    Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina

  208. homebody says:

    Northern Picture Library – Skylight
    (I’m surprised you don’t have that one already!)

    • M-----l says:

      The Northern Picture Library and Jens Lekman songs are both ones I own and have listened to at least a dozen times. I will revisit those songs to hear what I’ve been missing.

  209. Mindy says:

    The Unicorns – Sea Ghost

    Telekinesis – Gotta Get It RIght Now

  210. crankypants says:

    I haven’t found a ba-ba song since Dec. 29th?!

  211. crankypants says:

    Go figure, I randomly started watching some Canadian tv show I’d never heard of called Being Erica on imdb and its theme is a ba-ba song.

    Lily Frost–All I Ever Wanted To Be

  212. homebody says:

    Sondre Lerche – Mr. Bassman

  213. crankypants says:

    I was in Trader Joe’s tonight and I heard what I thought was a baba song, The In Crowd. I looked it up, and it’s NOT the one by some young dorkface named Mitchel Musso but the oldie by Dobie Gray. I listened to it about 4 or 5 times and have concluded that it’s not a ba-ba song anyway.

  214. crankypants says:

    Once again, I started watching (this time) a movie, called Divorcing Jack, and bam! Ba-ba song.

    The only record of it I could find on the internet is a clip of the movie on YT. The credits say it is called Mr. Wonderful by Mike Flowers.

    • M-----l says:

      I watched Winchester ’73 last night. It featured Jimmy Stewart and a surprisingly cute Shelley Winters, but zero ba-ba songs. Oh well. Thanks for yours.

    • homebody says:

      Did you like the movie? Would you recommend for someone who likes David Thewlis?

      • crankypants says:

        I liked it. and yeah it’s probably good for someone who likes him. I had him mixed up with someone else at first and I had to stop the movie and look him up. I know the name but nothing that was listed for him is anything I’ve ever seen. Oh, wait…I have seen him in 3 things–The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, Gangster No. 1, and The Big Lebowski but I don’t remember him really. But he plays a sloppy, manic drunk Northern Irishman, he’s pretty good. Rachel Griffiths is good and if you’ve ever seen The Commitments (among other movies)you’ll recognize the taxi driver. Plus I think half the cast is in Harry Potter movies.

        • homebody says:

          Thanks – I definitely want to see it now. Outside of Harry Pottter the only thing I can remember seeing David Thewlis in was a rather goofy action-adventure time-travel movie with Gerard Butler in the cast.

  215. homebody says:

    Tronics – They’re Talking about Us

  216. crankypants says:

    okay what about Drive In Saturday?

    (my speakers here are crap & I have no headphones at work)

  217. crankypants says:

    they sound like ba-bas to me anyway…maybe they aren’t

  218. Mindy says:

    Terry Malts – Tumble Down

    • M-----l says:

      I heard that one in a record store this afternoon. I have the name and title written down on the bottom of a case of cat food. I guess I’ll still give you credit for it, though…since you took the time to leave a comment (two days ago). Thanks.

  219. crankypants says:

    another movie song! I have been trying to track down the actual track name to no avail. I get movie clips and soundtrack listings but not enough samples. The song “Get a Bloomin’ Move On” I found has da-das though it’s basically the same song.
    But anyway it’s from the 1969 The Italian Job soundtrack by Quincy Jones.

    Here is a clip, the ba-bas start (clearly heard) around 2:50. They come back later in the clip too.

  220. homebody says:

    Andrew Bird – Near Death Experience Experience

  221. silverchimes says:

    Paul Brill – The Royal Oui

    You can listen to it on his MySpace page

  222. M-----l says:

    ATTENTION! This page is loading slowly for me, so I’m going to go through and kill the videos and remove some of the links to songs I’ve already confirmed. I don’t know much about this stuff, but I hope that will speed things up a bit. I hope no one minds having their comments edited like that.

    Keep the songs coming. Thanks.

  223. homebody says:

    One of the songs that Eef Barzelay plays in the medley on the video on the current Clem Snide Kickstarter page:

  224. homebody says:

    Lily Frost – Pantomime

  225. homebody says:

    Lily Frost – Insatiable

  226. homebody says:

    Albin DE LA Simone & Vanessa Paradis – Adrienne (track 3 on le pop 5)
    Eddy (La) Gooyatsh – Le bosquet (per the Chaud album sound samples on

  227. homebody says:

    Carole King – Pleasant Valley Sunday (from The Legendary Demos, which Everyday had. Yay! But they didn’t have The Essential Carole King, so I hope Everybody or Shake It will, if I can wait that long.)

  228. homebody says:

    Eux Autres – Down Your Street

  229. homebody says:

    The School – You Make Me Hear Music (Inside My Head)

  230. crankypants says:

    Well of course I haven’t been able to find the whole song but here is part of it

    it’s the first one, Free Falling. The ba-bas were clearer in the movie but maybe you can make them out at the end of the clip. The song is credited to Jacket.
    actually you can watch the whole movie on Youtube, the song in question is in the opening sequence. It stars Ben Lee.

  231. crankypants says:

    crap! Why did that come up? I thought the short link didn’t do that! I’m sorry. You can fix it. Anyway the babas come up about a minute thirty in, when they are eating crayons.

    • M-----l says:

      I don’t know which is worse…coming here and seeing W’s yokel grin staring back at me or seeing Ben Lee’s bowling pin head. Either way, I’m deleting those guys.

      Am I supposed to add:

      Jacket – Free Falling

      I’m kind of confused. But thanks.

  232. crankypants says:

    yeah, that’s right.

  233. homebody says:

    The Yearning – Kiss You in the Summertime
    The Yearning – Don’t Call Me Baby

  234. crankypants says:

    The One AM Radio–Credible Threats

    (take out the spaces)
    it’s a pretty good song too. I have had this for a few years from a free Amazon sampler and am just listening to it now.

  235. crankypants says:

    did you edit my comment so the video would show up? because when I saw my comment posted it had showed up as a partial link and the rest with a couple spaces in it.

    • M-----l says:

      Yes, I put the spaces back in because I couldn’t otherwise follow the link. I’m not sure why I did it that way. It doesn’t make much sense now that I think of it. I guess I’d rather have a big video in the comments than a broken link. Who knows?

  236. homebody says:

    The Beach Boys – Gee
    The Beach Boys – Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock) (or it could be a bahm-bahm-bahm)

  237. homebody says:

    Saint Etienne – Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

  238. crankypants says:

    Darn it, I guess Homey does have that Chicas! CD, she got the Marisa Medina song I was going to post. Oh well. It only took 5 minutes and 58 tries to get the CD out of the car player.

  239. homebody says:

    The Ramones – This Ain’t Havana

  240. homebody says:

    Outkast featuring Norah Jones – Take Off Your Cool

  241. crankypants says:

    Rufus Wainwright–Out Of The Game
    Sounds like ba-bas around 2:10.
    It’s weird I heard this when I was in bed half asleep this morning and I heard the ba-bas more clearly. This seems to happen a lot. ba-bas or specific lyrics jump out at me that I don’t normally hear when I’m awake.

  242. crankypants says:

    (first or 2nd video)
    Dusty Trails–Dusty Happy End (from the Vincent D’Onofrio/Marisa Tomei movie Happy Accidents)
    ba-bas at about 2:18

  243. leviathon says:

    I saw king khan and the shrines recently at bumbershoot, they had an audience participation bit with ba ba ba ba in the chorus. Anyone know the song?

  244. homebody says:

    Gore Gore Girls – Your Last Chance

  245. homebody says:

    Beth Orton – Dawn Chorus

  246. homebody says:

    Bix Beiderbecke, Bing Crosby, and/or Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra (not sure which artist you should attribute this to, but I got it off a Bix Beiderbecke anthology) – There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth the Salt of My Tears

  247. crankypants says:

    Seal–Kiss From A Rose

  248. crankypants says:

    dammit, Homey already got Ivy–Ba Ba Ba. I heard it in CVS this morning.

  249. crankypants says:

    Kim Richey–Wreck Your Wheels
    (remove the spaces)

  250. crankypants says:

    United Future Organization–Good Luck Shore player/unitedfutureorganizationgoodluckshore.html?1=1&detect_bitrate=_2000
    (take out the space)

  251. crankypants says:

    truby trio–a festa com/watch?v=MrZHMUgcUI0
    I think it’s ba-bas not pa-pas, it’s hard to tell. (starts around the 5 minute mark)

  252. crankypants says:

    (starts around the 6:00 mark)

  253. crankypants says:

    Wow I can’t believe you don’t have this one:
    Pipas–Moss Oval!/artist/Pipas/235544

    (it’s under “Moss Oral” heh)

  254. crankypants says:

    I think I’ve heard more new ba-ba songs this week than in the last 6 months!

  255. crankypants says:

    Tahiti 80–Easy Way Out

  256. crankypants says:

    Komeda–Fire com/watch?v=miDkW2eRbrQ
    (I think it ba-bas around halfway through, I’m not mistaking the fire fires for ba-bas)
    (I don’t think)

    • M-----l says:

      I bought that CD earlier this year and rejected that song.

      • crankypants says:

        really? what did you determine the non ba-bas were?

        • M-----l says:

          I don’t remember. I listened to it 10 times, though. I will add it just so I don’t have to listen to it again.

          (I tried to like your Chase Utley, but I spent five minutes and I still couldn’t find the like button anywhere.)

          • crankypants says:

            Oh I’m not saying that I doubt you–I know my ears AND my speakers here at work aren’t good. Plus I have some background noise. You listened to it 10 times so I trust you. I was just wondering what it actually was. I’ll give it a closer listen at home. I’m not trying to bully you into adding it!!
            Were you signed in when you tried to like Chase?

  257. crankypants says:

    The Free Design–The Proper Ornaments
    no doubt on this one

  258. crankypants says:

    Okay I think this is a legit Komeda Ba-ba: Snurrig Bossanova

  259. crankypants says:

    Wondermints–On The Run

  260. crankypants says:

    I’m not sure about this one because the heater blower came on as the song was but I am hoping to check it out later so I’m going to leave it here: Monade–Ode To A Keyring

    • crankypants says:

      Okay after having trouble finding the one with vocals, I finally did and I don’t know, there is a small section where she is like, ba-da dah, ba-da da dahhh, but overall I don’t think it’s a very good ba-ba song. There were a bunch of bum-bum-bums.

  261. silverchimes says:

    ABC – S.O.S.

    I apologize about the cheesy 80s video link.

  262. silverchimes says:

    The Russian Futurists – Our Pen’s Out of Ink

  263. crankypants says:

    Citizen Cope – Nite Becomes Day

    I’ve had this CD for years, shows you how much I’ve listened to it, I heard it on the radio this morning. Actually I was just thinking about ba-bas or you and homey, I forget what, maybe all the snow when you visited, and boom, here comes a baba song.

    • M-----l says:

      I think you were really thinking about how totally awesome my KttD performance was. “Time of the Season” came on in the car this morning and I belted that thing out. I still got it!

      • crankypants says:

        haha! maybe that was it. You must have been in the car early!! I bet your car’s acoustics made you sound even better than KttD (do they still hold that do you know? Did I already ask about it this year?)

  264. crankypants says:

    Beatriz Luengo – Chicas de Revista

  265. silverchimes says:

    The Ocean Blue – Blow My Mind

    I was in Minneapolis last week and saw these guys live. It was kinda cool when the ba-bas started!

  266. silverchimes says:

    Whoa! Did I miss Volume 4 somewhere?

    • M-----l says:

      I just checked the old post where I unleashed Volume 4 on the world. You commented on it saying that you’d missed the download day because you were on vacation. I didn’t offer to send it to you at the time, but I will if you want. You probably already have most of the songs anyway.

  267. crankypants says:

    The Cat Empire – Protons Neutrons Electrons

  268. homebody says:

    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Sabor a Fresa
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Brincadeira
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Persecucion
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – The suitcase (or that might be da-das)
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Manias de Maria (I think.. if da-ba-da counts)
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – No te acuerdas de mi
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Un Dia de Lluvia
    Nueva Banda de Santisteban – Nuestro Ayer

    I bought you the copy of Sabor a Fresa they were playing in Everyday when I popped in for the new Matt Pond.

  269. homebody says:

    p.s., what happened to the link to Scott McCaughey’s shoe?!?

  270. crankypants says:

    Marcos Valle – On Line

  271. homebody says:

    Red House Painters – Katy Song (I’m pretty sure there are bas there in among the ra-das at the end)

  272. crankypants says:

    Van Hunt – Hold My Hand

  273. silverchimes says:

    Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand – Oh How I Miss You

    Ba-bas start around 2:23

  274. crankypants says:

    Earth Wind and Fire – Saturday Nite

  275. crankypants says:

    Tarmac Adam–Chalk on Slate

  276. Paul Thie says:

    I thought I had one but there it is number1065

    • M-----l says:

      I added the recent arrivals into the master list, so now it looks like you were listening to “I Think I Love You” by the Partridge Family.

  277. crankypants says:

    I still chuckle every time I see ‘Fake Chris Whitley’.

  278. silverchimes says:

    Violent Femmes – Promise
    Babas start around 1:41

  279. crankypants says:

    Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine–The Music That Nobody Likes

  280. homebody says:

    Iron & Wine – The Desert Babbler

  281. homebody says:

    Iron & Wine – Sundown (Back in the Briars)

  282. crankypants says:

    Skeleton Staff – Gateway to the Stars

  283. Nard says:

    Sly and the Family Stone – Everybody is a Star

  284. homebody says:

    Lenka – Dangerous and Sweet

  285. homebody says:

    Yo La Tengo – Black Flowers had ba-bas in Friday night’s show
    Yo La Tengo – Deeper Into Movies live acoustic, or at least I *think* that was the song (it included the lyric “sitting here alone” and night time), but would have been a much lighter/quieter version that the album version.

  286. crankypants says:

    testing testing
    maybe I can leave a comment without a youtube link

  287. homebody says:

    The Fastbacks – Midnight Confessions

  288. crankypants says:

    The “Ask Amy” theme

  289. crankypants says:

    for some reason every time I put in a link the comment goes somewhere farther up. so you can get the link from your email notification or look it up on YT–Talib Kweli–Get By

  290. no way says:

    theme song for UK 70s TV show “Jim’ll f*ck oops, I mean fix it”

  291. crankypants says:

    The Frank and Walters – After All

    you can play the song, it’s not typed out in the lyrics, but it’s around 2:15 or so, “la-la-la, da-da-da, ba-ba-ba”
    not a bad song either.

  292. crankypants says:

    Maybe you already dismissed this one but Monsters of Folk–Dear God

    sounds like ba-bas but maybe not

  293. Alan Gardner says:

    Have you considered Robbie Williams – Road to Mandalay

  294. crankypants says:

    Russian Army Choir – Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)

  295. homebody says:

    Maybe: Sufjan Stevens – Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time!

  296. homebody says:

    Also maybe: SS – Joy to the World

  297. crankypants says:

    Majestico–Semyaza Sings

  298. Kaul says:

    What is the song that has ‘ba da ba da etc.’ lyrics by a woman may be French, the ba de ba da de is similar to Astrud Gilberto’s Bossa na praia? please

  299. homebody says:

    Roy Perkins – Ba Da Ba Da

  300. homebody says:

    Roy Perkins – Drop Top

  301. crankypants says:

    Les Butcherettes–Poet From Nowhere

    (at the very end)

  302. Paul Thie says:

    lou reed – andy’s chest?

  303. Shalalalala says:

    I’ve been toying with this very idea for years, but now you’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

    However, I’m amazed, stunned, to find that you are lacking the song that, to me, is the King Of Ba-ba-ba records, the pinnacle indeed, and where my compilation would start:

    The Pattern People by The Fifth Dimension

    The way that the ba-ba-ba’s soar off skyward around the 2 minute mark gets me every time.
    (NB: best in glorious MONO)

    Good work!

    • M-----l says:

      I like their version of “Rosecrans Boulevard”, but I can’t say I’ve heard many other songs the 5th Dimension released. Perhaps I need to remedy that with a hits compilation or something.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I will add your song (and the other one from above) to the list.

      • Shalalalala says:

        Well, the hits are great an’all, but you’d be missing great album tracks and B sides. As much as I love them, I prefer the Gordon Waller version of Rosecrans Blvd.

  304. Shalalalala says:

    Exhibit B – The Ballad Of Ron Grainer

    Liverpool Band that grew out of The Cherry Boys. This song’s on their 1988 album Playing Dead. Not on Youtube, but it is on spottily.

  305. Shalalalala says:

    The Farmer’s Boys – In The Country

    I’m guessing you’d prefer this to the Cliff Richard original…

  306. crankypants says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have this one…
    Jill Sobule–Rainy Day Parade (it’s from 2000 but I just heard it on the radio for the first time.)
    https:/ /
    .com/watch ?v=q9fY7BrwfOY

  307. crankypants says:

    TV Girl–Birds Don’t Sing (I heard this on the radio today, I am pretty sure they were ba-bahs)

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