Hey, at least it’s not spoons.

First you could click on a fancy green box to open it and see all the records and CDs inside.  Then you could click on a plastic cat butt to see the second greatest Dunny ever.  Now I present you with the third post in this annoying series.  Just click on the bubbles to pop them and see what’s in the sink getting a good soak.

sink with bubbles

(pop, pop, pop)

I found these things in a moldy box in my cellar.  I’m not sure what happened to the Yoda.  I’m fairly certain I used to have the Yoda.

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Long May You Run

Here’s a screen capture of a post I wrote back in 2007 about the death of my beloved 3rd generation iPod Classic.  I include it here because I still get a kick out of the sad post-it face and because the post has been “private” since I moved over to WP.

death of an ipodWell, I never threw that iPod in the garbage.  I stuck it in a box of obsolete computer-related stuff…where it stayed until I rediscovered it a couple months ago.  I got the idea that I should try to bring it back to life.  I guess I was looking for a project.

I dug around online and found a few places that purport to sell replacement iPod batteries.  It’s all very unofficial, though, as Apple doesn’t make their batteries available to the public.  The replacement battery market is full of shady people selling dubious products to the optimistic, but the prices charged for these replacement batteries are so low (around $5) that I didn’t mind placing a few orders and engaging in half a dozen open-Pod surgeries.

ipod surgeryThe first battery never showed up.  The second one was DOA.  The third one didn’t do anything at first, but I decided it would be worth it to pop open the iPod again and check all my connections before giving up.  I found a slightly loose touch wheel cable, resecured it, put everything back together, and then plugged in the iPod.  For the first time in over seven years, my iPod was showing signs of life!  It was working again!

ipod surgery success2My iPod had very little power, though.  I plugged it in overnight and was happy to see a full charge showing the next morning.  I loaded up a collection of 78 Neil Young rarities and began playing them uninterrupted in an attempt to measure my battery power.  I’d been thinking that a couple hours of playback time would count as a major success but that I’d probably only make it through a few songs.  You can imagine my surprise when my iPod played the entire 5 and a half hour collection and started over at the beginning.

born to runMy iPod’s new battery played Neil Young rarities for 9 hours and 47 minutes non-stop.  It finally conked out during a version of “Long May You Run”.  I found that amusing.  I was also relieved as I’d grown sick and tired of Neil Young about five hours earlier.  The 9 hours and 47 minutes of uninterrupted play exceeded my wildest expectations. It’s especially impressive when you consider that the iPod 3G was advertised as featuring “up to 8 hours of continuous playback time” when it was first released back in 2003.  Yes, my iPod has more battery power now than it did when I first got it.

I should probably draw a happy post-it face.

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(meow meow meow)

I once read that February 22nd is some sort of feline-related holiday in Japan.  I don’t remember all the details, but it has something to do with how the Japanese word for “two” sounds a bit like the noise a cat makes.  The way I understand it, 2/22 could be misheard as “meow meow meow”.  Or something like that.

I’ve heard of sillier excuses for a holiday.

So I’ve been waiting until February 22nd to post a picture of this little Dunny I got back in January.  It seems like a good fit for today as the figurine features three cats and was designed by a Japanese illustrator named Aya Kakeda.  KidRobot included this toy in their female-designed Dunny Fatale Series back in 2010.

aya kakeda cat dunny (back)

(click a butt)

That, of course, is the back view.  As you may have noticed, I like to set it up so that clicking on a picture takes the viewer to an entirely different image.  That’s what I’ve done here.  Just click on a cat butt to see the front view.  I assure you it’s worth the effort.

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What does G stand for?

G stands for Go-Betweens.  They’re one of the few musical groups I can think of that were great from start to finish.  Everything they released is worth hearing…especially this super fancypants reissue box set that cost me a month’s worth of dinners.  Click the image to open up the box and see all the goodies inside.  It’s four records, four CDs, a couple books, some ephemera, and a gigantic poster of Lee Remick.

G stands for go-betweens (outside)

(open me)

If the Lee Remick poster doesn’t make sense to you, just know that the first Go-Betweens single was named after the hard-to-draw actress.  All you’ve got to do is listen to the first 12 seconds of the song to know why the Go-Betweens were a band for me.

Discussion topics:

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In which two collections collide…again.

As some of you probably know by now, I have a small collection of vintage photographs featuring women on boats.  I also have a lesser known collection of photos showing people with old record players.  One time these two collections overlapped when I found a picture of a woman on a rowboat with a record player.  It seemed like a strange thing to have on the water and buying the photo made me far happier than it probably should have.  Although I’ve already posted it, I’d like to share it again:

vinyl boatTwo years went by.

I now have a saved search on eBay that spits out most of the black and white photographs featuring women on boats.  It takes some of the fun out of the hunt, but it also makes things a lot easier.  I skim the feed a couple times a week.  Most of the search results don’t interest me, but I occasionally click on one to get a closer look.  This little thumbnail came through a couple weeks ago:

vinyl boat againSomething about that tiny image set off an alarm.  I clicked on it and was surprised to see it turn into this:

vinyl boat againYes, it’s the same woman from the photograph I bought two years ago!  What are the chances?  She’s still got her record player and is wearing the same outfit, but now we can see that there’s a friendly-looking fellow in the rowboat with her.

Not only is this another photograph that fits into both collections, but it answers a question that always bothers me when looking at old snapshots…who was behind the camera?  Well, the guy at the oars must’ve taken that first picture.  Now if only I could figure out who took the second one.  I’m also curious about what they were listening to on that record player.  Maybe I’ll find the answers to these questions in a couple more years.

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SIBR: Books from January 2015

The Girl on the Train–Paula Hawkins
This addictive thriller is about a woman (not a “girl”) who passes by the same neighborhood every day on her train trips to and from London. She notices the couple living in one of the houses and takes a liking to them. She gives them names and imagines their personalities and back stories. Then one day she looks out the train window and sees something going on at the house that she can hardly believe. It makes her rethink everything she “knows” about the couple. It also makes her get off at their stop to investigate. It’s not long before she regrets that.

The Girl on the Train is apparently the book that people are reading now that everyone has read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  It’s hard to read Paula Hawkins’ book without comparing it to that one. They both feature missing women, brutal violence, and unreliable narrators. The difference is that I was able to figure out who did what to whom in The Girl on the Train by page 150 and Gone Girl kept me guessing longer than that. That doesn’t mean this book isn’t worth reading, though. Despite determining what happened fairly early on, I still had to figure out why it happened and that kept the suspense going for most of the book. The other difference is that The Girl on the Train had a much better ending that Gone Girl did. Paula Hawkins’ book didn’t leave me with that feeling of disappointment I got from Flynn’s.

Revival–Stephen King
Stephen King’s new novel is about the decades-long relationship between two characters, Jamie Morton and Charles Jacobs. When we first meet the two, Jamie is a boy playing with toy soldiers in his front yard and Charles is a young minister who has just moved to town to work at the local church. When he isn’t preaching or spending time with his family, Charles enjoys inventing things and experimenting with electricity. As often happens in Stephen King novels, tragedy strikes. As a result, Charles preaches a sermon so scandalous that he’s forced to say goodbye to his young friend and leave town.

Many years go by. Jamie grows up and becomes a musician. He finds himself abandoned at an Oklahoma state fair addicted to drugs and close to broke. He’s near rock bottom when he recognizes his old preacher friend working an amazing attraction at the fair. The sign says, PORTRAITS IN LIGHTNING!

The two characters meet up many times over the course of the book and each time Charles Jacobs seems a little more unhinged and more obsessed with his electrical experiments. It’s not until 40 years have gone by that Jamie finally learns what Charles has been working towards all this time. The end of the book is truly shocking and features images that are still burned into my brain three weeks after finishing the book. I’m sure they’ll continue to haunt me for years to come…especially at night during lightning storms.

The Old Man and Me–Elaine Dundy
I’m not sure why people don’t talk more about Elaine Dundy. Her Dud Avocado was so biting and hilarious that I had to look around for her other books. That novel was about a young American woman living in Paris in the early 60s; The Old Man and Me mines similar territory by placing its young female heroine (or anti-heroine, depending) in London at around the same time.

When we first meet her, “Honey Flood” is searching London for a rich old man she plans to seduce and possibly murder for his fortune. She’s not looking for just any rich old man, though. She’s got her sights set on a particular one and it’s not long before she finds him and sets her scheme in motion. Then it’s just a high-stakes battle of the sexes set among bohemian clubs, fancypants country houses, and pompous restaurants where grey soup is called crème waldeze.

I thought this book was just as funny as The Dud Avocado. One of my favorite scenes is when Honey and the old man go on a date to see Hitchcock’s Psycho. As Honey puts it:

The idea of going to a murder movie in the first place was to watch it closely in the hopes of picking up some valuable pointers.

The punchline, of course, is that Honey can’t stomach the film. Maybe she needs to rethink her plans. What’s the best way to kill an old man if you’re unwilling to stab him in the shower?  Who is Honey Flood and why did she pick this particular old man in the first place?  And how much does he know, anyway?

Autobiography of a Corpse–Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
I usually avoid carrying an unfinished book over from one year to the next, but I couldn’t manage to finish this short story collection by the end of 2014. While the author’s other collection, Memories of the Future, was one of my greatest literary surprises of the last few years (bought on a whim solely for its title), this second collection was one of my biggest disappointments. I had a lot of trouble getting into these philosophical tales about cracks and seams and shadows and what-Nots. I’m not ashamed to admit that I found many of Krzhizhanovsky’s stories as difficult to follow as his name is to pronounce. The exception is “The Unbitten Elbow”, a satirical story about a man whose goal in life is to bite his own elbow. I liked that one.

books for january

(books for January)

I’m currently zipping through Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven and reading a chapter-a-day of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. I’m scheduled to finish up the Hugo on the last day of February.

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I have noticed two things about Josh Ritter’s new album, Acoustic Live, Vol. 1.

First of all, he says “thank you” a lot.  He says it so many times, in fact, that I got curious to know the exact number.  I gave the record a special listen and wrote them all down.  So here’s a list of all the times Josh Ritter expresses gratitude on Acoustic Live, Vol. 1:

  1. Thank you very much everybody.
  2. Thank you so much for coming tonight.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you for coming tonight…
  6. Thank you for being here.
  7. Thank you.
  8. Thank you.
  9. Thank you very much.
  10. Thank you very much everybody.
  11. Thank you.
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. Thank you very much everybody.
  14. Thank you for an amazing night.
  15. Thank you.
  16. Thank you.
  17. Mister Bernie Guerra right here on guitars, thank god.
  18. I wanna say a big thank you to Daniel…
  19. …and I wanna say thank you to this man right here…
  20. Thank you everybody for a great, great night.
  21. Thank you very much.
  22. Thank you.

That’s a lot of gratitude for a ten song, 45 minute album.

The other thing I noticed about Acoustic Live, Vol. 1 is that it’s not on marbled orange vinyl as seen in the early promotional photo (and advertised on the sticker).

marlbled orange vinyl The color of the real record is more of an unpleasant brownish.  It’s a color I used to call “bossk” when I was a kid after the similarly-hued bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back.

that's not orangeI don’t mean to suggest that I’m annoyed by these two things.  I think it’s charming that Josh Ritter feels so thankful to his audience and to those he works with.  And despite the fact that the record is kind of ugly, it still makes for a good listen.  I’m especially fond of the two cover songs, “I’m Not Afraid” and “Save Me a Place”.

Thank you so much for reading this.

Thank you.

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“American Originals” @ Music Hall (1/23/15)

Part I: Before the Concert (written 1/23)
I first started working on my Best Things I Heard All Year post for 2014 about a month ago.  Joe Henry’s Invisible Hour was in the running for the #1 slot and I got to thinking about how I’ve been a fan since 1996 and still hadn’t managed to catch up with him in concert.  I headed over to Joe’s website (cleverly called joehenrylovesyoumadly) to see if he had any upcoming tour dates.  I was shocked to discover that three of his next six shows were scheduled for Cincinnati.  Hey, that’s where I live!

I did some digging and learned that Joe Henry was going to be a part of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra’s “American Originals” program, a three-night concert series dedicated to the songbook of Stephen Foster.  He’s the songwriter who wrote “Oh! Susanna”, “Old Folks at Home”, “Camptown Races”, and “My Old Kentucky Home”…and then died at the age of 37 with less than a dollar to his name.

Before I really knew what I was doing, I found myself on the phone with the ticket office buying a $70 front row balcony seat for opening night.  With the exception of that time I accidentally spent $110 on the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over tour (long story), it’s the most money I’ve ever dropped on a concert ticket.  It seemed worth it at the time, but now I’m not so sure.  I’m wondering how much Joe Henry I’m actually going to get for my $70.  As you can see from this concert poster, he’s not the only performer on the bill.  I like the other musicians just fine, but I’m kind of worried about the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra itself.  I don’t even know what that is.  It sure sounds schmaltzy, though.

american originals poster

(poster in the window of Buona Terra)

But anyway, I’m pretty excited and nervous.  This could be a great night of music or a total disaster.  I guess that could be said about any concert, but I’m really feeling the potential for disappointment tonight.  We’ll see.

Part 2: During the Concert (review written 1/24)
The program consisted of John Morris Russell conducting the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra through two sets of songs.  Most of these songs were written by Stephen Foster, but a few  were written by others and included for reasons that were never fully explained.  Some of the performances were instrumental, but most featured guest musicians on vocals.  In addition to Joe Henry, the guest vocalists included Rosanne Cash, Over the Rhine, Aoife O’Donovan, Dom Flemons, and a local bluegrass outfit called the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars.  John Morris Russell, who also acted as emcee, told stories about Stephen Foster and the music being performed, and introduced the guests.

The setlist consisted of the following.  All songs were written by Stephen Foster except where noted.

  • Battle Cry of Freedom (George F. Root) - The evening’s performance started off with an instrumental take on a patriotic song written by George Frederick Root in 1862.  The song was so popular back then that both sides fighting in the Civil War had their own versions.  Now it just comes off as kind of hokey.  I considered it a warm up for the orchestra.
  • Red River Valley (Traditional) – The first guest musicians of the evening were the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars.  Their fiddle player, Ed Cunningham, provided the vocals on this traditional number.  It was catchy, but the orchestra drowned out much of his singing.  That would prove to be an ongoing issue.
  • Oh! Susanna – Now we’re gettin’ into it!  Joe Henry came on out and sang what is probably my favorite Stephen Foster song.  This is the song that I’ve somehow known all my life.  My favorite version is the one on James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James album, but Joe Henry did a fine job considering he had to compete with an orchestra seemingly intent upon turning the song into a Disney princess anthem.
  • Why, No One to Love? – Joe Henry left the stage and was replaced by Over the Rhine, a long-running local duo consisting of Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler.  Karin told a story about opening for Bob Dylan in Music Hall 20 years ago and then sang “Why, No One to Love?”, a song that’ll break your heart if you’re not careful.  Karin’s version was lovely and the first song of the evening where I felt the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra was put to good use.
  • Kumbaya (Traditional) – #*&@$!
  • Old Folks at Home – Dom Flemons brought out his banjo to perform one of Stephen Foster’s most famous songs (sometimes known as “Swanee River”).  Dom was well on his way to turning it into a highlight of the night when his voice either gave out or he forgot the words.  Twice.
  • I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash & Roy Cash Jr.) – I guess if you’ve got Rosanne Cash on the bill performing in a show called “American Originals”, then it makes sense to get her to sing one of her father’s songs.  Even while the stickler in me was objecting to the fact that the song was written 100 years after everything else on the program, the part of me with a heart was getting all teary-eyed.
  • Beautiful Dreamer – Rosanne stuck around and sang this heartbreaking lullaby.  Her version was delightful, but it still didn’t top the one Raul Malo did on the tribute album Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster.  Check it out if you can find it.
  • Amazing Grace (Traditional) – The Comet Bluegrass All-Stars returned to the stage and were joined by Aoife O’Donovan.  Her voice wasn’t strong enough to carry the first part of the hymn on its own, but things improved greatly when the bluegrass band joined her on backing vocals.  The second half of the song worked well.  It made for a nice ending to the first half of the concert.


  • Foster’s Folly – The second set opened with the orchestra performing a medley of tunes from Stephen Foster’s Social Orchestra project.  Whereas I didn’t care for the two instrumental performances from the first set, I really enjoyed this one.  I was tapping my toes and bobbing along.  It was the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra at their best.
  • Slumber My Darling – Aoife O’Donovan was the first guest vocalist of the second set.  She told a charming story about first hearing the songs of Stephen Foster in the Little House on the Prairie songbook she had as a little girl.  Although “Slumber My Darling” wasn’t in that book, Aoife imagined that her mother probably sang the lullaby to her growing up.  It was an effective way of showing how these songs written in the mid-1800s are still relevant and important to us all these years later.  And the performance that followed her story convinced me that I finally need to give in and buy Aoife’s Fossils album.  A handful of free Noisetrade songs is no longer enough.
  • Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair – Aoife O’Donovan was joined on stage by Karin Bergquist for a duet of one of my favorite Stephen Foster originals.  Sadly, I don’t remember much about it except that both singers were wearing blue sleeveless dresses.  I wonder if they planned that.
  • Ring, Ring De Banjo – I’m very happy to say that Dom Flemons redeemed himself after his botched song from the first half.  He brought his banjo back onstage and was joined by Ed Cunningham on fiddle for a rave-up performance of an instrumental called “Ring, Ring De Banjo”.  The song was highlighted by Dom playing the bones.  Yes, the bones!  It earned some of the biggest applause of the night.
  • Hard Times Come Again No More – Mavis Staples recorded the definitive version of “Hard Times Come Again No More” on the Beautiful Dreamer tribute mentioned above.  I usually think singers should avoid covering songs once Mavis Staples has made them her own, but I’m glad Over the Rhine thought otherwise.  Their take on “Hard Times” proved to be one of the evening’s highlights.  It really sounded like a contemporary Over the Rhine song.
  • Rolling River (Sketches on “Shenandoah”) (Peter Boyer) – The second set of “American Originals” was far better than the first.  This was the only dud after intermission.
  • Aura Lee (George R. Poulton) – The low point of the second half was followed by one of the best songs of the night.  Yes, Joe Henry finally returned for his second song, a cover of George Poulton’s “Aura Lee”.  As Joe mentioned in his introduction, it’s a song we all recognize despite not knowing the words.  Why?  Well, Elvis Presley lifted the song’s melody for his “Love Me Tender”.  Joe said they did that a lot back then.  He and Ed Cunningham did a fine version of the original.
  • If You Only Had a Moustache – This funny little number was the only Stephen Foster song performed tonight that I wasn’t familiar with going in.  John Morris Russell said he had to dig deep into the songbook to find it.  Dom Flemons joined the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars for this song about the glories of facial hair.  Ed Cunningham sang lead.
  • My Old Kentucky Home – Rosanne Cash finished off the evening with “My Old Kentucky Home”.  I’m sorry to say I don’t remember much about it.
  • Camptown Races – The orchestra didn’t leave the stage, of course, but “Camptown Races” still felt like an encore.  All the guest musicians came out for this last song.  Five of them had to stand around with nothing to do while the orchestra did their thing, but the song eventually opened up and turned into a great big sing-a-long.  It was hokey and fun.  I guess I could say that about the entire evening, really.
quick shot

(clap, clap, clap)

Part 3: After the Concert (written 1/24)
I went on home and proceeded to spill my cup of spicy hot chocolate all over the floor.  I somehow managed to do this twice.

Once I cleaned that up, I got out my calculator to determine how much I spent per Joe Henry song.  He sang two songs on his own and contributed vocals to “Camptown Races” along with the other five guest musicians (counting the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars and Over the Rhine as one entity each).  Based on the logic that made sense at the time, I came up with 2.1667 Joe Henry songs.  I divided that into the actual ticket price of $73.  My math looked like this:

$73/2.1667 = $33.69 per song

On a strictly Joe Henry basis, $33.69 per song was probably not worth it.  Fortunately, I enjoyed the rest of the guest musicians.  And while the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra was a bit syrupy for my tastes, I appreciated what they added to at least half of the songs.  Overall, I had a good evening and that probably makes the expense worthwhile.

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Dear Naked Joe Pernice,

Dear Naked Joe Pernice,

Your underwear can’t possibly be so heavy that you need to remove it before you weigh yourself.  Just leave it on and spare the rest of us.  It’s been hours since I stumbled upon your display and it’s still what I see when I close my eyes.  Please.


[NOTE: “Naked Joe Pernice” is a man I often see at my gym.  The strange thing about this guy is that I rarely see him out on the floor lifting weights or exercising.  I mostly see him wandering around the locker room in various stages of undress.  He always seems to be there when I am.  It’s quite unnerving.  Oh, and he looks like a doughier version of the singer Joe Pernice.]
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A Complete List of Vox Audio (2007-2010)

I was digging through my external hard drive last weekend and discovered a series of folders where I’d placed copies of all the music I posted in my Vox neighborhood between the years 2007 and 2010.  All 426 songs were there in chronological order starting with Richard Buckner’s live version of “Fater” and ending with PO!’s “Jennifer Television” from The Alphabet EP.  Finding myself without any ideas for new posts, I decided to type out the list and share it as my first post of 2015.  It’s taken me three days.  Here the list:

  1. Richard Buckner – Fater (live)
  2. Jeff Tweedy – Hoodoo Voodoo (live at Lounge Ax, 11/18/97)
  3. Ida – Walk Away Renee (live)
  4. Willard Grant Conspiracy – Wicked (live)
  5. Jay Farrar – Windfall (8/21/00)
  6. Neal Casal, Gary Louris & Elliott Murphy – Rockin’ in the Free World (live)
  7. Jeff Tweedy – Ever Fallen in Love? (live at Lounge Ax, 11/18/97)
  8. Elliott Smith – Say Yes (live at the Southgate House, 11/2/00)
  9. Dan Bern – President
  10. Son Volt – Going, Going, Gone
  11. Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds – Don’t Pull Your Love
  12. Death From Above 1979 – You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine (CBC 2 session)
  13. Joe Pernice – Chicken Wire (live)
  14. Czars – Drug (I’d Rather Be…Gone version)
  15. Czars – Lullaby 6000 (I’d Rather Be…Gone version)
  16. Maxïmo Park – A Fortnight’s Time
  17. John P. Strohm – Somebody’s Baby
  18. Yo La Tengo – Somebody’s Baby
  19. Wussy – Airborne
  20. Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack
  21. Don Covay & Huey Lewis – The Red Comb Song
  22. Waxwings – Keeping the Sparks
  23. Calexico – Sundown, Sundown
  24. Lee Hazlewood – Dirtnap Stories
  25. Zumpano – Rosecrans Boulevard
  26. M—–l – “An Old Brown Bear” (a reading from Henderson the Rain King)
  27. Richard Hawley – Coming Home (White Session, 2/17/03)
  28. Lemonheads – The Outdoor Type
  29. M—–l – “Breathe Deep” (a poetry recitation from Days of Future Past)
  30. of Montreal – The Past Is a Grotesque Animal
  31. Jeff Tweedy – Box Full of Letters (live at Lounge Ax, 11/18/97)
  32. XTC – When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty (Transistor Blast version)
  33. Brainiac – Vincent Come on Down
  34. Constantines – Why I Didn’t Like August 93
  35. Kate Rusby – The Village Green Preservation Society
  36. Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society
  37. Little Esther Phillips – Mojo Hannah
  38. All Girl Summer Fun Band – Jason Lee
  39. Iron & Wine – Peng!
  40. Del Reeves – Looking at the World Through a Windshield
  41. Kim Taylor – Chocolate Jesus
  42. Uncle Tupelo – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Mississippi Nights, 5/1/94)
  43. Neko Case – Bowling Green (Maida Vale, 9/13/00)
  44. Buffalo Tom – Torch Singer
  45. Wrens – Nightswimming
  46. Brainiac – Juicy (On a Cadillac)
  47. R. Dean Taylor – There’s a Ghost in My House (alternate version)
  48. Ween – Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
  49. Format – Time Bomb
  50. Chris Mills – Watch Chain
  51. Robyn Hitchcock – More Than This (live)
  52. Belle & Sebastian – Christmas Time Is Here (Peel Session, 12/18/02)
  53. Steve Earle – F the CC
  54. Smog – Bloodflow
  55. Rosanne Cash – Seven Year Ache (World Cafe version)
  56. Wussy – Yellow Cotton Dress
  57. Partridge Family – I Think I Love You
  58. Lucksmiths – There Is a Boy That Never Goes Out
  59. James Taylor – Sweet Baby James (Berkeley Community Theater, 1970)
  60. Belle & Sebastian – Christmas Time Is Here (Peel Session, 12/18/02)
  61. Jackson Browne – For a Dancer
  62. Whiskeytown – Nervous Breakdown
  63. Belle & Sebastian – The Twelve Days of Christmas (Peel Session, 12/18/02)
  64. Ron Sexsmith – Maybe This Christmas
  65. American Breed – Bend Me, Shape Me
  66. Honeydrips – Fall From a Height
  67. Handsome Family – Stupid Bells
  68. Beulah – My Horoscope Said It Would Be a Bad Year
  69. Slobberbone – Lazy Guy (2/12/00)
  70. Joe Tex – The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
  71. Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue
  72. John Huss Moderate Combo – Go (WHPK)
  73. M—–l – “Judgment Day” (a reading from Studs Lonigan)
  74. Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash – Girl of the North Country
  75. Richard Buckner – Reuben Pantier
  76. Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
  77. Riff Raff – I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut
  78. Gourds – Chief of the Fuzzers
  79. Huey Lewis & the News – I Want a New Drug (12″ mix)
  80. 6ths – Falling Out of Love With You
  81. Paul Weller – Has My Fire Really Gone Out?
  82. New Order – Leave Me Alone
  83. Slaid Cleaves – One Good Year
  84. They Might Be Giants – Bangs (McSweeney’s version)
  85. Bottle Rockets – Sunday Sports
  86. Pet Shop Boys – What Have I Done to Deserve This?
  87. Gregory Isaacs – Love Is Overdue
  88. Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored
  89. Louis XIV – Finding Out True Love Is Blind
  90. Whiskeytown – Houses on the Hill
  91. Camper Van Beethoven – Take the Skinheads Bowling
  92. Cat Power – Cross Bones Style
  93. Richard Buckner – Lil’ Wallet Picture
  94. Meat Purveyors – S.O.S.
  95. Wondermints – Knowing Me, Knowing You
  96. Czars – Angel Eyes
  97. Neil Young – Oh, Lonesome Me
  98. Don Gibson – Sea of Heartbreak
  99. White Stripes – Rated X (live at the Hotel Yorba)
  100. Spoon – The Way We Get By
  101. Stephen Malkmus – The Hook
  102. New Pornographers – Turn
  103. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Runner
  104. Gerry Rafferty – Get It Right Next Time
  105. Foo Fighters – Baker Street
  106. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Hard Life
  107. Drive-By Truckers – Let There Be Rock
  108. Shelby Lynne – Anyone Who Had a Heart
  109. Pete Ham – Makes Me Feel Good
  110. Zombies – Care of Cell 44
  111. Chamber Strings – Our Dead Friends
  112. Grandaddy – Jed the Humanoid
  113. Gordon Lightfoot – Early Mornin’ Rain
  114. Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather
  115. M—–l – “The Humane Choice” (a David Sedaris reading)
  116. Jackson Browne – Somebody’s Baby (solo acoustic)
  117. Czars – Lullaby 6000 (The Ugly People… version)
  118. Cat Power – Breathless
  119. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – There She Goes, My Beautiful World
  120. Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Elvis mix)
  121. Heavenly – C Is the Heavenly Option
  122. Devastations – Terrified
  123. Uncle Tupelo – New Madrid
  124. Handsome Family – Moving Furniture Around
  125. Handsome Family – Weightless Again
  126. Handsome Family – Drunk By Noon
  127. Handsome Family – Tesla’s Hotel Room
  128. Tim Easton – I Would Have Married You (Fourteen in One demo version)
  129. Uncle Tupelo – I Got Drunk
  130. Old 97’s – Rollerskate Skinny
  131. Jim White – Heaven of my Heart
  132. Jayhawks – Bottomless Cup
  133. Richmond Fontaine – Post to Wire
  134. Miracle Legion – Even Better
  135. Brad Mehldau Trio – Wonderwall (live)
  136. Vaselines – Molly’s Lips
  137. Hiders – Plastic Flowers
  138. Weepies – Hideaway
  139. Jackson Browne – Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (3/2/75)
  140. Neko Case – Buckets of Rain
  141. Eddie Rabbitt – I Love a Rainy Night
  142. Dan Bern – Tiger Woods
  143. XTC – Respectable Street
  144. Pure Prairie League – Falling In and Out of Love
  145. Pure Prairie League – Amie
  146. Devastations – Mistakes
  147. Roger Miller – In the Summertime
  148. Catherine Irwin – Hex
  149. Sparklehorse – Wish You Were Here
  150. Gene Clark – Tried So Hard
  151. Gene Clark – For a Spanish Guitar
  152. Dan Bern – Estelle
  153. Jakob Dylan – Valley of the Low Sun
  154. Nanci Griffith & Jimmy Webb – If These Old Walls Could Speak
  155. Wilco – Box Full of Letters (KGSR)
  156. Bjork – I Miss You
  157. Bjork – I Miss You
  158. Zumpano – Changes
  159. Vic Chesnutt – Gravity of the Situation (live)
  160. Cub – Magic 8 Ball
  161. Cornershop – Staging the Plaguing of the Raised Platform
  162. Silos – Susan
  163. XTC – Stupidly Happy
  164. Minus 5 – Retrieval of You
  165. Anders Parker – Airport Road
  166. Art Brut – Good Weekend
  167. Pearl Jam – Smile
  168. Pete Yorn – Rooftop
  169. Charles Wright – Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)
  170. Wilco – Red-Eyed and Blue
  171. Beta Band – Needles in My Eyes
  172. Records – Starry Eyes
  173. Knack – No Matter What
  174. Randy Newman – A Few Words in Defense of Our Country
  175. Prince – When Doves Cry (White Label Mix)
  176. Prince – It’s Gonna Be Lonely
  177. Any Trouble – Girls Are Always Right
  178. Left Banke – Walk Away Renee
  179. Heavenly – C Is the Heavenly Option
  180. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians – Eight Miles High (live)
  181. Chrysanthemums – Friends of Mine
  182. Any Trouble – Second Choice
  183. Liquorice – Keeping the Weekend Free
  184. Modest Mouse – Never Ending Math Equation (Baron von Bullshit version)
  185. Jay Farrar – Windfall (live)
  186. Cinerama – Dance, Girl, Dance (John Peel session)
  187. Heavenly – I Fell in Love Last Night
  188. Belle & Sebastian – I’m a Cuckoo (single edit)
  189. Tindersticks – Buried Bones
  190. Aberfeldy – A Friend Like You
  191. Flying Burrito Brothers – If You Gotta Go, Go Now
  192. Beth Orton & Terry Callier – Dolphins
  193. Crabs – Debutante
  194. Old 97’s – Lonely Holiday
  195. Breeders – Fortunately Gone
  196. National – Mr. November
  197. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way About a Boy (KEXP)
  198. Tweeds – I Need That Record
  199. Wilco – Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
  200. Bottle Rockets – Coffee Monkey
  201. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (White Label Mix)
  202. Eels – Friendly Ghost
  203. Alejandro Escovedo – Last to Know
  204. Alejandro Escovedo – I Was Drunk (live)
  205. Alejandro Escovedo – Always a Friend
  206. Girl Trouble – Neko Loves Rock & Roll
  207. Jesse Malin – You Can Make Them Like You
  208. Vic Chesnutt – Steve Willoughby
  209. Vic Chesnutt – Bilocating Dog
  210. Bishop Allen – Click, Click, Click, Click
  211. Badly Drawn Boy – You Were Right
  212. Firefox AK – What’s That Sound
  213. Divine Comedy – The Booklovers
  214. Rainer Maria – Lost, Dropped and Cancelled
  215. Long Blondes – Picture of You (In My Room)
  216. Tyler Ramsey – These Days
  217. My Brightest Diamond – Nature Boy
  218. Jenny Toomey – Charm City
  219. Lambchop – The Book I Haven’t Read
  220. Sufjan Stevens – O Holy Night
  221. Ass Ponys – Last Night It Snowed
  222. Coup – Laugh, Love, Fuck
  223. Annie – Crush (And the Lefthanded – Original Version)
  224. Mark Mulcahy – Love’s the Only Thing #2
  225. Ida – Best of the Belated
  226. Soft Boys – I Wanna Destroy You
  227. Andy Partridge – Countdown to Christmas Partytime
  228. Jens Lekman – Are Birthdays Happy?
  229. Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen in Love?
  230. Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict
  231. Ida – Boots of Spanish Leather
  232. Devotchka – Hot Burrito #1
  233. Richard Hawley – Early Morning Rain
  234. Blossom Dearie – Always True to You in My Fashion
  235. Belle & Sebastian – Dirty Dream #2
  236. Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues (live)
  237. Dave Davies – I’m Not Like Everybody Else
  238. Tindersticks – Petites Gouttes d’Eau
  239. Tindersticks – Kooks
  240. Tindersticks – Travelling Light
  241. Wussy – Magic Words
  242. Young Fresh Fellows – I Hate Everything
  243. Damien Jurado – Ohio (Daytrotter version)
  244. Warren Zevon – Bad Karma
  245. Pernice Brothers – 7:30
  246. Shannon Worrell – Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
  247. Olivia Tremor Control – Green Typewriters
  248. Babybird – You’re Gorgeous
  249. Belle & Sebastian – Legal Man
  250. Bikeride – Here Comes the Summer
  251. Dave Clark Five – Here Comes Summer
  252. Spearmint – Scottish Pop
  253. Spearmint – This Is a Souvenir
  254. Foundations – Build Me Up, Buttercup
  255. Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie
  256. Luna – Dear Diary
  257. Richard Buckner – Breaking Us in Two (live)
  258. Johnny Lee – Lookin’ For Love
  259. Willie Nelson – Always on My Mind
  260. Eddie Rabbitt – I Love a Rainy Night
  261. Oak Ridge Boys – Elvira
  262. Alabama – Mountain Music
  263. Juice Newton – Queen of Hearts
  264. Rosanne Cash – Seven Year Ache
  265. Jay Bennett & Ed Burch – Puzzle Heart
  266. Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Lounger
  267. Uncle Tupelo – Screen Door
  268. Patsy Cline – Sweet Dreams (Of You)
  269. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
  270. Otis Redding – These Arms of Mine
  271. Elvis Costello – Too Far Gone
  272. Neal Casal – St. Cloud
  273. Mark Mulcahy – In the Afternoon
  274. Ida – I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
  275. Martha Wainwright – Hate You Too
  276. Rose Melberg – Happy Birthday to Me
  277. Velvet Crush – Why Not Your Baby
  278. Cowboy Junkies – Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)
  279. Pearl Jam – Footsteps (live)
  280. Jayhawks – Blue
  281. Jayhawks – Somewhere in Ohio
  282. Marah – Rain Delay
  283. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (White Label Mix)
  284. Paley Brothers – Come Out and Play
  285. Spongetones – Better Take It Easy
  286. Harmony Grass – Summer Dreaming
  287. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (acoustic version)
  288. Randy Newman – Mama Told Me Not to Come
  289. Radiohead – I Am a Wicked Child
  290. Todd Snider – Age Like Wine
  291. Feelies – Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)
  292. Jackson Browne & Clarence Clemons – You’re a Friend of Mine
  293. Neil Young – Harvest Moon (single edit)
  294. Charles Wright – Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)
  295. Jackson Browne – Doctor My Eyes (Criterion demo)
  296. Baseball Project – Ted Fucking Williams
  297. Four Seasons – December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)
  298. Josh Rouse – I Woke Up in the Mayflower
  299. Wrens – The Seventh Stranger
  300. Kris Kristofferson – Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
  301. Hold Steady – You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came to the Dance With)
  302. James Taylor – She Thinks I Still Care (live)
  303. Jeff Tweedy – Thirteen (live at Lounge Ax, 11/18/97)
  304. Cracker – White Riot
  305. Elliott Smith – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (live at the Southgate House, 11/2/00)
  306. Pearl Jam – The Kids Are Alright (live at Riverbend, 8/20/00)
  307. Calexico – Alone Again Or
  308. Scud Mountain Boys – Please Mister Please
  309. Alejandro Escovedo – I Wish I Was Your Mother (live)
  310. Neko Case – Bowling Green (Maida Vale, 9/13/00)
  311. Pearl Jam – Baba O’Riley (live at Riverfront Coliseum, 6/24/06)
  312. Lyle Lovett – Step Inside This House
  313. Chris Isaak – Only the Lonely
  314. Kim Taylor – Chocolate Jesus
  315. Raul Malo – Hot Burrito #1
  316. Robbie Fulks – That Bangle Girl
  317. Chappaquiddick Skyline – The Two of You Sleep
  318. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Death to Everyone
  319. Lloyd Cole & the Commotions – Jennifer She Said
  320. Jenny Toomey – Just Because It’s Dying
  321. Belle & Sebastian – Photo Jenny
  322. Golden Smog – Jennifer Save Me
  323. Stephen Malkmus – Jenny & the Ess-Dog
  324. Todd Snider – Joe’s Blues…Talkin’ Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
  325. Robyn Hitchcock – Viva! Sea-Tac
  326. Young Fresh Fellows – Go Blue Angels Go
  327. Posies – I’m Looking Through You
  328. Grant-Lee Phillips – Here Comes the Sun
  329. Jilted John – Fancy Mice
  330. Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over
  331. Kings of Convenience – Surprise Ice
  332. Roddy Frame – In My Life
  333. Secret Stars – Snowday
  334. Pooh Sticks – Let the Good Times Roll
  335. Material Issue – Something’s Happened to Catherine
  336. Flaming Lips – A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn’t So)
  337. Long Ryders – You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong
  338. Pooh Sticks – That Was the Greatest Song
  339. Loose Fur – Laminated Cat
  340. Zombies – Time of the Season
  341. Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby
  342. Zombies – Tell Her No (live)
  343. Yo La Tengo – You Make Me Feel Good
  344. Chesterfields – Completely and Utterly
  345. Zombies – Time of the Season (live)
  346. Chords – Maybe Tomorrow
  347. Futureheads – Ticket
  348. Vampire Weekend – Exit Music (For a Film)
  349. Iggy & the Stooges – Cock in My Pocket
  350. Pale Fountains – Jean’s Not Happening (live)
  351. Sparklehorse – Sick of Goodbyes
  352. Sparklehorse – Gold Day
  353. Rocketship – Hey, Hey Girl
  354. Sleepy Jackson – Miniskirt
  355. June & the Exit Wounds – How Much I Really Loved You
  356. Minor Leagues – A Chance Encounter (In Cincinnati Tonight)
  357. Young Fresh Fellows – Picture Book
  358. Ida – Brown Rice White Rice
  359. Baseball Project – All Future and No Past
  360. Cool Blue Halo – Spark-o-Matik
  361. Jimmy Silva & the Goats – Kate of the Human Race
  362. Infidels – Summertime Sucks
  363. Maryanne – Record Collection
  364. Action Now – When Wednesday Comes
  365. Wondermints – Magic
  366. Kinks – Where Did My Spring Go?
  367. Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings – The Day I Found You
  368. Young Fresh Fellows – Two Guitars, Bass and Drums
  369. Young Fresh Fellows – Beer Money
  370. Young Fresh Fellows – Divorce #9
  371. Go Sailor – Ray of Sunshine
  372. Rocketship – I Love You Like the Way That I Used to Do
  373. June Brides – In the Rain (single version)
  374. Zombies – Time of the Season (re-recorded version)
  375. Band of Horses – Weed Party
  376. Gigolo Aunts – Come Down #4
  377. Huey Lewis & the News – Buzz Buzz Buzz
  378. Liz Phair – Divorce Song (Clean As a Whistle version)
  379. Turn to Flowers – The Village Green Preservation Society
  380. Jayhawks – Six Pack on the Dashboard
  381. Palace Songs – Christmastime in the Mountains
  382. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – A King at Night
  383. Kings of Convenience – Failure (single version)
  384. Wilco – Via Chicago (Austin demo version)
  385. Juana Molina – Ella en Su Cuaderno
  386. Boyfriends – Jenny
  387. Built to Spill – Terrible/Perfect
  388. 20/20 – Fast Car (remix)
  389. Coctails – Walkin’ Down the Street (Live at Lounge Ax version)
  390. She & Him – Gonna Get Along Without You Now
  391. Bette Bright – When You Were Mine
  392. Blur – Girls & Boys (7″ mix)
  393. Camera Obscura – Super Trouper
  394. Doveman – Footloose
  395. Infidels – Mad About That Girl
  396. Mop Tops – Sending Letters
  397. Pipettes – ABC
  398. Beckies – Run Jenny Run
  399. New Pornographers – Silver Jenny Dollar
  400. I’m From Barcelona – Jenny
  401. Cub – Through With You
  402. Mosquitos – Boombox
  403. Joseph Arthur – I Donated Myself to the Mexican Army (World Cafe version)
  404. Vaselines – Sex With an X
  405. A.C. Newman – There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve
  406. Loney Dear – I Will Call You Lover Again
  407. Loney Dear – Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl
  408. Mountains – Map Table
  409. Explorers Club – Last Kiss
  410. Map of Wyoming – Another Road
  411. Whiskeytown – Bottom of the Glass
  412. Jackie DeShannon – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
  413. Benjamin Biolay – 15 août
  414. Frank Zappa – Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (live)
  415. Cracker – Ain’t Gonna Suck Itself
  416. Cherry Twister – Sparkle
  417. M—–l – “The Hotrod Song” (a cappella mix)
  418. Hushpad – Dear Jenny
  419. Frank Bango – Happy Thursday (I Love You)
  420. Tales of Jenny – Tuesday Girl
  421. Apple Orchard – Last Wednesday
  422. Pencil Tin – Friday
  423. Odolites – As Fresh As Monday
  424. Catherine Wheel – Sunny Sunday
  425. Best Wishes – Love Is For Saturdays
  426. PO! – Jennifer Television

I can probably guess how you feel about it, but this list is a great source of amusement for me.  Perhaps even better than the list itself is the fact that I still have all 426 songs and can dump them into iTunes and listen to my entire Vox audio history all over again in order.  I might just do that the next time I have 25 hours and 18 minutes free.

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